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September 23, 2010

King Bloomberg is still Fuming over his BS idea of Congestion Pricing not getting passed.

So what is a King to do when his Concubines don’t agree with him?? He gets even. How?? By making more Pedestrian Islands in NYC, and closing more & more streets. This is all done under the Guise of making NYC Greener and more enjoyable.

What is happening is that Bloomberg is>>

– reducing the number of streets available to Cars & Trucks

– forming more pedestrian islands, and this is done by closing and/or reducing the number of lanes available to Cars & Trucks

– changing traffic patterns in NYC

– etc., etc.

By doing the above, Bloomberg is making NYC less available to Cars & Trucks and other Motor Vehicles. So if  Bloomberg can’t reduce the amount of traffic in the City, by invoking Congestion Pricing, the King will make sure that he closes and restricts as many NYC streets as possible,  so that it will be more Difficult for Motor Vehicles to get around NYC, and maybe they will just leave their Cars home.

I doubt it. Cars will still come into the City. And Bloomberg is making the Environment more Polluted in NYC because the Motor Vehicles will be Idling more and more, due to street restrictions, and the traffic will move slower, which will cause the pollution Levels in NYC to be even Higher than they are now.

Good going Bloomberg, Job well done. Hail to the King!!!

Bloomberg And The MTA Are In Bed Together!!!!!

December 16, 2009

It’s all clear now. Bloomberg is still pissed at not getting his Bullshit Congestive pricing Passed. Now the MTA is having Financial Problems. And all of a sudden Bloomberg Throws Congestive Pricing in our Faces!!!! Saying that the MTA needs Congestive Pricing in order to bring in the Badly needed Revenue that the MTA Needs. And Low and Behold, one of the King’s Chronies on the MTA Board agrees that Congestive Pricing is Necessary!!!

Does anyone see what’s going on here?? This is very well though out by the Man who would be King. Bloomberg was going to get Congestive Pricing Passed no matter what it takes. This whole MTA Bullshit is related to Bloomberg and his Congestive Pricing that was denied twice. But it will go up a Third Time. Hopefully it will be Denied Again!!!! It is no wonder that Bloomberg has not said much regarding the Financial Issues that the MTA has Again!!! A well laid plan, which should be obvious to most.

Don’t think for one minute that all of this is Coincidental, because it’s not.