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February 14, 2010

Mayor Michael Bloomberg replaces the TLC Commissioner with another.

Both coincidentally are Chronies, or rather the friends of ther mayor. In other words, the TLC Commissioner does the Bidding of Bloomberg. That is the reason that the Yellow Taxi Drivers get Shit on Every fucking Day!!!

While the illegal Gypsy cab drivers get away with everything in the book, the Yellow Taxi Drivers are the Ones that get Scrutinized, Fined and Shit on by the TLC and the NYPD.

That’s what we get when you let Bloomberg Buy a Third Term and Change the Laws to do that. The Same Old Regime with the Same old Chronies.

The rest of the United States should look at NYC with Shame, and hope that this does not happen to their City, if it hasn’t done so already…………

I Got a New Job for Bloomberg……………………

October 28, 2009

…………………when he’s voted out of office. We can all chip in and get him a Train Ticket (since he loves mass transit so much) and send him over to Newark New Jersey, one of the Most Dangerous Cities in the USA. Since Bloomberg says his War on Crime is Working; cough! cough! Newark can use a guy like Bloomberg. Maybe we can chip in and get Police Commissioner Kelly a Train Ticket also, and send both of these Merry Men on their way. Let’s see how the Criminals of Newark treat these Bozos!

They have real Criminals who will give Bloomberg a Run for his Money. Not like NYC, whose crime has been way up, btw, contrary to the BULLSHIT that Bloomberg and Kelly have been telling everyone. 

Don’t forget to Spread the Word, to run Bloomberg the Fuck out of  Town.