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Obama Is A Liar!!!!

December 19, 2009

A Politician that lies!!!!! That’s a Rarity!! Obama has gone back on a Few things he promised during his Campaign, and what he said he would do once he was President.

He is In Bed with the US Pharmaceutical Companies. He is NOW Against US Citizens buying prescription Drugs from other Countries such as Canada and Mexico. Pharma says that those drugs are not safe. The FDA says the prescription drugs manufactured in other countries are not tested by the FDA and therefore they say they are not safe,as they don’t meet the Safety Standards of the FDA. Obamas Administration agrees with this aka OBAMA and so does the Democratic Congress. PHARMA also promised Obama in a deal back in June that they would not fight the Health care Plan, and they would fund Advertisements to the tune of $$150 MillionDollars pushing for The Health Care Reform Bill, aka The Obama Bill. Pharma also said they would save the CItizens $80 Billion Dollars in Health Care Costs, Whatever the fuck that means!!!!

BUT OBAMA WOULD HAVE TO PROMISE NOT TO PUSH FOR THE NEW LAW MAKING IT LEGAL TO PURCHASE DRUGS FROM OTHER COUNTRIES AND FOR DRUG COMPANIES TO SELL THE DRUGS AT REDUCED PRICES HERE IN THE UNITED STATES. Obviously Obama Promised to not pass the Law, because the Senate struck down its passage the other day.  The Obama Administration has been Pushing Very Hard since June to not Pass the Law. Obama has not come out and said such, but it is well-known to the Public and to Washington that Obama was the Juggernaut behind not getting this Bill Passed. This is just Politics As Usual. Distancing yourself from a Policy that you were the Author of. PHARMA MADE A DEAL TO SAVE CITIZENS $80 BILLION DOLLARS (Whatever that Means?), BECAUSE THEY STOOD TO LOSE OVER A TRILLION DOLLARS IF THE BILL GOT PASSED. ACTUALLY THEY WOULD HAVE LOST MANY TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN PROFIT OVER THE COMING YEARS.!!!

So the People of the US will continue to pay Astronomical Drug Prices, and Many Citizens will continue to DIE because they are not able to Afford the Prescription Drugs that would keep them Alive. It is a Shame and Travesty that Obama decided to Sleep with the Pharmaceutical Companies. And all because he wants to get His Health Plan Reform Bill Passed, and he didn’t want the Drug Companies to stand in the way. And he wanted them to Fight FOR the Bill also, which they agreed to.


Bloomberg is More Full of Shit than The New York City Sewers!!

October 23, 2009

73544957AS009_gmhcBloomberg is a Big Fucking Bullshit Artist. He had said that Thompson was one of the Best Comptroller that NYC has ever had. Now he says that he really didn’t mean it when he said it. Let’s examine this for a moment >

There are only 2 conclusions that you can gather from this >

 1) Bloomberg really did mean it when he said that Thompson was one of the Best Comptrollers that NYC ever had, which would mean that he is LYING  now………………………OR………………………….

2) Bloomberg didn’t mean it when he said that Thompson was one of the best Comptrollers, which would mean that he was LYING then 

King Bloomberg is what they call an Opportunistic LIAR, which means he lies whenever he has to, in order to put himself in the best light.  While this is a quality of most politicians, the point here is that Bloomberg tries to come off as holier than thou, and he ain’t. Bloomberg, in my opinion, is even a Bigger Bullshit Artist than most of them.  What makes him a cut above the rest is his 16 Billion Dollars, which, along with his Ultra Egotistical Attitude, makes him think that he is entitled to whatever he wants. And in order to get it, he will do anything. This includes Bullshitting the Numbers when it comes to the statistics regarding student graduation, and Bullshitting the numbers when it comes to Crime being the lowest in the City. While the statistics show what he says to be true, it is the way that those statistics are arrived at. Anyone can calculate and manipulate statistics in order to prove their point.

Bloomberg is nothing but a bully, which is the reason the Board of Education has not endorsed either Candidate as of yet. That is because if they endorse Thompson, Bloomberg will make sure that their Contracts, which are to be negotiated, won’t be as lucrative, if they didn’t endorse Thompson. The B of Ed disagrees with Bloomberg wholeheartedly regarding the school average of the Students. They know that the statistics are being manipulated. Bloomberg puts fear in people because of his power and money, and I can safely say that Hardly Anyone Respects Bloomberg because he deserves it. They Respect him because he asks them to and people fear him.

Vote this Asshole out of office and No One will have to Fear Bloomberg Again. Bloomberg and the rest of his Chronies will be out of Office, and NYC can become the Democracy it once was. Hey Bloomberg, don’t let the door hit you on the Ass on your way Out!!!!