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July 28, 2010

…………….NYC Community Board 1 denies Landmark Status for the Building that is to be Demolished, to build a Mosque monstrosity in its place. This was Inevitable to happen because Community Board 1 members were chosen by King bloomberg, who is Pro Monstrosity.

There is one more chance for the Building to obtain Landmark Status………..

If the Mosque Monstrosity is to be Built, Chalk up yet another WIN FOR THE MUSLIM EXTREMISTS!!!!!

A Mosque to be Built on Sacred Ground is yet another Slap in the Face to The Victims of 9/11, to the Families of the Victims of 9/11, to NYC and to the rest of The United States of America…………………..

How about a Mosque in the Subways of Spain, or in the Subways of Great Britain, after the Islamic Extremists attacked and Killed 100’s of Innocent Citizens there. Both Countries, which btw, must be Laughing at the United States, that even a Discussion about a mosque being built at Ground Zero in NYC is even being considered…………….


July 13, 2010

The Landmarks Commission is having a Hearing right now whether or not to declare the Building on the proposed Mosque Site a Landmark or not.

As long as The Commission is not in The Pockets of King Bloomberg, hopefully they will declare the building a landmark, to prevent the mosque from being built. BUT the consortium that is going to build the 13 Story Monstrosity for $$100 Million Dollars said >>

1) Even if the Building IS Declared a Landmark, they will build ‘around’ the Building

2) They are refusing to make it known where the $$100 Million Dollars is coming from

If that is not a Red Flag, I don’t know what is.

The Cordoba Institute said the following >>

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, the head of the Cordoba Institute, which is in charge of the project, insisted that the site would help “bridge the great divide” between Muslims and the rest of America.

These Aholes know how to take a Weakness, such as the Political Correctness that NYC Leaders and Bleeding Hearts are showing, and Split it Wide Open……………..

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Bloomberg wants the mosque built, (what a surprise) and doesn’t think it is right to find out where the money is coming from, and says it is not necessary to see where the money is coming from. Talking about someone’s Head in the Sand, or up someone’s Ass!!!

Cuomo says he will investigate only if something that needs to be investigated comes up.

Rick Lazio and Peter King are the ONLY ones with a hint of Sanity, as they want an Investigation as to where the $$100 Million Dollars is coming from. Some Officials Do Not want the Mosque to be Built in the First Place, which is how most New Yorkers, and the rest of the USA feell!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wonder if any Islamic Extremists will be Funding this Mosque!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have an idea for Bloomberg and the rest of the Morons who want this mosque built on Sacred Ground, and are too Politically Correct to see the real reason why the Funders want to build this mosque on that particular site. They should all start a Committee, and ask Washington to Build a Japanese Shrine on top of The Arizona in Pearl Harbor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now Bloomberg and the rest of the PC challenged wouldn’t want to do that, OR would they??????????????