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August 25, 2010

Every day that passes by, that bloomberg opens up his tiny mouth about the Monstrosity mosque, just proves that he is a bigger idiot than first thought…………………………………


August 16, 2010

Oh, and don’t forget Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf and Sharif El-Gamal (who has disappeared. The imam bought him a one-way ticket back to wherever land)…………and there you have it. If the Ground Zero mosque is good enough for Hamaas, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf and El-Gamal, it’s good enough for Obama and Bloomberg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Obama and Bloomberg are in real nice Company. A bunch of Morons!!


August 14, 2010

Obama ‘Clarifies’ what he meant regarding his words spoken regarding the mosque monstrosity yesterday.He says he believes in religious freedom, but won’t comment about whether building the mosque at the designated location is a good idea or not. He said he will not get involved in that aspect of the issue.

What a Load of Shit!! The People of the USA heard Loud & Clear what you said,and what you meant yesterday, regarding your True Feelings about this mosque. Obama is a lot of things BUT he is Not Stupid, and he knows exactly what he said yesterday, and what he meant with the words he spoke. No amount of   Back Tracking will change what Obama meant when he spoke in front of the muslims yesterday. Obama is Full of Shit, and Hopefully everyone is seeing right through All his Lies!!!!!!!!!

Hopefully, the Mid Term Elections will show Obama and friends what the People think and feel, and that with the 2012 Elections, Obama finds himself out of Washington, and back in Chicago……….


August 14, 2010

Obama is pushing hard for the monstrosity mosque that the victors want to build in NYC at Ground Zero, where 1000’s of Innocent Men, Women and Children were Murdered!!!!!!!

What will happen when >>

1) The Japs want to Build a Buddhist Shrine near The Arizona in Pearl Harbor??


2) The Germans want to build a Memorial near the Holocaust Museum??

Building a Fucking mosque at Ground Zero is one of the most Ballsy ideas I have ever heard. Most Religious Peoples would never think to build a Religious Building near an Act of War Location, if it were members of their Religion that Committed these Acts of Murder and Acts of War.

This is Ludicrous, and unbelievable that this Horrendous idea is even being discussed.


August 13, 2010

Obama made a speech in front of a bunch of Muslims , telling them that the mosque should be built on Sacred Ground, and that muslims have the right to practice their religion. We all agree that the muslims have a right to practice their religion. Hell, the muslims have a bunch of mosques around NYC which is totally fine.

The problem is that they want to build a mosque 2 blocks from Ground Zero, which is Sacred Ground. They say they want to build a bridge with the muslims reaching out to the Citizens of NYC. That is a bunch of crap.

The bottom line is that 70% of the people POLLED in The USA, DO NOT WANT THE mosque BUILT ON GROUND ZERO.

The Will of THE PEOPLE Trump all. It won’t and does not matter what Bloomberg or Obama want regarding their wishes to have the mosque built. There are Construction Workers in NYC who are getting together, to get the word out to other Construction Workers, to NOT build this mosque monstrosity at Ground Zero. They have a good chance of succeeding in forming what would be one of the Strongest Alliances that NYC and The USA has ever seen. No way will the Heavy Machine Unions and Operators, the Carpenters, the Brick Layers, the Steel Workers, etc., etc. ever lift a finger to help build this monstrosity.

This issue is not over, and it doesn’t matter if these yahoos get permission to build this monstrosity. If the unions and Construction Workers form a Strong Alliance, which I know they can do, THEN NOTHING WILL GET BUILT…NOTHING..

Bloomberg knows that an Alliance is trying to be formed, and no doubt that Bloomberg and his cohorts are trying to put a stop to it, before the Alliance gets off the ground. Bloomberg will pull all the tricks out of his hat to try to stop it, BUT I doubt he will succeed. The Unions are Strong, and so is the Will of its Members. Good luck to all of you, and I look forward to the day when work on this mosque is supposed to start, and all the Union Members just stand there, drop all their equipment, and Walk Off The Fucking Job………….


August 7, 2010

The way Bloomberg is so Defensive of any Opposition to the building of the Mosque Monstrosity to be built at Ground Zero, you would think that one of his daughters is either married to a muslim, or is getting married to one. Either that, or Bloomberg somehow is going to make Millions of Dollars from the building of this Monstrosity, if the deal is allowed to go through…………

Bloomberg tells others to ‘Shut Up Already,’ when it comes to those who speak up regarding their opposition to this mosque Monstrosity. Bloomberg continues to say that of those he speaks with, all are in favor of the building of the mosque. Bloomberg must be asking people who live in Saudi Arabia, because a Large Majority of New York City Citizens oppose the building of the mosque at Ground Zero, BUT they don’t oppose the building of a mosque somewhere else.

There are 100’s of mosques around NYC, which is fine, BUT don’t Build a mosque at Ground Zero, which would only serve as a symbol of Conquer. The mosque renderings show the monstrosity to be a gold shimmering building, which will be 2 blocks from Sacred Ground!!!!!!!!!Bloomberg says that those who perished on 9/11, did so fighting for the freedoms of others. These Heros and Innocent People who were MURDERED on 9/11 are rolling over in their Graves right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Families and Friends of these Murdered Victims are Outraged, as well as they should be!!

Once again, Bloomberg Ignores the Will of the People of NYC. And in this case, the rest of the Country….


July 28, 2010

…………….NYC Community Board 1 denies Landmark Status for the Building that is to be Demolished, to build a Mosque monstrosity in its place. This was Inevitable to happen because Community Board 1 members were chosen by King bloomberg, who is Pro Monstrosity.

There is one more chance for the Building to obtain Landmark Status………..

If the Mosque Monstrosity is to be Built, Chalk up yet another WIN FOR THE MUSLIM EXTREMISTS!!!!!

A Mosque to be Built on Sacred Ground is yet another Slap in the Face to The Victims of 9/11, to the Families of the Victims of 9/11, to NYC and to the rest of The United States of America…………………..

How about a Mosque in the Subways of Spain, or in the Subways of Great Britain, after the Islamic Extremists attacked and Killed 100’s of Innocent Citizens there. Both Countries, which btw, must be Laughing at the United States, that even a Discussion about a mosque being built at Ground Zero in NYC is even being considered…………….