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September 9, 2010

People burn The American Flag, which I think is Fucked Up, BUT that is the 2nd Amendment in play.

SO why is a big deal to burn the Koran?? People are more Outspoken about this, than they are about Flag Burners. I think burning the US Flag is despicable, and I haven’t heard as much Fear about that, as I have heard about the koran burning.

Obama, the FBI, other Government LE,etc., etc. go to or call the Reverend in Florida to ‘express’ their concerns. The General; of the US Army expresses his concerns. Why is this??? It appears that there are many more Radical muslims running around, than People would have you believe. They say how it is only a few muslims that are Radical and Extremists. If that was the case, People would not have Fear in their Hearts, if the muslims were Upset. But it appears that there are likely Millions of Radical muslims all across the USA and the World, and People are acting on Fear, and Fear alone, that these radicals may strike up Against Us. SO, I guess the answer is to turn tail. The muslims will really respect that. They are laughing at everyone, about the Power their Radical Extremists wheel, and the Fear that they are able to generate.

What a Shame……………..