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August 7, 2010

The way Bloomberg is so Defensive of any Opposition to the building of the Mosque Monstrosity to be built at Ground Zero, you would think that one of his daughters is either married to a muslim, or is getting married to one. Either that, or Bloomberg somehow is going to make Millions of Dollars from the building of this Monstrosity, if the deal is allowed to go through…………

Bloomberg tells others to ‘Shut Up Already,’ when it comes to those who speak up regarding their opposition to this mosque Monstrosity. Bloomberg continues to say that of those he speaks with, all are in favor of the building of the mosque. Bloomberg must be asking people who live in Saudi Arabia, because a Large Majority of New York City Citizens oppose the building of the mosque at Ground Zero, BUT they don’t oppose the building of a mosque somewhere else.

There are 100’s of mosques around NYC, which is fine, BUT don’t Build a mosque at Ground Zero, which would only serve as a symbol of Conquer. The mosque renderings show the monstrosity to be a gold shimmering building, which will be 2 blocks from Sacred Ground!!!!!!!!!Bloomberg says that those who perished on 9/11, did so fighting for the freedoms of others. These Heros and Innocent People who were MURDERED on 9/11 are rolling over in their Graves right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Families and Friends of these Murdered Victims are Outraged, as well as they should be!!

Once again, Bloomberg Ignores the Will of the People of NYC. And in this case, the rest of the Country….


July 3, 2010

New York City is one of the Most Restricted Cities in the Country!!! One of these Restrictions are No Fireworks for the Citizens of New York City, except if used by Licensed Professionals!!!

There used to be a time where Parents and Kids would share Fireworks with each other. There used to be a time where there would be Block Parties where there would be Fireworks Shows every few Blocks. You would go to the Shows to watch the Beautiful Fireworks. Those were the time where the Citizens of NYC still had some FREEDOMS!!!

While not being able to have Fireworks on the 4th of July is it by itself not such a big deal, it is INDICATIVE of how the Freedoms of the Citizens of NYC have been slowly eroded away over the years, and especially since 9/11.

9/11 was used as an excuse by Law Enforcement to tighten the Reins of the NYC Citizens even tighter. BUT the beginnings of these Restrictions started slowly years ago. Now WE live in a City of Stops & Frisks, to the number approaching 600,00 Citizens Annually. Where a Cop can Stop & Frisk for any reason, any reason at all. Oh, and don’t believe the BS that the Cop has to have a Good Reason. On the Stop & Frisk Report that is filled out, there are 11 reasons that the cop can check off as to the reason for the Stop. BUT the 11th reason says ‘OTHER, PLEASE EXPLAIN.’ That is just a Catch All Reason for the cop to stop you. All Subway Riders are subject to have their Bags Searched for NO Reason at all. People are being given Tickets for Jay Walking, you can be walking down the street, and 50 Cops will appear out of nowhere, put you up against the wall, and search you. Just a few years ago, who would have thought things like this could occur? George Orwell and a few others, maybe!

Almost every law on the Books is now being enforced, in Addition to New Laws being made up as per the Whims of the NYPD. BUT we have to look no further than to the King of NYC, Bloomberg, who made up the Laws as he went along, so that he can be the King for a Third Term. He through Term Limits Out of the Window, so to speak. So here we have a King in the Land of a Monarchy named NEW YORK CITY, who makes up Laws as he goes along. And DON”T believe that the Law is Equal for All. It is Not. If you don’t have any money for a Private Attorney, you will be appointed a Legal Aid Lawyer, who will make any deal they can with the DA, which most of the time, is not in your best interest.

Sorry to get off track, as this is about July 4th, and the Heavily Restricted Monarchy of New York City. There was a time long ago, where Life was much Simpler, and the Citizens had more Freedoms, who Enjoyed their Lives just a Little More. But those Times were Then, and the Times WE live in are Now. Remember that this Applies to the Kingdom of New York City. Most other Areas of the USA are much Less Restrictive, and their Citizens are not Suffocated by the Laws, Rules, Restrictions  & Regulations that are Hammered Upon the Citizens of NYC.

Everyone enjoy your 4th of July, and relish your Freedoms which can be as simple as being able to Hold a Sparkler in Your Hand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


January 4, 2010

WE ARE TALKING HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS!!!  The original Estimate which the BULLSHITTERS of NYC gave us was $75 Million dollars to try these ASSHOLE MUSLIM TERRORISTS IN NYC!!!! WHO WOULD HAVE EVER THOUGHT THAT THEIR ESTIMATE WOULD BE OFF???? (saying Sarcastically)

Well, now we are being told that it will cost NYC HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN SECURITY TO SECURE DOWNTOWN NYC!!!!! Who the Fuck needs these Assholes to be Tried in NYC. Hey, Obama, Try these Muslim Assholes in Chicago!!!!

If we were Originally told that these MUSLIM TERRORIST TRIALS would cost us 100’s of Millions of Dollars, there would have been a HUGE UPROAR WHICH IS PROBABLY THE REASON THE BULLSHITTERS DELAYED TELLING US THE TRUTH. Hell, it cost $75 Million Dollars in Donut Overtime for the NYPD. We all knew that the Added Security would cost more than $75 MILLION DOLLARS!!


If the Trails are Held in NYC, NYC Citizens will get Screwed by the TerroristS TWICE. The first time being 9/11, and the Second time will be when we gotta take Hundreds of Millions of dollars out of OUR Pockets to pay for these Assholes to be Tried Here.


How To Stop The Terrorists?? To Profile Or Not?? That Is The Question!!

December 29, 2009

And the Answer is……………………………………YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This question has been Raised yet Again. It was first raised shortly after 9/11, and was Immediately Rebuked, never to be brought up again!!

Well, fast forward over 8 Years later, and the Security Measures we have in  Airports are NOT Working!!!! Just because we have never had another Attack since 9/11 does not mean a thing. There have been a couple of Attempts that have Failed for 2 Reasons:

1) Heros have Subdued the Fucking Terrorist Assholes which Avoided a Catastrophe

2) The Muslim Terrorist Assholes are Morons and in some cases the explosives have Failed. Which btw, we know that not all terrorists are Morons, because if they were, they would have never been able to complete their mission on 9/11. I just think that over the years, we have seen the actions of the Moronic 5th String Terrorists, and not the 1st String Muslim Asshole Scumbag Terrorists.

3) There may have already been an Attack that Succeeded right after 9/11 but we are Not being told the Truth regarding the Jet that exploded over the Atlantic out near the Hamptons in New York. You remember, the Law Enforcement Witnesses that saw a Missle shoot at the Jet, and then saw an Explosion immediately afterwards. We were told that it was a Gas Tank Explosion. Well, there were many witnesses that thought otherwise. That story is for another Post.

But Back to profiling or not. Israel Profiles, and they have a 100% Success Rate of never having one of their Jets go down due to a Terrorist Act. And this is over a Period of more than 25 Years. I think since the Attack on Entebbe sp?

The TSA can only do so much, and without Profiling, the odds are greatly increased that we will soon have an Asshole Terrorist that Finally Succeeds with a Barbaric Act that kills many of our Citizens.  If the United States does not let Our Soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan Fight those 2 Wars the Way a War is supposed to be Fought, then we better take the necessary Precautions right here on American Soil. And that INCLUDES PROFILING.

Let’s STOP the Politically Correct NONSENSE of Not Profiling. By not Profiling, The TSA is wasting a lot of time and Man/Woman Power searching Women with Babies, Baby Bottles, 90 Year old Women and Men, Blonde Haired Blue Eyed Girls, Elderly in Wheel Chairs, 40 Year old Women with 3 children in Tow, etc., etc.

We all know that most of the terrorists come from certain Countries, and 100% of those Countries are MUSLIM COUNTRIES!!!!!We all know that!! It is NO SECRET! DO we just forget about this Important Fact and Make believe it Doesn’t Exist????? 

To Not Include Profiling is Sheer Stupidity. We better start throwing the PC Crap out the Window when it comes to Protecting our Citizens from Another TERRORIST ATTACK. Anyone who thinks that the Security Measures we now have in place are Protecting us from another CATASTROPHE, is Sticking their head in the Sand. Lets start concentrating on  People who are known to come from Countries or who have Origins from countries where 100% of the Terrorists have come from.


Terrorist Trials To Be Held In NYC…….What A Joke!!!!!!

December 3, 2009

I just heard Homeland Security Chief Neapolitano say that NYC is well equipped to handle the Security for The Terrorist Trials. She also had words of wisdom regarding the Security Breach at the White House regarding the 2 guests that got in without invitations.

First of all there are ABSOLUTELY NO GOOD REASONS to have the Terrorist Trials in NYC. Not One!!!!! Try them somewhere else and then Hang them when and if they are found Guilty. I can guarantee that the Majority of the Victims Families of 9/11 do not want the trials here either. For what!!!!! This is one of the most ridiculous Decisions that have come out of  the White House!!!!!

When asked about the White House Security Breach, Neapolitano The Brainiac said that “Besides Reality TV gone out of Control,” it was a serious situation and is being investigated.

The Secret Service Can’t Protect The President of the United States of America, yet we should believe her when she says that NYC will be Protected when we have the Terrorist Trials!!!! Really, you guys can’t even Protect The POTUS within a Bubble which is the White House, but you want us to trust your Security for NYC?? You are One Big Joke!!!!!

And as for the Reality TV Analogy, that is one of the most Absurd comments I have heard in a while. The Media has shown what a travesty it was that 2 Clowns can Breach Secret Service Security at the White House. And it also shows The Terrorists what a Joke Security is for Arguably one of the most Important People on the face of the Earth!!!!