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April 15, 2010

I have a suggestion regarding what New York City should do with all the Punk/Thugs that shoot innocent Citizens in NYC, which includes Women & Children. SEND THESE MOTHER FUCKERS TO IRAQ & AFGHANISTAN!!!!

These Punk Thugs shoot innocent Victims while they are trying to kill each other. This is happening every fucking day in NYC. These Thug/Punks Wound & Kill innocent children that are sitting ion their Apartments watching Cartoons, and even sleeping, because these Thug/Punks are shooting at each other and don’t care who gets Hurt or Killed. Children are gunned down in front of their Parents. Children are gunned down while walking to school. Children ar4e gunned down while playing in the Park. Children are Gunned down while sleeping in their Beds!!!

All this because these Thug/Punks Don’t give a Rat’s Ass while they Play Bad Guy, and are trying to kill each other.

Send them to Iraq & Afghanistan where the People they would be Shooting at also have Guns, and where they would be Fired upon, and killed themselves. These Thug/Punks would Shit in their Pants because they wouldn’t be shooting at Unarmed Children & Women anymore. These Hoodlums in Brooklyn, The Bronx, Queens, Manhattan and Staten island should all be sent there. It would be Great for NYC,  and WOMEN & CHILDREN would not have to live in Fear anymore. Children could once again play in the Streets, or Walk to School, or sleep in their beds without fear of a thug’s Bullet coming through their Windows and getting killed from a Bullet striking them in their Heads!!!!

How about it NYC, Ship these Thug/Punk Assholes out of Here, and to Iraq & Afghanistan, so that the Innocent and Hardworking People that Live in NYC can live in Peace, without the fear of having a Bullet hit them in the Head!! Mothers can once again Live without fear of their Babies being Killed by a Stray Bullet from one of these Thugs trying to kill another Thug/Punk. These Thug/Punks have No Fear because the other side is not shooting back at them. Give them a Taste of what WAR is Really Like!!!! Ship’em all out of here and let everyone Live in Peace!!!!

Everyone would win. The Crime rate would go down. The Jails would be Emptier. More Children would be alive by the End of the Year. There would be Peace once again in NYC and the Citizens wouldn’t have to Live in Fear!!!!

If you don’t want to send them to Iraq or Afghanistan, put them on an Island, one that is not inhabited, and let them Kill each Other. Why should even One More Innocent Child Die because these Thug/Punks want to Kill each other, and they don’t care if an Innocent Victim gets Killed. Look how many Children are getting Struck by Stray Bullets. look how many Parents Live in Fear in the Housing Projects in Brooklyn in particular. These parents don’t even let their children play outside out of fear of them being Killed by a Bullet. Then when they think their Children are Safe in their Beds, they are not, and Innocent Children are being killed while they Sleep or Watch TV…………….