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LEBRON GOING TO SOUTH BEACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

July 8, 2010

Lebron will be playing for the Miami Heat!!! Good decision Lebron.

This is an Excellent Choice!!!


July 8, 2010

The main reason Mayor Bloomberg wants Lebron in NYC playing for the Knicks is because he will fill the Coffers. Lebron will bring in 100’s of Millions of Dollars Every Year to the NYC Economy. Whether or not Lebron brings a Championship to NYC is Secondary.

The Knick Fans, New & Old, want LeBron to play for the Knicks because that may be their only chance of the Knicks Winning another Championship, as it has been 30+ years since that has happened. This is understandable, BUT not a reason that Lebron should choose the Knicks.

Lebron James is one of the Greatest Basketball players to EVER play the game of Basketball. Lebron is not Concerned with filling the Coffers of NYC, as Bloomberg and the Rest of the Administration is.

Lebron James Main Concern is NOT  fulfilling the Dreams of Knick Fans everywhere. Lebron doesn’t have, what may be 3-5 years to try to build a team like the Knicks, to a point where they would have a chance to win an NBA Championship.

Lebron James WANTS to WIN an NBA Championship!!! Lebron has ALREADY Proved himself to be one of the Greatest Basketball Players to have ever Played in the NBA. Lebron does not need to Carry a team, such as the Knicks or the Nets, to show that he IS a Great Player. HE ALREADY IS A GREAT PLAYER.

In addition, why in the World would Lebron want to live in New York City!!! He would have to pay Millions of Dollars for a Decent Co-op, and then the Expenses to live in NYC would be ridiculous, even for a Millionaire. Then he would have to deal with All of the Fans bugging him wherever he went, contrary to the BS that Bloomberg squawked. Mayor Bloomberg  said that if he were in NYC, he would be well-known, but left alone to walk the City without being bothered all the time. He would blend in. Those statements are COMPLETELY UNTRUE, and Lebron would be Hounded DAY & NIGHT, by the Fans and the Media!! Then he would have to Deal with the Ever changing Laws of NYC, and the Violent Crime that has been on the Rise in NYC.

Lebron is a Winner, and wants to Win. In addition, he wants to play with a Team that has a Good Chance of Winning, and not for a Team that he would have to ‘Build from the Ground up.’ The Nets are a Loss Cause for the forseeable future, and the Knicks are a LOOOOONNNNGGGG SHOT, no matter what the DieHard Fans say.

Lebron James can play for Miami, and have a Great Chance of Winning an NBA Championship his 1st year there. In addition, he would be living in the State of Florida, the Sunshine State. Beautiful Blue/Green Oceans, Pina Coladas at Poolside, and all of the other Great things that Florida and Miami have to offer. In addition, for 3-5 Million Dollars, Lebron can live in a Mansion with a Pool, and all of the other Amenities he can ever wish for. And I’m sure Lebron would not mind sharing the Limelight with the other Great Players on the Heat. BasketBall is a TEAM Sport. Lebron knows this, and it takes more than one great player to win a Championship. He doesn’t have to Carry any team by himself, and wants to play with a Winning Team. Lebron doesn’t have anything to Prove, except in the Eyes of the Championship Hungry NY Knick Fans, and the Money Hungry Bloomberg and Friends.

Lebron James, whatever your decision, just be happy with your choice of Team you will be playing with, and the State & City you choose to live in……….GOOD LUCK TO YOU NO MATTER WHERE YOU CHOOSE TO PLAY………….