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Kelly Says NYC Crime Is Down……….Again!!!!! I Say “BULLSHIT!!!!!”

December 29, 2009

I SAY BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NYC Police Commissioner Kelly says the Following >

NYC has the lowest Murder Rate Per 100,000 people of any Big City in the USA. Or is it the World? I gotta look that one up. It may be the UNIVERSE!!!!!!!!!!!

Regarding Terrorism, NYC has been at a Heightened State since 9/11. Nothing has changed since the Christmas Terrorist Attack regarding additional precautions.

Crime is down across the Board since the Downsizing of the NYPD.

Yeah……ok……………and I live in a Fantasy World Also!!!!!!!!!!

Kelly is so full of shit, it is Mind Blowing…………..According to him, everything is Dandy in good old NYC. And if Kelly has not taken Added Precautions for the Safety of NYC after the Christmas Terrorist Attack, then he should Hand in His Badge. Of Course he has taken the Necessary Precautions. He just wants to make it Sound NYC is always Protected, and Nothing More needs to be one. That the NYPD has already done it all. That is what he is saying by stating No Extra Precautions have been Initiated. Now everyone knows that to be Bullshit. It’s just more Propaganda to Propagate the “Safest City in the World” Scenario. He follows the Same Bullshit Line as his Boss, Mayor Michael Blooomberg. The NYPD Bullshits the crime numbers so the Precinct Statistics are Under Reported, so in turn the State Numbers are Under Reported, and Finally, in Turn , the Federal Crime Statistics regarding NYC are INACCURATE. And That is How You Get Crime Statistics that are The Lowest of Any Big City In the USA……………………………………… This is very similar to the Bullshit Educational Statistics regarding the Increased Math and Reading Scores of NYC Students that was Reported by the City. It was found out Months Later that those Educational Statistics Derived by the City were Fudged, and the Increases in Scores was not really True. It was Mayor Bloomberg who came up with his own Formula of what Constitutes Increased Educational Scores to make it look like NYC Students were doing so well regarding Bloomberg’s Programs. The Results are made to fit the Story Being told. This has been going on for a Very Long Time in NYC. To make the World think that NYC is so Safe. This Brings in Much needed Revenue to the City. All this is just Proganda Prompted by Bloomberg and Kelly.

Everyone that live in NYC knows that this is a DANGEROUS CITY. Ask the Citizens that live in Bed Stuy, Crown Heights, Brownsville, East New York, etc., etc. The Citizens are getting Shot, Stabbed, Raped, Kidnapped, Assaulted every day on the streets of New York City. If NYC is the Safest City in the USA, Those other Cities Must be Terrible.

NYC is UNSAFE!!!! Just ask the Parents that have had their children killed by Stray Bullets. Just ask the Children that have lost their Parents due to a Violent Crime, Just ask the People that live in the Neighborhoods I have Mentioned, and others. All these Low Crime Stats are Bullshit. Crime, according to what I have been hearing and seeing on the News, and have experienced is HIGH. It is as HIGH or HIGHER than it has been the last few Years.  The other day, there were 6 Armed Robberies committed over the Course of 4 Hours, 3 Thugs were robbing People at knife and GunPoint. I know because I spoke to the Detectives regarding these Crimes, and I had to Review the Video Tape of one of the Store Cameras that caught the Perpetrators running from one of the Scenes of the Crime. These Criminals eventually got Caught a few Days later. This is just one example of multiple Crimes that most likely never gets into Those Fudged Statistics, which makes the Crime Rate Artificially Low.

So to those who don’t live in NYC, NYC is not as Safe as Kelly And Bloomberg want you to think. And to those of us who live in NYC, we already knew this!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The TSA Has No Fucking Clue!!!!!

December 28, 2009

Security was at one of the Most Heightened States of Alert in a Long Time, after the Christmas Terrorist Act, yet a Guy got on Board a Jet TODAY with Fireworks aka Explosives!!!!!

The TSA Has no clue on how to protect the Citizens of the USA!!! The TSA will never be able to fully Protect Us. It is an Impossibility given the number of people, the number of Airlines and the number of Airports, and the sheer size of the USA. If we were the Size of Israel and had Their Security, we no doubt would be Extremely Safe. But we are in the USA, and we have Many Idiots working for the TSA. Some of the TSA Personnel are Very experienced and Extremely Vigilant. But we are talking about Thousands of TSA Employees, and many of them are ill trained, or just plain Lax and/or Stupid. The TSA inspects Baby Bottles, Pregnant Women, The Elderly and everything else under the Sun, but they cannot detect obvious Explosives, or Terrorists.  Security will NEVER be 100%. And remember, the Terrorists now have Butt Bombs, which are explosives they Shove up their Asses, and activate the Explosive Device with a Cellphone Call. How is the TSA going to Stop that???? They have to spend much more time Profiling People who are in the Airports, and looking for signs that are Suspicious. I remember Flying Shortly after 9/11, and noticed a Passenger at the Gate acting Very Strange, He was Fidgeting around, pacing up & down, talking to himself, etc. I brought this to the Attention of the Gate Personal, but they just Shrugged it off. How do you expect anything to be prevented when Airport Personnel Shrug things off such as this??

People are fooled into thinking we are Secure, but maybe now they will realize that they are not, and it is only a matter of Luck if Nothing Happens regarding another Terrorist Act. People have no choice but to say the TSA makes them Secure and they feel very safe, because the Alternative would be Not to Fly. But People gotta wake up and stop living in a Fantasy World. we live in a Very Dangerous World, and these Terrorists show No Signs of Letting Up, I am sorry to say.

Where Has Tiger “The Boinker” Woods Gone?????

December 27, 2009

Woods has been off the front page of the news. And I have not heard a peep about him in a few days. Why is this????

Is it because the Media doesn’t want to be accused of their coverage of the Woods Fiasco being Racially Motivated???

They must have gotten many letters and correspondence regarding this issue. No one of any importance has publically accused the Media of this so far, as Woods brought all this on himself. But maybe the Media doesn’t want to push their luck!!

Or maybe the news is slow because of the Holiday Season, Hanukkah, Christmas, And New Years and such.

Or maybe the Girls have been Shut up with loads Of Money!!!

I am sure we’ll be hearing some more news after the holidays, when Erin “The Slammer” Nordegren starts Divorce Proceedings.

Kwanzaa, What’s Up with This Politically Correct Based Generated Holiday??????

December 27, 2009

What’s up with this holiday. It was created supposedly back in 1965 to celebrate the history of African-Americans or something like that. This was just a holiday that was created by some politically Correct minded individual or individuals. it is not a Holiday that has any history. Since the day after Christmas, when kwanzaa begins, you hear it mentioned in the media more than 10 times a day!!!!! I am watching TV and NY 1 mentions the holiday at least 10x a day.
I guess they don’t want any letters from sharpton and the gang!! speaking about racial ignorance.

Kwanzza…………………..not really a Holiday but some PC motivated event without any real history.. Probably a financial windfall for some. We are getting so politically correct, you get in trouble for saying Merry Christmas!!! It is now Politically Correct to say Happy Holidays!!!! I say Bullshit!!!!!!

Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!!! oh, and Happy Kwanzaa, whatever that means??