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June 26, 2010

Obama is King of the Photo Op!! With the BP Oil Explosion Catastrophe, he goes on TV to address the Nation for 17 minutes, and then he disappears. We probably won’t see him address this issue until August, when the Relief Wells are supposedly to be finished.

With General McChrystal, Obama has a Photo op with him months ago, as the General spoke about in the Article, and that’s about it.

Obama thinks the USA is dumb enough to believe he is doing anything about anything just because he pops his head up for a moment, and then puts it back in the Sand. The guy is a Joke………………….

68 Days and counting since the BP Oil Explosion, and No Tankers skimming up the Oil, No Help from anyone except the Poor Souls who are suffering in the Gulf. CNN had these people on the other day, and it appears that it is up to them to clean up the Gulf without much help from Obama and his Administration, except tangling up everything in RED TAPE…… The Victims in the Gulf know all too well about the Lack of help coming from Obama and Washington, but they are stopping themselves from Blowing Up at Obama and his Court Jesters just in case there is a Slim hope that they will receive the HELP they need from Obama. The Coast Guard is not to blame, and neither is anyone else for the lack of Effort, except OBAMA. Obama is the President and everyone else follows his Orders.

Obama is now on to other things. He got the Health Care Bill passed, which will hopefully be reversed,  and he does not seem to care about anything else. Obama is NO LEADER, and TRULY is King of the Photo Op!!! He sticks his head out of the sand for a second, after a Crisis,  and then sticks it back in for Months.