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April 15, 2010

New York State is closing all the OTB’s.  The Off Track Betting Offices will padlock their doors this coming Sunday. It’s about fucking time. Now all of the Poor Souls will have to find another vice to spend their Rent on!!!!Patterson’s last ditch efforts have failed, thankfully……….. No more Off-Track Betting Parlors…NYS & NYC were the worse Bookmakers of them all. They prayed on Citizens whom most could not afford to Gamble.

Now that New York State and New York City has made a Generation of Poor Souls that have Gambling Vices, and have no money to feed their children or pay their rent. Now that NYS & NYC has squeezed the last couple of dollars out of these poor souls, and have made Alcoholics out of them, they are telling them to take a hike. NYS should get free care for these Pour Souls to help them break free of their addictions, Gambling & Alcoholism!!!!

NYS made it so easy for them to practice their vices, for years and years. Now the fun is over, and these poor souls will have nowhere to go, because their Families have abandoned them long ago, with the help from NYS.Thgeir Families have had enough of their Loved Ones Gambling and Drinking the rent money away. NYS helped them to piss away their SI checks, and their hard-earned money. NYS & NYC squeezed the last cents from these Poor Souls, and now they’re kicking them to the Curb!!

NYS & NYC…step up to the plate and help these Poor Souls whose lives you helped to Screw up because of your Greed. You got all of the money you could from these Suckers. You bled them dry. They bet their last cents on the last Horses that they will bet on at the OTB. But I am sure that NYs & NYC will find other Gambling vices for these Suckers to bet their last cents from the Cookie Jar on…..