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Bloomberg’s Mindless Followers Tried to Hand Me a Flyer………….

November 3, 2009

………………….I told them that Bloombergs a Fucking Idiot, and I walked away. Another Mindless Bloomberg Follower came into a restaurant a little while later, and told people to Vote for bloomberg. I told him that bloombergs a moron and let him go fuck himself.

Unbelievable how these mindless midgets jump on the Bandwagon to get one of the most UNETHICAL PEOPLE in NYC re-elected.

I have written many times why voting for bloomberg shouldn’t be an option.

Let the Voters tell this Asshole later today that his services are no longer needed, and to take himself along with the thousands in his inner political circle, and take a nice trip to the Bahamas aboard one of the Billionaires Jets. They’ll have to make a lot of Round Trips, but Bloomberg can afford it.

People, open up your eyes and see Bloomberg for the Tyrannical, Unethical, Thieving, Middle Class Hating, Lying, Egotistical, Self Centered, Threatening Little Man that he really is. Let him boss around his Employees, and let him Intimidate all those that surround him, and let all the People that want to get a piece of his Wallet kiss his Ass, as they have thru out the years. But get him out of the Mayors Office so the rest of us Citizens don’t have to put up with his Crap for another 4 Years.

Think about this. Do you think that if he wasn’t a Billionaire, that he would have people Kiss his Ass? Of course not. The only thing he has to offer others is a chance for them to profit off this guy, or somehow make money or have their businesses profit, because of Bloombergs status in life. All the way from Ronald Lauder to the Assholes in the City Council. If they don’t kiss Bloombergs Ass, and Bloomberg were to lose, Bloomberg would make their lives as hard as he can. If they didn’t go along with bloomberg, and bloomberg was to win, he would also make their lives unbearable. Bloomberg rules by intimidation. He does not EARN RESPECT………….HE DEMANDS RESPECT………….and that is the reason why that if he was not the Powerful Shmuck that he is and have all the Billions of Dollars that he has, he would be a Very Lonely Man.

Don’t Vote for this Schmuck today, and show this FudgeCake the Door. Let him hang out with his Chronies, and have all his Ass Kissers Kiss his Fucking Ass!! When he leaves, so do the rest of his Political Circle. 8 Years is Fucking Enough. Actually it is too much. Hasta LaVista Bloomberg, and don’t let the oor hit you in the Ass on the way out.

Bloomberg is More Full of Shit than The New York City Sewers!!

October 23, 2009

73544957AS009_gmhcBloomberg is a Big Fucking Bullshit Artist. He had said that Thompson was one of the Best Comptroller that NYC has ever had. Now he says that he really didn’t mean it when he said it. Let’s examine this for a moment >

There are only 2 conclusions that you can gather from this >

 1) Bloomberg really did mean it when he said that Thompson was one of the Best Comptrollers that NYC ever had, which would mean that he is LYING  now………………………OR………………………….

2) Bloomberg didn’t mean it when he said that Thompson was one of the best Comptrollers, which would mean that he was LYING then 

King Bloomberg is what they call an Opportunistic LIAR, which means he lies whenever he has to, in order to put himself in the best light.  While this is a quality of most politicians, the point here is that Bloomberg tries to come off as holier than thou, and he ain’t. Bloomberg, in my opinion, is even a Bigger Bullshit Artist than most of them.  What makes him a cut above the rest is his 16 Billion Dollars, which, along with his Ultra Egotistical Attitude, makes him think that he is entitled to whatever he wants. And in order to get it, he will do anything. This includes Bullshitting the Numbers when it comes to the statistics regarding student graduation, and Bullshitting the numbers when it comes to Crime being the lowest in the City. While the statistics show what he says to be true, it is the way that those statistics are arrived at. Anyone can calculate and manipulate statistics in order to prove their point.

Bloomberg is nothing but a bully, which is the reason the Board of Education has not endorsed either Candidate as of yet. That is because if they endorse Thompson, Bloomberg will make sure that their Contracts, which are to be negotiated, won’t be as lucrative, if they didn’t endorse Thompson. The B of Ed disagrees with Bloomberg wholeheartedly regarding the school average of the Students. They know that the statistics are being manipulated. Bloomberg puts fear in people because of his power and money, and I can safely say that Hardly Anyone Respects Bloomberg because he deserves it. They Respect him because he asks them to and people fear him.

Vote this Asshole out of office and No One will have to Fear Bloomberg Again. Bloomberg and the rest of his Chronies will be out of Office, and NYC can become the Democracy it once was. Hey Bloomberg, don’t let the door hit you on the Ass on your way Out!!!!