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January 1, 2010

King Bloomberg is addressing his Concubines. He purchased the Mayorship of NYC and he is now Spewing his Bullshit. The thought of watching this Guy on TV for another 4 Years is Dreadful. But we will have to Endure another 4 years of this Shmuck. I am Surprised he has the Balls to go out in Public after his $$110 Million dollars only enable him to BUY his Position by only 5 Percentage Points.

Very Interesting that Governor Patterson and The Senators were not at Bloomberg’s Inauguration. They too are unhappy about the Purchase of the Mayorship!!! VERY TELLING INDEED, AND BLOOMBERG IS TRULY AN ISLAND!!!! The Next 4 Years will be a wake Up for the King, as he has Stepped on Many People’s Feet During the Last 8 Years, and PAYBACK WILL BE A BITCH FOR KING BLOOMBERG!!!

He just said “Back when I was Running my Company.” What a Fucking Joke as he is STILL RUNNING HIS COMPANY, and anyone who thinks otherwise is a Bigger Idiot Than King Bloomberg.

The King should get Demoted to “The Court Jester Of NYC!!!” Anyway, Hopefully in 4 Years we’ll be rid of this Shmuck, and the Rest of His Inner Circle which numbers in the Thousands…….. The thought of The NYPD, and other Organizations in the King’s Regime Operating UNDER the Staus Quo is Very Depressing!!!!  But I am Sure The Asshole will figure a Way of how to BUY another 4 Years!!!

 King Bloomberg said he sees the Progress down by The World Trade Center?????? Really, its been almost 10 Years, and NOT much is Going On Down There, Due to the Political Bullshit Delaying Everything……………. I don’t know what the King is Looking at, But it can’t be The World Trade Center Site!!!

Btw, The King Should have spoken against Jennifer Lopez wearing a Dead Mammal Coat On New Years In NYC!!!