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June 30, 2010

Bloomberg said today that first rule of Taxation is ‘Don’t tax the people who can move.” The King was Referring to Hedge Fund Managers who NYS will be taxing more heavily. The King then went on to say that he would’ be surprised if all the Hedge Funds don’t move out of New York City!!’ Bloomberg is a Pompous Doofus!!! Let the Hedge funds move from NYC. They would not because it is convenient to be on Wall Street, and conducive to business. If they want to move, let them. Bloomberg thinks by inviting them to move from NYC, the new Taxes will be dropped, and the Poor and Middle Class will once again bear the brunt of Higher Taxes. Bloomberg is a King of the Rich, and doesn’t  give a Rat’s Ass about the Poor and Middle Class. This has been Well Known for Years, but the people once again voted him in for a Third Term. And this is the reason there are Term Limits. BUT the king changed the Laws to suit him. What else is a King to do??

So, once again, the king has spoken, and has invited the Hedge Funds to move from NYC. Good riddance to the Hedge Funds if they take Bloomberg up on his invitation. And once again, Bloomberg wants to impose more taxes on the Poor and Middle Class.

BTW, the king’s riches have increased from $$16 Billion Dollars to $$18 Billion Dollars in less than one year. Hail to the King, the king of New York, bloomberg, the king for the Rich. A True King indeed……….