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September 27, 2010

Sound like David Beckham may have cheated on his wifee a couple of times. This is all Alleged, but it looks like those who really know are coming out of the woodwork, including the madame who supplied the Girls.

looks like the ‘All Pissed Off Act’ that Beckham is displaying may be all an Act, or angry that he’s getting called out on the carpet about his alleged acts of infidelity. If he did cheat on his wifee, how the fuck did he think he could get away with it, unless his wiffee knew he was allegedly cheating anyway.

This Creep Beckham lost his temper with a photographer the other day when asked about the alleged cheating. This guy Beckham is a real fucking asshole. He craves the Media, with his wife, and seeks their attention when they need them, But now he gets Pissed, and tries to provoke the Photographer and almost Threatens the Photographer!!! A Real Fucking Punk!!! This must all be an act for his wifee. Deny, Deny, Deny as they always say.

Time will tell.

Here is an excerpt pertaining to ITW>>

Yesterday, we covered the first excerpts from In Touch Weekly’s cover story this week, all about David Beckham’s “affair” with a prostitute back in 2007. Allegedly, Beckham screwed the hooker five times over the course of a few months, at the price of $10,000 a pop (so to speak). Just hours after ITW’s story came out, the Beckhams’ lawyer announced that the Beckhams’ would be suing, and that they denied the whole thing. But, whatever. I think it’s true, ITW thinks it’s true, Jezebel thinks it’s true, and I think most people who have followed the Beckhams’ tabloid life and marriage think it’s true. Anyway, In Touch Weekly just sent out a second part to their story, almost as if they aren’t concerned with potential lawsuits whatsoever. Jezebel had better excerpts from the story too, so here are many more details. Just FYI: Some of this might be a slightly NSFW, but not really.