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September 25, 2010

The November election is around the corner, and this chicken’s ass is nowhere to be found, except on his asshole commercials.. He goes into Hiding so he doesn’t have to answer questions regarding where he stands on topics of the day.

Schumer can’t get enough of the Camera all year-long, BUT he’s a chicken shit when it comes to showing his face during election time. Talk about taking things for granted.

Schumer has been in office for too long, like the rest of the idiot Politicians, and hopefully he’ll be voted out of office. We don’t need another chicken shit representing NY. We already have enough horse’s asses!!!

In Regards to Mayor Bloombergs Win……………….

November 4, 2009
……………..The dumbass only won by 5%.
Bloomberg won the election but he really lost face.
His $100 Million Dollars he spent in this campaign bought him those 5 points.
Bloomberg and his people said they were ahead by 12-15 points as the polls showed a couple of days ago.
Obviously he didn’t mention how close it was during his acceptance speech, and he probably won’t talk about it for the next 4 years. His ego won’t let him. After all, Bloomberg is our King. He doesn’t have to answer to the People. But at least now Bloomberg knows that many of the “little people” really don’t like him as much as he thought. But he’ll put a spin on that also. But we all know that he’s full of it.

Everyone in NYC is talking about it, and it will be a hot topic for a while. Everyone knows how close it was and too bad he pulled it out.
Now we’ll have another 4 years of this boob.
And who knows, maybe another 4 after that
This was almost one of the Biggest upsets in Political History. Thompson, The Bloggers and the Voters almost pulled it off. I believe the Bloggers played a big role in helping Bill Thompson to almost who this election.
The boob Bloomberg spent $$100 Million Dollars compared to Bill Thompsons $6 Million.

So in closing, Congratulations to the King on $$$100 Million that bought him the Election. In addition, Congratulations on making a Joke of the NYC Political System. NYC………………..The City where Politics is FOR SALE. Just come on by and don’t forget to bring your $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$…………………..
NYC, The Joke The World……………………


Hey Bloomberg, Get a LOAD of This…………Fit For a King!!

October 30, 2009

The only Throne this King  R18722_layout.inddshould be sitting on, is this one.     

That’s about the right proportions!

If he loses the Election, I will personally buy him his very own Monogrammed Throne!