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April 18, 2010

Tiger Woods had that Asshole Commercial Airing on the Golf Channel, ESPN, etc. I mentioned in an earlier Blog that the Commercial was most likely for his wife to see, to gain sympathy. I also said that Elin ‘The Slammer’ Nordegren would not be phased by this Commercial of Wood’s Father speaking to him. I thought that the Commercial was a Manipulation to get The Slammer to Cry, and get her to love him again, and feel sorry for him. I said that it would not work.

Apparently I was wrong regarding one thing and correct regarding another……..

1) Elin Nordegren was very close to Earl, Tiger Wood’s Father. They had an Excellent relationship with each other, and Elin could talk to Earl about anything. It is said that Earl was like a second Father to Elin. It is said that Elin had tears running down her face when she watched the Commercial, because she Missed Earl so much.

2) I was correct that the Commercial was One Big Manipulation on the part of Tiger Wood’s to get his Wife Elin Back, and to hit her right in the Heart, hr Emotional Heart, because he knows that Elin and Earl were very close. And maybe with this commercial, Elin would feel that if EAarl was Alive, he would want the both of them back together as a Family again for the sake of the Marriage and the Children.

If it is True that the Commercial was One Big Manipulation,  Shame on Tiger Woods……………..


April 8, 2010

You gotta be shitting me regarding that DumbAss Commercial with the Voice of Wood’s Father playing in the background……When you thought Woods couldn’t stoop any lower, he is now using his Dead Father to gain Sympathy from the Public. Hey Tiger, go fuck yourself!!!

You were better off keeping your mouth shut, instead of Staring into nowhere with a DumbAss look on your face. I bet that the purpose of this Commercial was for Woods to get Sympathy from the broad that beat him half to Death with a Golf Club!!!! Wood’s wifee, Elin ‘The Slammer’ Nordigren. She probably looks at that Commercial with a Shit Eating Grin on her face, and not one tear will be running down her cheek, as was your plan.

Tiger ‘The Boinker’ Woods with yet another Dumbass Idea. More than likely, Nike paid Woods Millions for that Commercial to Air, or Woods owed Nike that Commercial, and did it for free. Either way, Nike & Woods are both DumbAsses, and Wood’s Father is most likely Rolling over in his Grave, RIP…..

Strike 100 Woods. What a Dumb Fuck!!!!!!