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Ebay Sellers Should Boycott Ebay, as This May be the Only Solution!!

October 4, 2011

Ebay Sellers should Boycott ebay as this is probably the only way for ebay to listen to the complaints of their sellers, and make the Appropriate changes to the ebay system, in order to level the playing field, and give the Sellers a fair shake.
I am normally a Buyer, and sell a few items here and there. I recently Sold a $400 item which the Buyer did not pay for. I emailed the Buyer and did not receive a response. EBAY also emailed the buyer with no response. I opened up an Unpaid Item Case manually. I did this after the required wait of 4 days after the auction ended. I now have to wait another 4 days to see if the buyer will pay, although the buyer has not responded to any emails from me or ebay previously.
I have spoken to Customer Service 4 times regarding how to go about initiating an Unpaid Item Case as I don’t do this often. I have also done a lot of Googling to find out this information. I have learned that the Customer Service Reps at ebay are as inept as they come, probably as bad as the Reps at HP. They really don’t give a crap, which of course starts at the Top, which would be ebay Corporate. These Reps can barely Understand English, and a couple of them are as Rude has All Hell!!
The inept reps at ebay have told me the following inaccuracies:

1) I can open an Unpaid Item Case 3 Days after the auction ends.
2) Even though I have initiated the Unpaid Item Assistant After the Auction ended, the Assistant will still open the case up for me Automatically.
3) I can close the case on the 5th day because sometimes the system does not allow you to close on the 4th day.
4) When the Item goes Unpaid, ebay records a strike against the Buyer, which can be seen in the Buyers Feedback Profile, so others can see.
5) the system allows you to close the case after 4 days, and does Not go by the exact time you opened the case.

I see the option is there to close the case, But I have read that in the Resolution dept., I need to check whether I was Paid yet or not, then close the case. I do not see those choice options, and only see the close Case option. I also called to asked whether those options will appear on the 4th day.

I have read that the Case must be Opened After exactly 4 Days to the Hour and Minute, and the Case can be Closed After 4 Days Exactly to the Hour and Minute After the Case was opened.

The Reps are relentless in their explanation why the Buyer may not have paid, and to Give them time to do so. No concern regarding the Seller, and having the Seller waste all this time because of Buyers who do not pay.
In addition, Second Chance Offers 8 days after the Auction has ended most likely are taken up on because the prospective Buyers have probably started Bidding on similar items already.
Ebay is Very Frustrating, and Wastes a lot of the Sellers time. And this is only for 1 item I am selling! What about all these Power Sellers who sell Hundreds, and Thousands of Items. I don’t know how they do it! Imagine having 10’s or 100’s of non paying buyers who hold up their inventories, and Waste all of the Sellers time.
Obviously ebay doesn’t give a Rat’s Ass, and is Only concerned with the Buyers well being. I call for a Boycott of ebay as that is the only way ebay will initiate changes. Otherwise, all this Bullshit will drag on forever. Hit them in their Greedy Pockets, and you will see they will make the changes.If not, See ya, as they say.
Oh, and by the way, No Negative Feedback for the Buyers from the Sellers!! You gotta be Shitt’n me!! Like I said, I’m predominately a Buyer, But this Crap has gotta Stop as it is Shameful!!

I’m really surprised there hasn’t been a Boycott of ebay yet. What is taking so long. Without Sellers, there are No Buyers!! This is the ONLY SOLUTION as ebay doesn’t give a Shit as of now, and think that the Sellers would Never Boycott. I say Let’s Prove Them Wrong, and Initiate Changes the Old Fashioned Way, By Exerting Pressure on the Greedy Bastards!!