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April 18, 2011

Be-aware and Alert out there Citizens of Forest Hills, Queens, New York. There has been a rash of Armed Gunpoint Robberies on your neighborhood Streets, and the 112th Precinct and Forest Hills Chamber of Commerce is keeping Silent on this one. So far, it has been only the Victims and their Friends and Families who have known about this Crime Spree that has been going on for quite a while.

The description so far is of 2 Punk Ass Blacks that are Robbing People at Gun Point on the Streets of Forest Hills. As far as I know, there have been no Rapes or Shootings………..YET!!! It is only a matter of time until someone is Killed and/or Raped!!! These Punks have been committing these Horrendous Crimes on the streets of Forest Hills and the 112th Precinct does not even have the Courtesy to WARN its Citizens, so they may take the proper Precautions, and Be Aware that these are 2 Punks on the Lose who are Jeopardizing the Lives of the Law Abiding Citizens of Forest Hills, Queens………….. Remember also, that up until now, no one has been Shot or Raped (as far as I know) But just Imagine the Psychological scarring that these Victims are Suffering. Some of these Scars will dissipate with time, But as we all know, Traumatic Experiences can and will most likely Last a Lifetime. Who are these PUNKS to damage a Person for Life!!! Punk Ass Bitches, that’s who. A couple of Punks who come into Forest Hill;s from other Neighborhoods to Stalk their Prey and Pounce whenever they feel like it. And the 112th Precinct are ENABLERS because they Don’t Warn the Citizens of Forest Hills that there is an ACTIVE, DANGEROUS CRIME SPREE occurring in their neighborhood.

Imagine you are taking a stroll, or in your car, and 2 Punk Ass’s come up to you and Shove a Gun in your Face, and Rob you of your personal property that you have worked so hard to own. Forget about your Valuables for the moment, as for that moment in time when these 2 Punk Ass Mother Fuckers are shoving a Gun in your Face, if you weren’t Religious before that moment, you sure  as Hell became Religious in a Heartbeat!!

Who the Hell are these 2 Punk Asses to Rob you of your property, and put you in a Position where You Can Die!!!! You know it is only a matter of time where there will be a struggle and that gun WILL GO OFF. Hopefully it’ll shoot one of these Punk Asses in the Fucking Face, and Blow His Brains Out!!!

And where does the 112th Precinct come off and not WARN the Citizens of Forest Hills of this Very Real Danger, which can Take A Life in a Single Second, during one of these GUN ARMED ROBBERIES. And we all know that the Forest Hills Chamber of Commerce is very well aware of this Crime Spree, and is also being Silent on the Matter. This is more than a Crime Spree, It Is a Matter of Life and Death for Christ’s Sake. In New York City, the only Citizens whom are allowed to Defend themselves, and be as well armed as the Criminals are the Police. The only other People whom are allowed to Carry Guns are the Criminals, because They Don’t Obey The Laws Of NYC, and the Draconian Anti-Gun, Anti-Self Protection Laws which King Bloomberg Spews across The Land. After all, the King Travels with no less than 8 HEAVILY ARMED (Not Just a few Handguns) Body Guards (NYPD Officers, On Duty and Off Duty) at All Times, and Usually More!! The only Defenseless Citizens in NYC are the Law Abiding Citizens who are just Ducks in a Barrel waiting to get Killed. The Criminals know this, and they Pick their Moment, and Pounce on Their Prey, knowing that Their Prey will most likely be unarmed, and as Defenseless as a Pig in a Slaughter House!!!

I urge All the Citizens of Forest Hills, Queens, New York to call the Queens City Council, The Forest Hills Chamber of Commerce, the 112th Precinct, your Councilman and Councilwoman and Ask these Imbeciles why ‘YOU” are being kept in the Dark about this Gun Point Crime Spree in what is supposedly a safe Neighborhood, Forest Hills, Queens. For those of us who Know Better, The Streets of Forest Hills have not been Safe for a while. It has been getting Worse & Worse. Forest Hills used to be known as the Neighborhood where the worst crime was Stolen Cars, BUT also there have been Many Rapes going on in Forest Hills for a while. Now we have Armed Robberies of Our Citizens at Gun Point on their Neighborhood Streets.

To the 112th Precinct, Forest Hills Chamber of Commerce, Queens Congress members and Senators, etc. Warn the People of these Crime Sprees to at least give The Ducks in a Barrel a little Fighting Chance!! We all know you are not worried as You are either Armed, or have Body Guard Protection with you most of the time, But that does not mean that Our Lives are Worth Less than Yours………………….

Btw, where do the Criminals go to Commit these Horrendous Crimes??? Not to Texas, Florida, or other Pro Carry Gun States which allow their Citizens to Protect themselves, But to the Bloomberg Cities like NYC where the only armed people are the Cops and the Criminals. The Law Abiding Citizens are Stripped of their Right to Protect Themselves, and these Punk Ass Criminals know this.

While it is Very Important for Law Enforcement to Capture these Criminals and Prosecute them After the Crime is Committed, it is even MORE IMPORTANT to PREVENT THESE CRIMES BEFORE THEY ARE COMMITTED. It is very Rare that a Cop is right there on Scene when the Crime is about to be Committed to prevent it (it is Not possible for them to do so.) In fact, it Hardly Ever happens, so it is up to WE, The People to Defend Ourselves, But that ain’t gonna Never happen in NYC, and other similar Anti-Self Protection Cities my friends………

BE ALERT, STAY AWARE, TAKE THE PROPER PRECAUTIONS, AND PRESERVE YOUR LIFE…………And Fight for the Right to Protect Yourselves, and those You Love!!!!!!!


December 21, 2009

What the Fuck is going on in Washington DC and other places around the Country????

A Fucking Washington DC Cop pulls his Gun Out, when his Car gets hit with a SnowBall!!! 


See HERE for the Video

There were many People standing on the corners of a Block and they decided to have a Nice Old Fashioned Snow Ball Fight. And This Asshole Cop decides to draw his Weapon!! Big Tough Asshole Cop, this Asshole should be taken off the Force, and stripped of his Pension. This MotherFucker Pulls his Gun Out, where anything could have happened to cause his Weapon to Discharge and Maybe Kill an Innocent SnowBaller!!! Hey, Cop, What the Fuck is Wrong With You??? You better get yourself to a Shrink, because you are in Definite Need of Mental Help, and  because you are Definitely Mentally Unstable, and UNFIT FOR DUTY!!!!!

You got Kids Throwing Snowballs SHMUCK!!!!!! And you Pull Out a Fucking Gun!!!!! You Asshole!!!!

And I don’t want to hear the same old story about how this cop was having a Bad Day, or that he saw someone holding something that looked like a Gun, or that he just arrested America’s Most Wanted, and his Adrenaline was running High!!!!

This Asshole’s Gun could have easily discharged. The Cop could have Tripped, or a snowball could have hit the weapon, or this Cop could have Raged and Shot Someone!!!!! He was Obviously in a State of Mind where he could have easily discharged his weapon on Purpose and killed someone. This Guy is a Loose Cannon!!!

Imagine this Guy on the Job and something more severe happens, like maybe a 10-year-old stealing a pack of Gum. This Cop would draw a Shotgun on the Kid!!!!!

This Cop is A Bad Cop, And should be Thrown Off the Force!!!!

Much to the Credit of the Police Chief, He put this Asshole Cop on Modified Desk Duty. Hopefully this Cop will never get to Hold a Weapon Again!!!!!

Luckily someone recorded this Incident on their Cellphone, showing this PUSSY Drawing his Weapon. Or else it would have been the Cops word against the Citizens, and we all know whose word is usually believed. Except in this case, there were 100 or so Witnesses. Imagine the Nightmares some of these Kids are going to Have. And people want to know why the Citizens don’t trust cops. This is the Reason Why. And believe me, this is Not An Isolated Incident. Cops all Across the Country are Abusing their Authority. This Incident is Just the Tip of the Iceberg.

This Cop is a Real Tough Guy!! Drawing His Weapon on People throwing Snowballs!!! Fucking Asshole!!!!