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July 2, 2010

What ever happened to the BP Oil Spill Catastrophe??? Is it over?? Did the Oil STOP Gushing from the Bottom of the Sea?? Didn’t 11 Innocent People Die in the BP Oil Rig Explosion??  It would appear there is a News Blackout on the BP Catastrophe. You don’t hear much about it anymore. Did someone send a memo to the News Agencies to keep MUM on the Issue until it is resolved??

Just Curious as to Who is Shutting up the Media?? No more ‘# of Days Watch.’ I use to hear that it was 68 Days since the Oil has been Gushing out of the Well. But No More………….What happened?? After the Obama 17 Minute Fiasco Speech….Nothing……Nada. Are the People in the Gulf getting Paid?? Are their Businesses now Flourishing???? What’s Going On???????????????

I am sure the People and the Business in the Gulf Region affected by the BP Catastrophe are NOT HAPPY about the Silence that has Overcome the Worst Oil Rig Explosion & Spill in the History of the United States!!!!!!!!!!! They get a 17 minute Obama Speech about an Alternative Energy Source, EMPTY Promises,  and then SILENCE!!!! WHAT GIVES??????


June 15, 2010

Obama visited the Gulf Coast yesterday for the 4th time since the BP Catastrophe, of which 3 times have been within the past 2 weeks……………… What happened to the first 6-7 weeks of the BP Oil Disaster????

Obama will address the Nation tonight from the Oval Office, regarding the BP Catastrophe, so hold on to your hats while Obama tries to save a chance at a 2nd term with a Speech that will be All about DAMAGE CONTROL!!!! No doubt that this Speech will be Equal, and most likely Surpass the BULLSHIT Level that his speech about Reverend Wright did!!! While the Obamacrats will continue to give Obama a Free Pass no matter how much he fails, hopefully there will be many others who will Finally See the Light!!!!and see Obama for what he really is.

Obama’s Actions have spoken LOUDER than his words regarding the BP Disaster. Obama kept quiet about the Disaster, hoping BP would take care of this Issue, without much Intervention from the White Hose aka Obama. Well, BP didn’t, and Obama kept quiet. We all heard the Bull Shit Excuse Obama gave us regarding not having to Scold BP in Public, and has made his Feelings known to BP in Private. And, yes, many Obamacrats bought this BullShit, But many Citizens Did Not. And this is the Reason Obama and Friends will be on Damage Control Tonight. While listening to the Speech tonight, just remember that ALL Obama HAS NOT done until recently. The reason he is on Damage Control is because he sees how the BP Disaster has affected ALL The American People. Obama will play to the Sympathy of the American People, and he will try to make you Believe that he has been on top of the BP Catastrophe since the Beginning. He will try to make you believe that the U.S. Government is in Control, and telling BP what to do. BP has been unsuccessful at Stopping the Oil Gusher, and so has Obama. BP has been Unsuccessful at Skimming the Oil off the Ocean’s Surface, and so has Obama. BP has NOT done all it can to Skim the Oil of the Ocean’s Surface, and neither has Obama. Obama may Apologize for his Inactions, and rely on the American Public to Forgive him…….once again. Or Obama may say he has been on top of this Catastrophe since the Beginning, and most of his work was done Behind Closed Doors. And that he’s taking numbers, so he can ‘Kick Ass’ which is one of the Biggest Manipulative Lines of Bullshit to ever come out of a President’s mouth on National TV!!!! Whatever he says, just remember that this Speech tonight will be one of the most MANIPULATIVE SPEECHES that we have ever heard coming out of the mouth of Obama. And remember that Obama’s Actions, or rather In-Actions, Speak Volumes over and above what we will hear tonight. So Listen, BUT don’t be Fooled by his words, if they just don’t make sense, and Contradict what we have all seen play out in the Public Eye, and which continue to play out in front of The Whole World to See!!!!!

Obama has had 3 weeks to come up with, what may be, one of his Most important Speeches to date, and the BullShit will be flying Around Faster  than the Rings around Saturn!!!! and will have more Crap in it than the Rings of Saturn!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Prepare yourselves for Obama, the man with the golden tongue, to speak tonight, and bring your Hip Waiting Boots to the Party!!!! This will be the Speech of his Career, and No Doubt he is Hoping that Most Citizens will buy his Load of Crap, the way they bought his Load of Crap about Reverend Wright. Hopefully the Masses will see through the Smoke Screen, and get Fed up with Obama thinking that Most Americans are as Stupid and as Gullible as he thinks they are, and that he can use his Spoken Word Attributes to talk Americans into Anything. So far, he has been able to, which is how he got himself elected, but the time has come where The American People are just Fed Up, and have had enough of the Propaganda, and of the Man with the Golden Tongue, which by the way, has slowly turned to Fools Gold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How To Stop The Terrorists?? To Profile Or Not?? That Is The Question!!

December 29, 2009

And the Answer is……………………………………YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This question has been Raised yet Again. It was first raised shortly after 9/11, and was Immediately Rebuked, never to be brought up again!!

Well, fast forward over 8 Years later, and the Security Measures we have in  Airports are NOT Working!!!! Just because we have never had another Attack since 9/11 does not mean a thing. There have been a couple of Attempts that have Failed for 2 Reasons:

1) Heros have Subdued the Fucking Terrorist Assholes which Avoided a Catastrophe

2) The Muslim Terrorist Assholes are Morons and in some cases the explosives have Failed. Which btw, we know that not all terrorists are Morons, because if they were, they would have never been able to complete their mission on 9/11. I just think that over the years, we have seen the actions of the Moronic 5th String Terrorists, and not the 1st String Muslim Asshole Scumbag Terrorists.

3) There may have already been an Attack that Succeeded right after 9/11 but we are Not being told the Truth regarding the Jet that exploded over the Atlantic out near the Hamptons in New York. You remember, the Law Enforcement Witnesses that saw a Missle shoot at the Jet, and then saw an Explosion immediately afterwards. We were told that it was a Gas Tank Explosion. Well, there were many witnesses that thought otherwise. That story is for another Post.

But Back to profiling or not. Israel Profiles, and they have a 100% Success Rate of never having one of their Jets go down due to a Terrorist Act. And this is over a Period of more than 25 Years. I think since the Attack on Entebbe sp?

The TSA can only do so much, and without Profiling, the odds are greatly increased that we will soon have an Asshole Terrorist that Finally Succeeds with a Barbaric Act that kills many of our Citizens.  If the United States does not let Our Soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan Fight those 2 Wars the Way a War is supposed to be Fought, then we better take the necessary Precautions right here on American Soil. And that INCLUDES PROFILING.

Let’s STOP the Politically Correct NONSENSE of Not Profiling. By not Profiling, The TSA is wasting a lot of time and Man/Woman Power searching Women with Babies, Baby Bottles, 90 Year old Women and Men, Blonde Haired Blue Eyed Girls, Elderly in Wheel Chairs, 40 Year old Women with 3 children in Tow, etc., etc.

We all know that most of the terrorists come from certain Countries, and 100% of those Countries are MUSLIM COUNTRIES!!!!!We all know that!! It is NO SECRET! DO we just forget about this Important Fact and Make believe it Doesn’t Exist????? 

To Not Include Profiling is Sheer Stupidity. We better start throwing the PC Crap out the Window when it comes to Protecting our Citizens from Another TERRORIST ATTACK. Anyone who thinks that the Security Measures we now have in place are Protecting us from another CATASTROPHE, is Sticking their head in the Sand. Lets start concentrating on  People who are known to come from Countries or who have Origins from countries where 100% of the Terrorists have come from.


Gypsy Cabs In Forest Hills Soon to Cause a Catastrophe??

October 31, 2009

There is a Taxi Stand in Forest Hills, N.Y. located on Queens Blvd. at the Corner of  71st. Ave. aka Continental Avenue. The Taxi Stand extends to about 100′  in front of the T-Bone Diner. The Taxi Stand is for Hard working Yellow Metered Cabs Only aka TAXI CABS!!!  Not for the Gypsy Cars, you know, those black 4 door cars (including One White 4 Door Car) that are always waiting at the Taxi Stand.

These Gypsy Cars take up all the available space at the Taxi Stand, and makes it impossible for The Yellow Taxi Cabs to Stand there and pick up Legitimate Fares.  This is an ACCIDENT waiting to happen because Customers that want to get into a TAXI must go out into the middle of the Service Road of Queens Blvd. in order to get to the TAXI. By accessing the TAXI in this way, there is Potential for the Customer and/or TAXI to get into an Accident, causing Possible Injury to the Customer and/or the Driver of the TAXI, including vehicle damage.

I once had to step off of the curb and enter into the street approximately 3 feet to get int a TAXI because there were Gypsy Cars hoarding the TAXI STAND. There was Black Gypsy Car approximately 15′ away from me to my right. As the TAXI stopped, I got hit in my Right Leg by the Gypsy Car that had been 15′ away from me.  This MENTAL MIDGET ASSHOLE FUCKING MORON Gypsy Cab Driver had backed up 15′ and hit me in the leg. It was a slow hit and I had a bag of groceries in my right hand, so I didn’t suffer any injury that I know of at the time. The driver stuck his head out the window after I cursed the crap out of him, and he said “oh, I’m so sorry. I didnt;t know I hit you.” Whether this was purposefully done or not, I am unsure. But the ASSHOLE Backed up 15′ to hit me. So if it was not purposeful, it was Complete Disregard for others around this Asshole!!  If I were a Senior Citizen or an Infirmed person, the injuries sustained may have been Catastrophic. Hell, if I didn’t have that grocery bag as a buffer, I may have sustained a bad injury, as the rear of the Gypsy Car struck me in the side of my right knee.

These Gypsy Cars should not be there. They are at the very least, an Inconvenience to would be Customers of the Taxis,  and at the very worse, a Complete Danger to the Well Being of People that want to hail a TAXI.

It is illegal for these Gypsy Cars to be there. In addition, the Drivers of these Gypsy Cars have a Complete Disregard for the Safety of the people who wait at this Taxi Stand, as you can tell from my experience, as well as how they talk to people waiting at the Taxi Stand, especially if you ask them to make room for the TAXIS. They are Nasty Fucks to  say the least.

The TLC Agents come around usually once a week and ticket them. In addition, the NYPD comes around once in a while, and the Gypsies scatter, only to return a couple of minutes later, after circling the Block. It’s one Big Fucking Joke!!!

More Enforcement is needed to Get rid of these Gypsy Drivers and their Cars. Let them work somewhere else, and Banish them from The TAXI STAND once and for all. This is at an intersection of Queens Blvd. where more that one Pedestrian has already been killed.

To the Lawmakers of NYC and the Politicians of Queens, are you waiting for a Citizen to get Injured or Worse by these Gypsy Car Drivers before you do Something? Or are you going to take Action Before a Catastrophe happens?

Oh, I forget, I’m asking this of the same Politicians that took years to Initiate Changes to Queens Blvd. aka The Boulevard of Death, after almost 100 Hundred Pedestrians were killed Crossing Queens Blvd. These same idiots then Applaud themselves for taking Action. Yeah, Job Well Done…….now go and tell that to the Families of the 100 Victims that were killed Crossing Queens Blvd. before you took your sweet ass time to make those changes. Lets not make the same mistake here, as even 1 Death or Injury is too much. Take PRE-EMPTIVE ACTION NOW……………..NOT LATER!!!!!! Let’s get rid of these Gypsy Drivers and their Cars from the TAXI STAND once and for all..

And to the people who get into these Gypsy Cars, you are part of the Problem. If no one hailed them, they wouldn’t have any business and they would leave. They DON’T HAVE ANY INSURANCE EITHER, so if they have an ACCIDENT, you are screwed. And most of those ASSHOLES don’t know how to drive. Just take a look at the condition of some of their cars. Many of these Gypsy Cars have multiple dents. How do you think those dents got there?

I heard from a Medallion Owner, that these Clowns don’t even go to Court when they receive a Ticket. So they get tickets and just ignore them, as there is No Enforcement by the TLC. So TLC, let’s get on the Ball!!!!!!