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February 22, 2010

The verdict just came in regarding the 3 NYPD that were on Trial for sticking a Baton up a Guy’s Ass. NOT GUILTY.

I hope that the 3 cops were really not guilty of sticking the baton up the guy’s ass. If they were guilty of this act, this has been a real Travesty of Justice.

Just because a Jury finds you not guilty, does not necessarily mean you are not guilty of what you are accused of. I look forward to hearing how the jurors arrived at their decision. Whether there was a Technicality, or whether they thought they were guilty, but there was not enough evidence, etc.

We all know that Cops are rarely found guilty on charges they are brought up on. It’s hard enough to bring Cops up on charges. This occurs more often than it should. While there are times that cops are not guilty, there are more times than not when they are found innocent, when they are most likely guilty of their crimes. This happens all too often in NYC which is why there has to be Federal Oversight of the NYPD.

If the “victim” really did stick a stick up his own ass to entrap the cops, than he should be brought up on charges!! 

The fact that the one cop already had 2-3 complaints on him with the CCRB is very interesting, even though those complaints were dismissed. We all know that the CCRB is one Big Fucking Joke, which is another reason the NYPD needs Federal Oversight!!!!

If the Cops are really guilty, then this is just one more reason we need Term Limits regarding the Mayor’s Office. This all starts at the top, from Bloomberg, to Police Commissioner Kelly, and down the line. When you have the same Regime in place for 8 years which will soon be 12 years, this is what happens. The Cops know what they can and cannot get away with, and the Top Morons keep the Status Quo.

With Bloomberg, you get Kelly and 2000 other Chronies running this City. And corruption is allowed to fester. Whether corruption has to do with Money or Power, it is still Corruption. ABSOLUTE POWER CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY!!!!!

When Bloomberg was voted in for a 3rd term, we voted for the same old NYPD, the same Corruption, the same Board of Education, etc. and the same Old Shenanigans…………………..

A real shame that WE will all have to deal with The Same Old Bullshit for another 4 years. But WE have no one to blame but ourselves for voting Bloomberg and his 2000 Cronies to another 4 years……………

Other Big Cities take a look at what is happening in NYC and be Forewarned. Don’t let this Type of Corruption happen in your City.

There is a Reason you need a Change in Politicians. It is only Common Sense that when you have the Same Politicians in Office because they Change the Laws to Extend term Limits, you will get the same Protocols that they have put in Place. For good or for Bad, those Protocols will not change. With new leadership comes new Ideas and Changes in the Regime, and Corruption is not allowed to Fester because of the very Change in Personnel.