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September 12, 2010

Imam Feisal Rauf is an Antagonist at best. This Asshole tells the World that by Not building the Ground Zero Mosque, WE will be Inciting the Muslim World to Hate us and for the Muslim Extremists to Attack us. This guy sounds more like a Mouth for the Muslim Extremists!!!!! This guy is a Fucking Fool if he Thinks WE will fall for his Propaganda. Rauf should be Investigated as to his Ties to The Muslim Extremists. He travels around the World on Behalf of the US Government, Yet he speaks Explosive Words. Doesn’t sound like a Bridge Builder to me. This Idiot deserves a Closer Look, BUT if that happens, it will just prove his propaganda point, so I guess this Asshole is Insulating himself under the ruse of Religious Freedom. And this Asshole blames Politics for the Controversy. Another Propaganda Ruse shared by his buddy, Obama.

Btw, where is this Shmucks friend, Sharif El-Gamal, the other Asshole, who was in the Center of all this Ground Zero mosque controversy?? Where was he Whisked away to?? And how about the other Partner in Crime who had some Questionable ties to Extremists?? I hope those who have started the Investigations, continue them, and are not persuaded  by the Rantings of Rauf, who tries to Incite Violence with the Rest of the Muslim World. Why is Obama not speaking up about Raul, and telling him to reduce his Rhetoric?? Seems the only one Speaking up is Giuliani. I am not a fan of his, but I applaud him for speaking up about the Questionable Tactics of this imam, who seems to be Inciting Violence, or Threatening us on behalf of the Muslim Extremists!!!!!!!


August 25, 2010

Every day that passes by, that bloomberg opens up his tiny mouth about the Monstrosity mosque, just proves that he is a bigger idiot than first thought…………………………………


July 13, 2010

Obama doesn’t want us to use the phrase ‘Illegal Aliens or Immigrants,” and neither does John McCain………. Why Not?? An Alien that enter a Foreign Country Illegally, are ILLEGAL ALIENS!! Immigrants that enter a Foreign Country without Registering, are ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS!!

What is so Hard to Understand about that, and why doesn’t Obama want us to sue the Following Words or Phrases?? >>





The reason is because Obama wants us to make-believe that these descriptions are False, and that they don’t exist.

Obama believes that because so many Citizens of the USA are mesmerized by his very existence, that they will listen to whatever Obama says to them, and follow his every word. Obama believes that he could make nice to the Islamic Extremists if he stops using that phrase, and that they then will be our friends, or at least will not want to destroy us Anymore. Obama thinks there is No Jihad, and that we are not in a War on Terror.

And this is the reason that we are vulnerable to These Violent Islamic Extremists that have Declared a Jihad on The United States of America, some of whom come into The USA Illegally, making them Illegal Aliens!! And are the reasons that we are in the middle of a War on Terror!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I used ALL 4 Words/Phrases in a sentence because they DO EXIST, and are NOT Figments of People’s Imaginations as Obama would have you Believe.

Don’t Forget to use these Phrases/Words Whenever you can, because WE CANNOT, AND SHOULD NOT FORGET THAT WE ARE IN THE MIDDLE OF A WAR ON TERROR, WHERE UPON THESE CRAZY ASSHOLES WANT TO DESTROY US!!!!, contrary to what Obama would have you believe. If WE stop using these Words, and the Terror among us is NOT Fresh in Our Minds EVERY DAY, WE, THE USA, will be even More Vulnerable to Attacks by our Enemies, The Islamic Extremists!!!!

In Addition, by Not using the phrase Illegal Aliens, The Violent,Crimes in Arizona committed by these Illegal Aliens WILL NOT MAGICALLY DISAPPEAR!!!

What’s Next??????????????? Maybe Obama will tell us he doesn’t want US to use the words, ‘Holocaust’ or ‘Nazis’ because he wants us to Forget about that part of History also….and make-believe that doesn’t exist either, and that using those words offends Germany………….BUT Remember what the Experts say, that We should NEVER FORGET about that part of History, or stop using those words, or else History WILL Repeat itself if we Stop telling Future Generations about those Horrible Years, and what occurred by a Lunatic People, (Who btw, also wanted to take over the World, and slaughter Millions of People) and the Slaughter of millions of Innocent People.

So, does not that Rule also Apply to The Islamic Extremists, for if WE stop talking about that, then will not History repeat itself, in maybe a more Massive and even more Horrible way, such as a Nuclear Attack that will Kill Hundreds of Thousands, or even Millions of People, which is the Goal of these Islamic Extremists. Oh, less I Forget, their Ultimate Goal is to Wipe the USA off of the Face of the Earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


June 6, 2010

Obama on Terrorism >>>>

He forbids his Administration from using words & phrases like >>

Jihad, Islamic Extremists, War on Terror, etc. …………….because he doesn’t want to make things worse. Obama says he doesn’t want to make enemies and inflame the Tensions between the Terrorists and the USA.  Obama says that nothing will get accomplished if you Fan the Flames, so to speak………..

Obama on the BP Oil Spill Catastrophe >>

Obama says he has chastised BP in Private. Obama says he doesn’t want to Fan the Flames regarding BP as a Company, or it’s Executives because that would hamper the Goal of trying to get this Oil Spill resolved. Obama says it is enough to let his ‘feelings’ be known to BP Executives in Private, but doesn’t need to get Angry at them in Public!!!! Btw, Obama waited WEEKS until he showed Hints of being ‘angry’ with BP. WEEKS!!!!!! Now that Obma Huffs and Puffs every so gingerly at BP after WEEKS of doing NOTHING, we, the Public, are supposed to Fall for Obama’s Charade of Flexing his Muscles at BP?? Obama has No Choice but to be Angry at BP at this point in time, 48 DAYS LATER after the Oil Spill Catastrophe. But even now, Obama treads lightly when speaking about BP and this Oil Gushing Catastrophe. He tells the World he is Showing Restraint. Obama is showing WEAKNESS, and a willing to placate BP, and play both sides of the fence.

OBAMA IS A FOOL!!!!! He sits by the Sidelines, and just watches as time passes by. He doesn’t want to Anger the Terrorists, so he keeps his mouth shut. He doesn’t want to Anger BP Executives, so he keeps his mouth shut.

Everyone knows that the opposite would happen if he Balled out BP in Public. It would light a Fire under their Asses, and it would get this BP Oil Spill Disaster resolved quicker than it is now. And if BP is not going to get this thing resolved until August, when the Relief Wells will be completed, then why not Ball BP out in Public now?? It would not make a difference. The reason may be because Obama needs Big Oil’s Money for a Re-Election Bid in 2012, and wants to be ‘NICE” to these Assholes.

And why doesn’t Obama want to play hardball with the Islamic Extremists (which Obama forbids ALL to say) ???? Maybe because Obama is Scared of them, and figures if he is nice to them, they won’t ‘Bother’ us anymore…..

For some reason, that is not yet fully realized, Obama refuses to play Hardball with the Islamic Extremists, or with BP. Why is this?  Well, I will leave that up to Smarter Minds than mine to contemplate…………


May 29, 2010

NYC has decided that it is in the Best Interest of Political Correctness for this Monstrosity named an Islamic Mosque to be built on Sacred Ground. These ASSHOLES are out of their Fucking Minds!!!

It is a disgrace that a Mosque will allowed to be built at Ground Zero. Shame on New York, and Shame on the USA.
This BS Political Correctness will eventually allow the Islamic Extremists to continue to carry out their mission of Destructiveness, and eventually succeed with what they have set out to do, which is to destroy the USA.
Sadly, we are Enablers in this process, and allowing the Mosque to be built is just one of the steps the Citizens of the USA, or rather New York City, is lending a hand in our Own Destruction.
Too bad that the rest of the USA cannot step in and stop this Mosque from being built.
Too bad that NYC doesn’t have the people of Arizona to be involved in this issue, for surely the Mosque would never be built.
If this was an election year in NYC, surely King Bloomberg would have voiced a different opinion. The Community Board, as well as the other PC Politicians are completely out of their minds for allowing this mosque to be built.

I have an idea……why don’t we build a Japanese Shrine on Top of the Arizona in Pearl Harbor!!!!!

It is Ironic that we are Lending a hand to these Islamic Extremists in completing their mission of our own Destruction. Letting this Bullshit Mosque be built is symbolic in the way that we are telling the Muslims that it is Open Season on NYC, and the rest of the USA!!! No  wonder the rest of the USA has thought of the citizens of NYC as complete Morons over the Decades. And for once, I agree with them!!!!


May 20, 2010

What the fuck is going on with this Bullshit political Correctness??? The City Board approved the Construction for some Muslims to build a Mosque at Sacred Ground Zero!!!! Are you fucking kidding Me!!!!??? This is a Disgrace. Thousands of Innocent men, Women and Children were Slaughtered on September 11, 2001, and now some Muslims all of a sudden want to build a Mosque  at Ground Zero? What kind of Cruel Joke is this?? We all know that not all Muslims are Extremists, BUT building a Mosque at Ground Zero is a Security Risk. While the majority of Muslims mean us no harm, and disagree with the Radical  Extremist Muslims, many of the Muslims want to wipe The USA off the face of the Earth!!!! And there will be some Islamic Extremists who find their way into these Mosques to Prey, which would be a Security Risk, in addition to an Utter Disgrace and a Dishonor to the Many Innocents that perished on 9/11.

Why all of a sudden do these Muslims want to Build a Mosque on Ground Zero?? They just want to test the Political Correctness of New York City, and the United States of America. For if anyone disagrees with the building of a Mosque at Ground Zero, they will be looked upon as Racists.  So someone better think of a Politically Correct idea to deny these Muslims from building a Mosque at Ground Zero. OR better yet, Fuck the Political Correctness, and just deny the Permits!!

Our PC will be Downfall of us. We better all wake up, and realize that it is the Islamic Extremists that want to Destroy us, and Most all of the Terrorists are of Muslim faith, and we better start profiling like Israel does. That is the only way to decrease the Risk of being Attacked again.

If the Mosque gets built at Ground Zero, that will show how weak we are, and how Political Correctness comes before the Safety of the United States and its Citizens!!!


May 20, 2010

Obama is >>

Against Israel

For Leniency for the Islamic Extremist Jihadists who are trying to Destroy The USA

For Amnesty for Illegal immigrants, and Ease of Entry into The USA

Treating Iran with Kid Gloves

Apologetic to no end to the rest of the World on behalf of The USA

Prohibiting the Administration from using phrases and words such as  ISLAMIC EXTREMISTS, JIHAD, WAR ON TERROR, supposedly because Obama thinks the Islamic Extremists won’t want to Destroy us, or something like that!!!

Etc., etc………………….Any Pattern here????

Luckily, 2012 will be here soon, and Obama won’t…………No more Free Lunch for the Obamas…………….


May 9, 2010

Obama Appoints U.S. Muslim Envoy To OIC – FDR Should Have Sent …

Obama said he wanted to reach out to our Islamic Extremist Enemies who have declared a Jihad against the United States of America, so we can be friends so they won’t attack us anymore. So I guess Obama is reaching out, so he can fulfill either his Fantasy or Agenda. And Oh Boy!!! his plan looks like it’s working. You choose which plan.

Oh, I forgot. Obama issued an edict that we shouldn’t use the terms ‘Islamic Extremists’ or ‘Jihad’ or ‘War on Terror,’ because they don’t exist. Just ask the Victims and Families of 9/11, or the Would Be Victims inTimes Square New York if those Terms exist. Btw, if the bomb would have exploded in Times Square, HUNDREDS OF INNOCENT MEN, WOMEN AND CHILDREN WOULD HAVE BEEN KILLED BY THESE TERMS THAT DON’T EXIST!!! THOUSANDS OF INNOCENT MEN, WOMEN, AND CHILDREN HAVE ALREADY BEEN KILLED BY THE ISLAMIC EXTREMISTS THAT HAVE DECLARED A JIHAD AGAINST THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!!!