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April 15, 2010

Last I heard, Obama’s Mother-in-Law was living in the White House, getting free room & board, along with maid service, a chef, Secret Service protection and the rest of the Perks that comes along with calling the White House your home.

Just wondering as she has not been in the news lately……………….

Obama Will Get His Healthcare Reform, At The Expense Of Tens of Thousands Of Lives!!!!

December 20, 2009

It looks as though Obama will get his Healthcare Reform Bill Passed, as The Democrats just secured their 60th Vote. But in Order to Secure the Healtcare Reform Bill, Obama made a Pact with the Devil, I mean PHARMA, which are the Pharmaceutical Companies. Obama promised not to Pass a Bill that would Make buying Drugs from other Countries like Canada and Mexico Legal. In return, PHARMA said they would help get the Healthcare Reform Bill Passed. Thanks Obama, and the Tens and maybe even the Hundreds of Thousands of  US Citizens that WILL DIE, Thank You also. The Reason these Citizens will die is Because they cannot afford the Drugs they need to live because the Pharmaceutical Companies charge the Citizens of the UNITED STATES TOO MUCH MONEY!!! They have been dying, and will continue to Die, because of you!

The Drug Bill would have forced the Pharmaceutical Companies to Prescription Drugs at a Very Reduced Cost, so that The Citizens of The United States that need prescription drugs, would be able to afford them. But thanks to your deal with The Devil, The Citizens will not be able to afford drugs that keep them alive, and therefore they will Continue To Die!!!!!!!

Congratulations on Most Likely getting Your Healthcare Reform Bill Passed!!!

Hey Obama, I guess you don’t care about the Citizens, because the EXTREMELY HIGH COST of Drugs doesn’t affect your Family, including your Elderly Mother-in-Law, because you get Prescription Drugs for Free anyway. But how about all the People that need Prescription Drugs to Survive their illnesses? What about the People that have to Choose between Buying Prescription Drugs or Buying Food and Paying the Rent? What about them? Good Going, and Thanks for your Broken Promise of Lowering Drug Costs, and not letting the Pharmaceutical Drug Companies charge their High Prices, and not letting their Lobby Bully us around. Thanks for That!! Another BullShit Politician, and Nothing More!!!

Will the Sheeple Wake Up From their Comas Now!!!!! Probably Not!!

Tiger Wood’s Mother-in-Law Is Rushed To Hospital This Morning!!

December 8, 2009

See  here >,

Did Erin’s mother just find out that Tiger Boinked Erin’s Twin Sister also, and collapsed from the Stress????

Anyway, hopefully the Mother-in-Law is ok.

Obama is Politics As Usual!!!

December 7, 2009

Obama’s Wife wears $100,000.00 Dresses to White House Functions.

Obama Invites Democrats Only to Meetings  and not Republicans regarding The Health Care Issue.

Politics as Usual. The writing was on the Wall when Obama took the Mrs. to New York City for Dinner after they won the Election, on OUR Dime!!!!!

The Mother-in-Law is rooming at the White House on OUR Dime, which looks as though she’ll be there for the Duration. Why should she Move? But the Obamas did say it was Temporary, But as Maury Povich would say, “And that was a Lie!”

The Obama Presidency is One Big Lie and a Lesson in Contradiction!!

Hopefully this Joker won’t get re-elected for another 4 Years. But if Palin is the Republican Nominee, look for Obama and his Mother-in-Law to be in the White House for another 4 Years!!!! Say it Ain’t So!!!


October 12, 2009

There was once upon a time  when Obama and Extended Family moved into the White House. I remember that they said that the Mother-in-Law was only going to live in the White House temporarily, until she decided if she wanted to live in Washington DC.  If she decided to stay in Washington, she was going to move into a place of her own. Most of us knew right away that this was a line of  BullShit when we heard it. Except for the chosen one’s followers.

Well, she’s still in the White House and guess who’s footing the bill……not Obama. You think for a moment, that this lady is going to wake up one day and say, “You know what, I have decided to stay in Washington, but I really don’t want to live in this Wonderful, Historic Building called the White House. I no longer want to share my living space with my son-in-law who is the first black man to become the President of the United States, my daughter, who is the first black lady of the United States (more black than my son-in-law, btw,) or with  my grandchildren. In addition, I am sick and tired of having maid and servant service, tired of having all my laundry done, tired of having all of my meals prepared for me by 5 Star Chefs, which includes all the Steak & Lobster I can eat, tired of having my dishes washed for me, tired of being waited on Hand & Foot, and I am really sick of EVERYONE KISSING MY ASS AND TREATING ME LIKE THE QUEEN I AM. Yeah, you know what, I want to move out of this Nightmare and get myself a nice One Bedroom Apartment downtown.

Obviously, I am being sarcastic, and this little Lady AIN’T GO’IN NOWHERE…………………She’s comfy right where she is. And if I were her, I wouldn’t be mov’in either. The point of this little summary is that this was just more smoke and mirrors by the Obama Clan. Just another lie which is indicative of all the other BULLSHIT he spewed during the Campaign. Obviously, the Kool-Aid Drinkers will just say, “so what, let her live there. It’s No Big Deal.”   

 The Kool-Aiders just make excuse after excuse for Obama. Oh yeah, I forgot that this guy is the chosen one that Walks on Water and will save Humanity. He is Just a Man, No More, No less.