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Israel vs. USA Airline Security

December 29, 2009

Comparing the Security Israel has and the Security The USA has is like comparing a Rolls Royce to a Fiero!
With Israel, The Air Marshal is Part of a Much Layered Security Package.  5 Hijackers WOULD NEVER GET ON A PLANE IN ISRAEL. IN THE USA, 5 HIJACKERS CAN EASILY GET ABOARD AN AIRCRAFT, and therefor a Marshal would not mean much.
The Training Israel Security has is heads over Heels that of the USA >                                                                                                                          Israel Probably pays their Security Personnel much more money than we pay ours which may account for the Statement above
Israel has a Much More Layered Security which The USA is Lacking in >                                                                                               The Communication between Law Enforcement Agencies is much better in Israel than in the USA >

Obviously, the USA is a Much Larger Country than Israel, and therefor Logistics plays a Huge Part in Airline Security, and Security against terrorist Attacks, in General. But I think we can Learn Much from Israel regarding Security.