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June 8, 2010

joran van der snot confesses to Peruvian Authorities, saying he murdered Stephanie in the Hotel Room because she looked on her Laptop, and saw that van der snot was questioned for the Murder of Natalee Holloway in Aruba. When Stephanie questioned van der snot about the issue, he says he snapped and killed Stephanie.

Van Der Snot is going to the scene of the crime later today, with Law Enforcement, to re-enact the Murder.

The only thing that rings true about the Confession is that vander snot Butchered this poor Girl!!!!

Bye-Bye van der snot….May you enjoy the next 35 years in a Peruvian Prison, and a Bat up your Fucking Ass every Fucking Day for the Next 35 Years……..and then afterwards, Face Extortion Charges in The USA, but maybe before, the Asshole Cops in Aruba will have the Guts to Prosecute you for the Murder of Nancy Holloway, after you most likely Confess to that Murder also, seeing that your Life is Basically over, and with your Ego, you will not be able to help yourself, and will Brag about the Murder in Aruba. In addition, this Scumbag is most likely Guilty of a whole bunch of Unsolved Murders across the World in the Past 5 Years, and Prior, and hopefully will Confess to those Murders also.

Most likely, this Scumbag won’t last the 35 Years, and will take the Easy way out, and End it All. Or maybe he will meet his demise at the Hands of His Fellow Boyfriends……errrrr Inmates. And I doubt Peru has Protective Custody in their Prisons, so van der snot will be spending his Years in General Population. And I have a feeling that his fellow Inmates will welcome a Handsome boy from the Netherlands, with his Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes. van der snot will be passed around like a Bag of Ice in the Sahara Desert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


June 4, 2010

It is quite possible that Joran Van Der Sloop is an International Serial Killer!!! He has possibly killed in Aruba, and now Peru!!! How many other countries might there be other victims  of this ASSHOLE from the Netherlands??? Maybe there are unsolved murders of young women in the Netherlands also??? It is very hard for me to believe that this ASSHOLE has killed only twice, in 2 Countries, in the past 5 years. An Asshole like van der snot can not stop himself from killing, and has a veracious appetite to consume more victims!!!

There may be unsolved murders of young girls in the Countries that Van Der Snot has visited. Local Police, as well as Interpol should look into this possibility. There may be only 2 victims, and there are no more. BUT maybe, just maybe, there are unsolved murders that should be looked at.  After all, Van Der Snot was a worldly traveler, and could have easily Hit & Run, so to speak, in the countries he has visited. He would have had a huge selection of victims to choose from, and could have easily left the Country after he committed these Hideous Murders.

At the very least, Law Enforcement should look into this possibility. Backtrack all of the countries van der snot has visited, and see if there is a pattern anywhere regarding Young Women who have been killed, in which van der snot had been in the country at the time, in the general area of the Victim, and then go from there. Either rule van der snot in or out.