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The Thugs of NYC ‘Own’ More Land than Donald Trump!!

June 19, 2011

With all the crime that has been going on as of late, it appears that the Thugs of NYC Control a lot of Property, more than Donald Trump! and the NYPD is Powerless to do anything about it. Yeah, the Cops go into a Neighborhood for a couple of days to show their presence, But after they’re gone, the Thugs are back in. In East New York the other day, 9 People were shot at a House Party. One victim has died since. In Brooklyn and the Bronx there were no less than 5 individual Shootings where the Victims were a 5 year old, a 6 year old, a 15 year old and a 16 year old that were caught in the crossfire. An 82 year old woman was Raped by another thug punk on Madison Ave. a few days ago. An 81 Year Old Man was Mugged a couple of weeks ago and Died from his Injuries the other Day.
These Felonious Crimes are no longer contained to just some Neighborhoods in Brooklyn and the Bronx, But these thugs are spreading out and committing these Crimes on Madison Ave. and all over NYC. This has been going on for a while, But it appears that Bloomberg and Kelly are playoing Ostrich and Putting their heads in the sand as it is bad for Tourism, and goes against Bloomberg’s Mantra.

These Thug punks and Gang members don’t care about human Life because they are Human Excrement. Mayor Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Kelly have been Quiet on these Heinous Crimes that have been committed. Most likely because They are powerless to do anything about it. You have King Bloomberg whose Mantra is “NYC is the Safest Big City in the Country.” I and the People that live in these Extremely Dangerous Neighborhoods beg to differ. Bloomberg says Guns Kill People, No Mr. Mayor, People kill People. There was an article that mentioned Gun Crime was down in NYC But that the Murders were being committed by other means, such as Knives, Bludgeoning, Strangling, etc. So while gun Crimes were down, Murders were not because People will always find a Means by which to Kill their Victims.

When you see the Innocent people interviewed that Have to live in these Crime Invested Areas such as in Brooklyn and the Bronx, they are Scared to Death! They are Resigned to the fact that there is no way out for them, and that the Police are powerless to protect them. They usually don’t leave their homes after Dark, and keep their children in after school for fear they may be Killed by a Stray bullet for example. This has been going on for Years.

So to Future Tourists who want to Visit the Safest Big City in the Country, DON’T!!!!!!!! and to the People that have to live amongst the Scum of the Scum, Be Alert, Be Aware, Be Safe and Protect Yourselves because No One else will, Including the NYPD……………………


September 21, 2010

NYC had $200 Million Dollars of Surveillance Equipment installed in the Transit System.

Bloomberg said the this type of Surveillance will be used Responsibly by the NYPD. Oh yeah, We believe that. If you believe that NYC’s Paramilitary Organization, aka The NYPD will use this technology responsibly, there is a Brooklyn Bridge for Sale!!!

Wait for all the Lawsuits to follow regarding this Technology not being used ‘Responsibly.’ The NYPD will abuse this Power just like they abuse everything else, including it’s Citizens.

Whoever thought that the NYPD would be able to Search your Personal Belongings without Probable Cause, or Stop & Frisk you in the Streets of NYC for No Reason??? A decade ago, no one. Well WE reap what WE sow. Everyone let this slowq progression of the erosion of outr rights happens over the last few years, and NOW everyone can see where this is heading. And the Bloomberg, Kelly and the NYPD will waste no time in taking advantage of any Intrusion and Erosion of our Rights they can.

Remember the abuse of the Private Date Base that the NYPD was keeping on everyone regarding Stop & Frisk??? And how the Courts told the NYPD to stop keeping a Private Data Base, and to Destroy those Records.  Well, this is the same Paramilitary organization that will now be looking at everything everyone does.

The abuse of its Citizens Continues by Bloomberg, his concubine, Police Commissioner Kelly and the NYPD, the USA’s Largest Para Military Organization. NYC used to be the Land of the Free, BUT not anymore, and WE have not seen anything yet…………….


July 16, 2010

Governor Patterson of NYC has just passed the Stop & Frisk Bill, preventing the NYPD from keeping private Data Bases on Citizens of NYC. High Praise for Governor Patterson on putting and End to the Illegal Tactics of the NYPD, and Congratulations to the Citizens of NYC for getting one of their many rights back, of which many have been stripped away from them by Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Kelly of the NYPD!!!!

Patterson did not cave in to the BS requests by Kelly and Bloomberg, who tried to persuade Patterson to Veto the Stop & Frisk Bill. Kelly knew he had a problem, so he tried to water down the Bill thinking Patterson would then Veto the Bill, BUT Patterson didn’t fall for the Kelly Trap. Bloomberg was undoubtedly working in the Background and forefront to try to have the Bill Vetoed, BUT to No Avail……………


May 6, 2010

Mayor Bloomberg of NYC is Shameless when it comes to using potential tragedies to try to Force Feed his Anti-Gun Agenda to Congress and anyone else who will listen. Bloomberg doesn’t want Anyone to have guns, as everyone knows. In NYC, the Good Citizens keep on dying from bullets shot from Guns owned by the Bad Guys and Criminals. Criminals DON’T abide by the Laws, so stricter Gun Laws only Hurt Law Abiding Citizens, as they Abide by the Laws. These Anti-Gun Crusades such as the one Bloomberg is on, only Hurt the Law Abiding Citizens. It is Ironic that Bloomberg, who is Protected by Massive Artillery that his Body Guards carry, should want to restrict Law Abiding Citizens from owning Guns. He is on a Crusade to Outlaw the very Guns that Protect him  and other Politicians. I guess our lives and the lives of our Family members are not worth protecting.  Just look at NYC to see how many Law Abiding Citizens have Concealed Carry Permits. The number is approximately 3000. And most of those Permit Owners are Bloomberg’s Buddies, Movie Stars, Singers, Radio Disc Jockeys, etc. Not the Average Law Abiding Citizens.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C was the only one to defend the Right to Bear Arms, and mentioned the fact that some people in the room have an Agenda to eradicate the 2nd Amendment completely. Senator Lieberman said that he was not one of them. We all  knew that Graham was speaking about Bloomberg and Kelly. While not giving guns to people on a Terrorist Watch List is a good and obvious idea, flaws in the Watch List must be fixed first.

The Car Bomb Terrorist was not on a Terrorist Watch List at the time he purchased the Gun legally in Connecticut. Btw, the gun was classified as a Rifle, albeit a small one, which is why he did not have to apply for a Concealed Carry Permit.

Bloomberg even used the Times Square Car Bomb incident to try to push his Congestion Pricing Iniative through. Bloomberg said that if the Congestion Pricing Policy had been put in place, the License Plate Scanners would have caught the Terrorist entering the City…..WRONG, as the license plate was from another car, and would have not been on any watch list. Bloomberg is Shameless, which is why he is known as THE KING OF NYC!!!! Which is the Title you earn when you purchase the Mayor’s Office for $$110 Million Dollars!!!


February 22, 2010

The verdict just came in regarding the 3 NYPD that were on Trial for sticking a Baton up a Guy’s Ass. NOT GUILTY.

I hope that the 3 cops were really not guilty of sticking the baton up the guy’s ass. If they were guilty of this act, this has been a real Travesty of Justice.

Just because a Jury finds you not guilty, does not necessarily mean you are not guilty of what you are accused of. I look forward to hearing how the jurors arrived at their decision. Whether there was a Technicality, or whether they thought they were guilty, but there was not enough evidence, etc.

We all know that Cops are rarely found guilty on charges they are brought up on. It’s hard enough to bring Cops up on charges. This occurs more often than it should. While there are times that cops are not guilty, there are more times than not when they are found innocent, when they are most likely guilty of their crimes. This happens all too often in NYC which is why there has to be Federal Oversight of the NYPD.

If the “victim” really did stick a stick up his own ass to entrap the cops, than he should be brought up on charges!! 

The fact that the one cop already had 2-3 complaints on him with the CCRB is very interesting, even though those complaints were dismissed. We all know that the CCRB is one Big Fucking Joke, which is another reason the NYPD needs Federal Oversight!!!!

If the Cops are really guilty, then this is just one more reason we need Term Limits regarding the Mayor’s Office. This all starts at the top, from Bloomberg, to Police Commissioner Kelly, and down the line. When you have the same Regime in place for 8 years which will soon be 12 years, this is what happens. The Cops know what they can and cannot get away with, and the Top Morons keep the Status Quo.

With Bloomberg, you get Kelly and 2000 other Chronies running this City. And corruption is allowed to fester. Whether corruption has to do with Money or Power, it is still Corruption. ABSOLUTE POWER CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY!!!!!

When Bloomberg was voted in for a 3rd term, we voted for the same old NYPD, the same Corruption, the same Board of Education, etc. and the same Old Shenanigans…………………..

A real shame that WE will all have to deal with The Same Old Bullshit for another 4 years. But WE have no one to blame but ourselves for voting Bloomberg and his 2000 Cronies to another 4 years……………

Other Big Cities take a look at what is happening in NYC and be Forewarned. Don’t let this Type of Corruption happen in your City.

There is a Reason you need a Change in Politicians. It is only Common Sense that when you have the Same Politicians in Office because they Change the Laws to Extend term Limits, you will get the same Protocols that they have put in Place. For good or for Bad, those Protocols will not change. With new leadership comes new Ideas and Changes in the Regime, and Corruption is not allowed to Fester because of the very Change in Personnel.


NYC………A New Year And Decade, But The Same Old Monarchy!!

December 31, 2009

As NYC brings in the New Year and the Start of a New Decade later on today, NYC will still be the Same Old Monarchy it has been for the Past 8 Years. Bloomberg was chosen as Mayor again, and with Bloomberg remains the same old Administration that we have had for the Past 8 Years and for the Next 4!!!! The Bloomberg Monarchy will be 12 Years Old at the end of Bloomberg’s Bought & Paid for 3rd Term in Office. We can only hope that he does not Run for a 4th Term. But due to his Slim Margin of Victory his $$100 Million Dollars bought him, I doubt he will take a Chance on a 4 Term. Because we all know that if he wanted to Run for a 4th term, he would just Change the Laws as he did recently.

With Bloomberg comes the Same Old Police Commissioner Kelly with the Same old Brutalizing, Corupt NYPD, and the Same Old School Chancellor Klein, which means that our School System will be in the Same Old Sorry State of Affairs it has been in for the Past 8 Years. Remember that the Increase in math & Reading Scores were just a Smokescreen thrown up at you by Bloomberg & Klein, as The National Report Proved. NYC School Scores were still behind the rest of the Nation.

It is truly a Shame that with a New Year and the Start of a New Decade, that NYC will Still be The Same Old Regime it has been for the Past 8 Years. It is truly a Shame. And to think that with 5 more Percentage points in the recent Mayoral Race, Bloomberg would have been gone with the Rest of his Chronies, and NYC could have Started Anew. But it is Not To Be………….What a Shame!!!

Kelly Says NYC Crime Is Down……….Again!!!!! I Say “BULLSHIT!!!!!”

December 29, 2009

I SAY BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NYC Police Commissioner Kelly says the Following >

NYC has the lowest Murder Rate Per 100,000 people of any Big City in the USA. Or is it the World? I gotta look that one up. It may be the UNIVERSE!!!!!!!!!!!

Regarding Terrorism, NYC has been at a Heightened State since 9/11. Nothing has changed since the Christmas Terrorist Attack regarding additional precautions.

Crime is down across the Board since the Downsizing of the NYPD.

Yeah……ok……………and I live in a Fantasy World Also!!!!!!!!!!

Kelly is so full of shit, it is Mind Blowing…………..According to him, everything is Dandy in good old NYC. And if Kelly has not taken Added Precautions for the Safety of NYC after the Christmas Terrorist Attack, then he should Hand in His Badge. Of Course he has taken the Necessary Precautions. He just wants to make it Sound NYC is always Protected, and Nothing More needs to be one. That the NYPD has already done it all. That is what he is saying by stating No Extra Precautions have been Initiated. Now everyone knows that to be Bullshit. It’s just more Propaganda to Propagate the “Safest City in the World” Scenario. He follows the Same Bullshit Line as his Boss, Mayor Michael Blooomberg. The NYPD Bullshits the crime numbers so the Precinct Statistics are Under Reported, so in turn the State Numbers are Under Reported, and Finally, in Turn , the Federal Crime Statistics regarding NYC are INACCURATE. And That is How You Get Crime Statistics that are The Lowest of Any Big City In the USA……………………………………… This is very similar to the Bullshit Educational Statistics regarding the Increased Math and Reading Scores of NYC Students that was Reported by the City. It was found out Months Later that those Educational Statistics Derived by the City were Fudged, and the Increases in Scores was not really True. It was Mayor Bloomberg who came up with his own Formula of what Constitutes Increased Educational Scores to make it look like NYC Students were doing so well regarding Bloomberg’s Programs. The Results are made to fit the Story Being told. This has been going on for a Very Long Time in NYC. To make the World think that NYC is so Safe. This Brings in Much needed Revenue to the City. All this is just Proganda Prompted by Bloomberg and Kelly.

Everyone that live in NYC knows that this is a DANGEROUS CITY. Ask the Citizens that live in Bed Stuy, Crown Heights, Brownsville, East New York, etc., etc. The Citizens are getting Shot, Stabbed, Raped, Kidnapped, Assaulted every day on the streets of New York City. If NYC is the Safest City in the USA, Those other Cities Must be Terrible.

NYC is UNSAFE!!!! Just ask the Parents that have had their children killed by Stray Bullets. Just ask the Children that have lost their Parents due to a Violent Crime, Just ask the People that live in the Neighborhoods I have Mentioned, and others. All these Low Crime Stats are Bullshit. Crime, according to what I have been hearing and seeing on the News, and have experienced is HIGH. It is as HIGH or HIGHER than it has been the last few Years.  The other day, there were 6 Armed Robberies committed over the Course of 4 Hours, 3 Thugs were robbing People at knife and GunPoint. I know because I spoke to the Detectives regarding these Crimes, and I had to Review the Video Tape of one of the Store Cameras that caught the Perpetrators running from one of the Scenes of the Crime. These Criminals eventually got Caught a few Days later. This is just one example of multiple Crimes that most likely never gets into Those Fudged Statistics, which makes the Crime Rate Artificially Low.

So to those who don’t live in NYC, NYC is not as Safe as Kelly And Bloomberg want you to think. And to those of us who live in NYC, we already knew this!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rosie O’Donnell and Kelly Split Up!!!! Who Gives A Shit??!!

December 19, 2009

WHO GIVES A FUCKING SHIT!!!!!! So what  these 2 Assholes Split Up!!!!The only ones that people should care about is the KIDS!!!!! These 2 Assholes weren’t Destined to be Together for Too Long, cosidering what a NUTJOB O’Donnell IS!!!!! I don’t know if Kelly is a Nutjob also?? But considering she was with O’Donnell, she must be a Nutjob!! Unless she was with the other Nutjob for the Money??

Imagine what these Kids gotta be going thru. First they have a Couple of Nutjobs for Parents, then the Parents Split Up. Now the Kids will have to deal with this SplitUp also. Which will probably include a lot of Turmoil regarding who the Kids get to Visit and Stay with, and all the other crap that kids go thru when Parents Split Up. The Kids probably have a HeadStart on how to Deal with Shit that O’Donnell Dishes out, considering the Nutjob’s Track Record!!

Too Bad for the Kids and SCREW the Parents!! Hopefully the Kids will get thru this Troubling Time with as little damage as possible. I guess a lot depends on how O’Donnell and Kelly deal with the SplitUp.

Maybe Lindsay Lohan can get in on Some of This Action. She has 2 Winners to Pick From!!

Bloomberg is a Shmuck!! Arm the Citizens Asshole!!!!

November 14, 2009

While Bloomberg is on his Anti Gun Crusade, many New Yorkers are DYING in the Process!! Bloomberg makes it impossible for LAW ABIDING Citizens to get a Concealed Carry Permit while the Bad Guys and Girls just go get their Weapons whenever they feel like it because They DON’T follow the Laws!!!!

It will take Decades for the Effects of Bloomberg’s Anti Gun Crusade to have any Effect, if they ever do. So why make it impossible for Law Abiding Citizens to Apply for a Permit?? Oh, I forget, you can Apply for a Concealed Carry Permit and Pay close to $500.00 which is Non Refundable. You just won’t ever be issued the Permit unless you Know Someone in The Licensing Bureau or you are a Friend or Family member of someone Higher Up the Chain of Command……… Bloomberg, Kelly, etc., etc.

Why make the Citizens suffer the Consequences of your Anti Gun Crusades Bloomberg. The Consequences being Violent Crimes including Rapes, Armed Robberies, DEATH, etc. I will tell you why……it’s because you walk around with an Armed Details wherever you go. Your details carry Automatic Weapons in addition to other Weapons. This Protection extends to your Family and Girlfriend also. Who gives a Shit about us? NOT YOU. We are just Statistics due to the Prevalence of Guns in our Society, that you are trying to eliminate. Hey Bloomberg, You’re just like Obama. He waits to send troops into Afghanistan and Troops Die, and you don’t let NYC Citizens Arm themselves, and they Die.

You’re just another Putz with an Agenda. And making it impossible for NYC Citizens would not have any detrimental Effect on your Anti Gun Crusade. Continue the Crusade, But don’t deny NYC Citizens their right to Defend Themselves, Their Families and Loved Ones. You do with your Armed Details!!!

I Got a New Job for Bloomberg……………………

October 28, 2009

…………………when he’s voted out of office. We can all chip in and get him a Train Ticket (since he loves mass transit so much) and send him over to Newark New Jersey, one of the Most Dangerous Cities in the USA. Since Bloomberg says his War on Crime is Working; cough! cough! Newark can use a guy like Bloomberg. Maybe we can chip in and get Police Commissioner Kelly a Train Ticket also, and send both of these Merry Men on their way. Let’s see how the Criminals of Newark treat these Bozos!

They have real Criminals who will give Bloomberg a Run for his Money. Not like NYC, whose crime has been way up, btw, contrary to the BULLSHIT that Bloomberg and Kelly have been telling everyone. 

Don’t forget to Spread the Word, to run Bloomberg the Fuck out of  Town.