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Obama Puts West Point Cadets To Sleep!!!!

December 2, 2009

I watched Obama’s speech tonight, and couldn’t help but notice that some Cadets had a hard time keeping their eyes open. How do I know this you ask, because the cameras kept cutting away from Obama and showed the Sleeping and/or Nodding Off Cadets!!

I for one was changing the channel to get away from the 2nd half of his Speech. The first half was fine regarding the 30,000 Troop Surge, but then came Obama’s Boring Second Half. His analogies were Fucking Boring. He tried to make use of his Oratorial Skills but they failed. This was probably one of his worst Speeches that I have ever heard. His endless diatribes were making me fall asleep. No wonder the West Point Cadets were Bored out of their Skulls!! Obama was trying to create a Truman or a Roosevelt Moment in History, and he FUCKING FAILED at that also!!!! The way the Guy tilts his head up as he is speaking is nauseating. Like he’s posing for a Portrait or something. You know what would have broken the Monotony, if Nancy Pelosi Streaked Naked across the Stage as Obama was speaking!!

I think Obama thought the Kool-Aid Drinkers would fall for his Glossing over the 30,000 Troop Surge but Obama Failed.

I agree with the Troop Surge, But to give a Time Line and his reasoning for it was one of the Most Absurd reasoning I have ever heard. Give me a Fucking Break!! Giving a Time Line to the Enemy?? The Enemy will lie back for 18 Months, and then when Obama is fooled into believing that His Surge worked, and gradually pulls out the Troops, The Taliban Assholes will Swarm back like Locusts. Obama tried to Play both sides of the Fence, and he Failed.

But again, what a Fucking Bore this Obama is getting to be. You are No Longer on the Campaign trail, and many people are finally putting down their Glasses of Kool-Aid, and waking up to Reality. The reality of a President who sometimes really has No Clue.

More Ugly Truth About King Michael Bloomberg!!!!!

October 27, 2009
 This letter was forwarded to me. And since it points out some stuff that I think the voters of NYC should know, I am posting it here.
There is a reference at the end regarding President Barrack Hussein Obama. I personally do not care for this guy as I think he is also a Big Bullshit Artist, and that he served a lot of Kool-Aid to the People of the USA, and that he continues to serve it today. But many voters are waking up to the fact that Obama doesn’t walk on Water, and that he is not the Second Coming.
But anyway, this is not what this post is about. It is about not voting in King Bloomberg, because if you do, the Common People of NYC won’t have a Chance, and NYC will continue on its way to becoming More of a Police State.
Fuck Bloomberg and VOTE FOR BILL THOMPSON. The Common People must Rise Up and Vote King Bloomberg Out of Office, and send him on his way the Fuck Outta Here. Read on >

Oct 26 2009

An Open Letter to all New Yorkers—and a Call to Help Bill Thompson Help us Take Our City Back



by Mike


October 26, 2009

Re: Michael Bloomberg v. The People of New York City: The Spin v. The Facts

This letter accompanies our review of Michael Bloomberg’s ruinous eight-years as mayor of New York City. It describes the facts of that record in detail and contrasts them with the spin that the mayor and his publicists have employed to tell a different story.

In preparing this document, we also want to publicly thank Bill Thompson for having the courage and determination to take on New York’s richest, most powerful man and his vast network of wealthy allies. We can only imagine what a difficult and thankless task it must be.

He could have taken advantage of the term limits override and sat out the next four years in the Comptroller’s position. He wouldn’t have had to endure the sleazy attack ads, the exhausting campaign, and all the punishment that comes with such an uphill battle. But without him, we would not have had a choice: Michael Bloomberg, the most arrogant public figure we have suffered in our life time, perhaps with the exception of George Bush, has thumbed his nose at our vote to limit elected officials to two terms. If elected, he will continue to wage what can only be described as a class war on ordinary New Yorkers.

We know that many voters remain indifferent or confused, even overwhelmed by the hundreds of millions of dollars of free and paid political messages aimed at convincing them that the record of financial mismanagement, neighborhood destruction, civil liberties and civil rights abuses, and all the other misguided policies and programs has been a record of achievement.

Many political and civic leaders have been intimidated and even threatened with retribution in the form of campaign contributions and grants withheld, contracts and subsidies not renewed, and all the rest of the tools available to punish those who would speak out. That is why this is an election in which the people must lead the leaders.

Michael Bloomberg’s defeat would send a powerful message that The People are still out there. That message would reverberate throughout the country. It would even be heard in Washington D.C. where the moneyed interests – the interests that Michael Bloomberg embodies and represents – have used their wealth and political power to rob ordinary citizens of their life savings. As this document shows, the mayor is doing precisely that in New York.

Things have already gone very far in that direction. We sense that this is a climactic moment in our history. We’re pleased and honored to do our small part to help Bill Thompson and through him, President Obama take back our city and our country from the hedge fund operators, real estate barons, leveraged buyout artists, investment bankers, and all the rest of the skimmers and scammers who stand with their leader, the would-be oligarch Michael Bloomberg.

Very truly yours,

Neil Fabricant, Founder, Fed Up New Yorkers
Alan Howard, Coordinator, New York City Obama Grassroots for Thompson
Lucy Koteen, President, Central Brooklyn Independent Democrats
Allen Roskoff, President, Jim Owles Liberal Democratic Club
Robert Holden, President, Juniper Park Civic Association, Inc.
Nellie Hester Bailey, Director, Harlem Tenants Council
Jessica Shiller, Professor of Education, Lehman College
Judi Francis, President, Park Defense Fund
Ben Kabak, Transit Blogger, Second Avenue Sagas

* Organizational affiliations for identification


October 10, 2009

Obama gets the Nobel Peace Prize…………..for doing nothing.  The Committee gave him the Prize so he can Save the Future of  Humanity. Gimme a Frigg’n Break!!!!!!!

Looks like the Committee has been drinking the Obama Kool-Aid. Obama was in office ONE MONTH when he got nominated. Are you joking me? Obama doesn’t walk on water, and he has as good a chance of saving Humanity as all the other Presidents did.

Obama Kool-Aid


Most of the World Leaders of the Countries that wish for Our Destruction, have NO RESPECT for Obama, not in the least. Who gives a Shit if France, Spain, and some other Countries like him. Russia probably has a picture of Obama that they throw darts at, in the Kremlin. Saudi Arabia is still laughing at Obama ever since the Submissive One bowed down to the King. One of the Most Disgraceful International Acts ever committed in the presence of a Foreign Leader, in the History of the United States Presidency. And you think that the Leaders of other Countries look at that act and have respect for Obama? If you think they do, I have another Brooklyn Bridge I can sell you.

At least they didn’t give the Nobel Peace Prize to Clinton the Clown.

Well, there you have it. More evidence that there is still more than enough Kool-Aid to go around, although I think the Fountain is starting to find its bottom.

OBAMA URGENCY!! Must Take Oprah Winfrey to Copenhagen!!!

October 4, 2009

Gimme a Frigg’n Break!

Obama made a 5 hour trip to Copenhagen that costs close to 2 Million Dollars. He went there to make his pitch to the IOC that Chicago should be the Host of the 2016 Olympics because, basically, that is the Home of the First Black President of the United States, or at least that’s what he was thinking!

He took Oprah Winfrey along for the ride on Air Force 1. She should have paid her own way to get to Copenhagen……….She’s a BILLIONAIRE and can afford to pay her way. Why should we, the Citizens pay her way? So she can cuddle and schmooze with Michelle Obama on their 5 Hour trip, or really 10 Hour Round Trip!

Well the trip backfired because the IOC didn’t fall for the Obama  pre=”Obama “>KOOL-AID like the rest of the Sheeple in the USA did.

It looks like the International Honeymoon is over. And I think Obama and Chronies should get over themselves if they think that a last-minute trip to Copenhagen would cause the Members of the IOC to make their Decision that of all the Beautiful places in the World, that Chicago should be the Host of the 2016 Olympics!

Gimme a Frigg’n Break! A 16 Year old Teenager just got his Skull Bashed in Days Before by a Pack of Wild Animals!!

He was jumped by 10 teenagers, beaten half to Death, then an animal bashed him in the head with a RailRoad Tie. As he lay mortally wounded, another Animal passed by and decided to crack him over the head Again with another RailRoad Tie. This was all done among 100’s of others rioting near a school.

Com’on IOC, why would you not want this Anomalistic City named Chicago to Host the 2016 Olympics?

Maybe Newark, N.J. or NYC should have been included in the nominees for the Host of the 2016 Olympics.

Those are 2 other Cities where Crime is Rampant and its Citizens are afraid to Walk the Streets…………..and we want International Citizens to Risk walking the streets of these Crime Riddled Dirty Cities. These Cities cannot even offer many of their own Citizens Food and Shelter, BUT they would be able to come up with the billions of dollars that it would take to Host The Olympics? Gimme an Frigg’n Break!

Bye, Bye Obama…….The Honeymoon is over and your Golden Tongue is Losing it’s Magical, Mesmerizing Powers with each Passing Day…………………..or Maybe it’s Just That The People Have Gotten Their Full Of Kool-Aid!!!!! and are Finally Seeing the Forest Thru The Tress…………aka Seeing Thru the BullShit!!!!!

Btw, when are you taking the Mrs. for yet another Air Force 1 Excursion to NYC so the 2 of you can have another Dinner on the Tax Paying Citizen’s Tab? Enjoy the Frills of being POTUS because you have less than 4 Years to go, as I don’t think you will be elected for another 4.  It all depends if the Sheeple are still being lead to the Pot of Gold at the end of the Rainbow.