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Bloomberg is Buying Your Vote…..$$85 Million and Counting!!!!!!

October 24, 2009

Bloomberg has spent $$85 Million so far on his campaign. He is out their trying to buy the votes of the Citizens of NYC because he knows he has not EARNED your vote. He is trying to buy them, as he does with everything else. He is on track to spend $$108 Million by the time the campaign is over. Show King Bloomberg that Your Votes Cannot be bought!!!!

The ARROGANCE of the King to think that he can buy your vote. But then again, this is the same guy that told the voters of NYC to go screw themselves when he reversed Term Limits. He has no respect for the Citizens of NYC as he has shown over the past 8 years. This Idiot does not care for anyone but himself, and of course, his own EGO. If you vote this PIECE OF SHIT into office for another 4 years, he will extend term limits again when his term is over. This will be never-ending… Oh, I forgot, the asshole mentioned that he will not extend term limits for another 4 years if he wins this election. He said that with a GRIN,  in the last debate when questioned. We know how well Bloomberg keeps his word. He’s just a Fucking Bullshit Artist, and he is playing the Voters of NYC like a Fiddle. If he gets elected for another term, Bloomberg will keep getting Richer because his Businesses will increase in value. In addition, his 1000’s of  Chronies, like Police Commissioner Kelly, who will continue to Run his Police State, will still have their jobs. Sadly, it will be Business as Usual. Think about it, if Bloomberg is out, so will his whole political circle, at least most of them.  8 Fucking   Years is more than enough time  to have the King of NYC sitting on his Throne. Let’s Vote this guy Outta Here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

VOTE THE ASSHOLE OUT OF OFFICE. I am not a Big Fan of Thompson, but Vote for Thompson rather than King Bloomberg. At least Thompson respects the Citizens of NYC, unlike his Opponent, King Michael Bloomberg!!!!!!!!