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Leiby Kletzky; The Truth Behind the 8 Year Old’s Senseless Slaughter!!

July 15, 2011

First and Foremost, let me say this:

‘May You Have a Peaceful Journey, Leiby Kletzky. And May the Evil That Committed Unspeakable Acts Upon Your Body, BUT Not Your Soul, be Tortured for the time left he has on this Earth, and Continues to Burn once his Time on Earth Ends and his Never-ending Time in Hell Begins…………..’

The Monster, LEVI ARON, who Kidnapped 8 year old his birthday Is next week) Leiby Kletzky wants us to Believe that Leiby ‘Seeked’ him out, and that Aron just wanted the Little Boy’s Companionship to just sit around and talk. After speaking with the boy in his apartment, he was just going to let Leiby go the Next day. But because of All the Publ;ivity, the Monster Panicked and Killed Leiby, then Dismembered him, throwing the Leiby’s Body in a dumpster 2 miles away except for Leiby’s Feet which were found in his Freezer!!

Hopefully, and most Assuredly, The NYPD and LE are not Buying this Assholes Benign Tale except for the part of Killing the Boy and Dismembering him. This Asshole knows he cannot talk his way out of the fact that he Killed & Dismembered the Boy, But he thinks he is trying to put himself in the Best light he can.

He’s not admitting to:
– Kidnapping Leiby                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         -Committing Perverted Acts Upon Leiby                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      – Why he kept Leiby’s Severed little feet in his Freezer!!

– if Panicked, why not dispose of ALL of Leiby’s body parts in the dumpster 2 miles away?                                                                                                                                                                                                   – the real reason he brought the Leiby back to his house; from a supposedly benign ‘Just wanting Companionship, sitting around the ‘Campfire’ and then let the Boy go “Story” escalating to; Panicking, Killing, Dismembering, Keeping the Feet, etc., etc. is a Tale that even Captain Ahab couldn’t Spin!!

This Pedophile, Psychopathic, Murdering Monster came across Leiby in the Street, saw an easy Target and talked him into getting into his car .After going to the dentist and paying a bill, he picked the boy up from the corner where he was told to wait for the Monster 8 minutes later. This Bastard took Leiby back to his attic apartment where this Asshole lived with his Parents, Committed whatever Unmentionable Acts to poor Leiby, Smothered him afterwards or during his Heinous Acts, and Dismembered Leiby’s Body. He kept the Boy’s Severed Feet in his Freezer because he couldn’t help his Sick, Perverted urges to keep a Trophy and/or keep the Boy close even in Death, and dumped the rest of Leiby’s Body in a dumpster 2 miles away.

Hopefully The Truth will come out and This MONSTER meets It’s Demise before, during or after Trial while in Prison………


October 9, 2010

See Here >>

NYC Marijuana Possession Arrests Skyrocket, Illustrate NYPD Racial

And NYC continues to be more of a Police State (City), than ever before.

And crime continues to rise, because it has already been proven that these little pot arrests don’t do much at all to prevent crimes.

One of the major reasons the NYPD is making these nonsensical arrests is because they have to show something for their efforts regarding Stop & Frisks, that are occurring at an outrageous rate of over 500,000 per year.

NYC is Truly a Police State, and is getting worse with each passing hour…………

NYC, where the City Motto should be “Rights, what Rights? You have no Rights in NYC!”


September 21, 2010

NYC had $200 Million Dollars of Surveillance Equipment installed in the Transit System.

Bloomberg said the this type of Surveillance will be used Responsibly by the NYPD. Oh yeah, We believe that. If you believe that NYC’s Paramilitary Organization, aka The NYPD will use this technology responsibly, there is a Brooklyn Bridge for Sale!!!

Wait for all the Lawsuits to follow regarding this Technology not being used ‘Responsibly.’ The NYPD will abuse this Power just like they abuse everything else, including it’s Citizens.

Whoever thought that the NYPD would be able to Search your Personal Belongings without Probable Cause, or Stop & Frisk you in the Streets of NYC for No Reason??? A decade ago, no one. Well WE reap what WE sow. Everyone let this slowq progression of the erosion of outr rights happens over the last few years, and NOW everyone can see where this is heading. And the Bloomberg, Kelly and the NYPD will waste no time in taking advantage of any Intrusion and Erosion of our Rights they can.

Remember the abuse of the Private Date Base that the NYPD was keeping on everyone regarding Stop & Frisk??? And how the Courts told the NYPD to stop keeping a Private Data Base, and to Destroy those Records.  Well, this is the same Paramilitary organization that will now be looking at everything everyone does.

The abuse of its Citizens Continues by Bloomberg, his concubine, Police Commissioner Kelly and the NYPD, the USA’s Largest Para Military Organization. NYC used to be the Land of the Free, BUT not anymore, and WE have not seen anything yet…………….


September 21, 2010

With $200 Million dollars in additional cameras in the Transit System, The NYPD aka Big Brother is  Officially becoming a Giant, and will become even more Intrusive in our Privacy in the coming years. All this Intrusiveness under the guise of 9/11.

NYC Used to be the Land of the Free, But Not anymore. NYC is now the Land of the ‘The Rights you have are the Rights WE tell you you have!’

King Bloomberg syas that  the NYPD will use this Surveillance Responsibly. Yeah, right, and I believe in Humpty Dumpty!!!


July 16, 2010

Governor Patterson of NYC has just passed the Stop & Frisk Bill, preventing the NYPD from keeping private Data Bases on Citizens of NYC. High Praise for Governor Patterson on putting and End to the Illegal Tactics of the NYPD, and Congratulations to the Citizens of NYC for getting one of their many rights back, of which many have been stripped away from them by Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Kelly of the NYPD!!!!

Patterson did not cave in to the BS requests by Kelly and Bloomberg, who tried to persuade Patterson to Veto the Stop & Frisk Bill. Kelly knew he had a problem, so he tried to water down the Bill thinking Patterson would then Veto the Bill, BUT Patterson didn’t fall for the Kelly Trap. Bloomberg was undoubtedly working in the Background and forefront to try to have the Bill Vetoed, BUT to No Avail……………


July 10, 2010

A Female Jogger and a Woman walking her dog in Riverside Park have been Viciously within 20 minutes, by a Punk Predator!!! The NYPD finally said the Crimes were Committed by the same Punk. They have a Picture of this Asshole in Question. If caught and found Guilty, he should get a minimum of 10 Years Mandatory in Prison. Predator Crimes where Violence is Committed should have Mandatory Sentences of 10 years or more. Get this Maniac off the Streets of NYC for a Long Time.

Btw, this Punk uses a large Stick and his Hands to Pummel his Victims. Eye Sockets have been Fractured. There has been Bleeding on the Brain. These are ALL Life Threatening Injuries. Remember The Central Park Jogger Attack many years ago. These Crimes were Committed WITHOUT GUNS, so when Bloomberg goes on his Useless Anti-Gun Crusades, a Large Majority of Violent Crimes in NYC are being Committed with every day items that can be easily used as Weapons, such as Sticks, Bats, Fists, etc.


July 10, 2010

In the past 2 weeks, MULTIPLE HATE CRIMES  have been committed in Staten Island, one of the 5 boroughs in New York City…After the first couple of Obvious Hate Crimes, the NYPD was slow to say they were Hate Crimes. Well, after the 5th & 6th Hate Crime, maybe the NYPD will wake up and admit these ARE Harte Crimes. The NYPD does not like to classify these as Hate Crimes, because it doesn’t look good for The Crime Stats at the given Precinct in which these Crimes are Occurring in, or for the Statistics of new York City as a whole. Once the dust settles,  look for an eventual Transfer of the Captain of the Precinct in Question, to another Precinct. It is obvious that the NYPD doesn’t do much about Hate Crimes being committed in the Staten Island Precinct, at least in the past few weeks that there has been a Hate Crime Spree……………..


July 3, 2010

New York City is one of the Most Restricted Cities in the Country!!! One of these Restrictions are No Fireworks for the Citizens of New York City, except if used by Licensed Professionals!!!

There used to be a time where Parents and Kids would share Fireworks with each other. There used to be a time where there would be Block Parties where there would be Fireworks Shows every few Blocks. You would go to the Shows to watch the Beautiful Fireworks. Those were the time where the Citizens of NYC still had some FREEDOMS!!!

While not being able to have Fireworks on the 4th of July is it by itself not such a big deal, it is INDICATIVE of how the Freedoms of the Citizens of NYC have been slowly eroded away over the years, and especially since 9/11.

9/11 was used as an excuse by Law Enforcement to tighten the Reins of the NYC Citizens even tighter. BUT the beginnings of these Restrictions started slowly years ago. Now WE live in a City of Stops & Frisks, to the number approaching 600,00 Citizens Annually. Where a Cop can Stop & Frisk for any reason, any reason at all. Oh, and don’t believe the BS that the Cop has to have a Good Reason. On the Stop & Frisk Report that is filled out, there are 11 reasons that the cop can check off as to the reason for the Stop. BUT the 11th reason says ‘OTHER, PLEASE EXPLAIN.’ That is just a Catch All Reason for the cop to stop you. All Subway Riders are subject to have their Bags Searched for NO Reason at all. People are being given Tickets for Jay Walking, you can be walking down the street, and 50 Cops will appear out of nowhere, put you up against the wall, and search you. Just a few years ago, who would have thought things like this could occur? George Orwell and a few others, maybe!

Almost every law on the Books is now being enforced, in Addition to New Laws being made up as per the Whims of the NYPD. BUT we have to look no further than to the King of NYC, Bloomberg, who made up the Laws as he went along, so that he can be the King for a Third Term. He through Term Limits Out of the Window, so to speak. So here we have a King in the Land of a Monarchy named NEW YORK CITY, who makes up Laws as he goes along. And DON”T believe that the Law is Equal for All. It is Not. If you don’t have any money for a Private Attorney, you will be appointed a Legal Aid Lawyer, who will make any deal they can with the DA, which most of the time, is not in your best interest.

Sorry to get off track, as this is about July 4th, and the Heavily Restricted Monarchy of New York City. There was a time long ago, where Life was much Simpler, and the Citizens had more Freedoms, who Enjoyed their Lives just a Little More. But those Times were Then, and the Times WE live in are Now. Remember that this Applies to the Kingdom of New York City. Most other Areas of the USA are much Less Restrictive, and their Citizens are not Suffocated by the Laws, Rules, Restrictions  & Regulations that are Hammered Upon the Citizens of NYC.

Everyone enjoy your 4th of July, and relish your Freedoms which can be as simple as being able to Hold a Sparkler in Your Hand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


June 29, 2010

The other day, a 2 bit thug was able to talk his way into Police Plaza One, which is the NYPD Headquarters where Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly has his Office. This common criminal talked his way into NYPD Headquarters, and went into a Lieutenant’s office, one office down from the police Commissioner’s, and stole 2 Laptops and seven phones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The criminal was eventually caught, and was arraigned. Before the Judge ordered the man be held on $50,000.00 Bail, the Judge looked at the guy and the DA, and laughed because he couldn’t believe what he was hearing. The Judge said ‘you mean to tell me that this guy was able to get into Police Plaza One after 9/11??’ and shook his head.

When asked by a Reporter, Kelly shrugged off the Breach of Security, and said this guy was well-known as a 2 bit thug, and has a long history of arrests.  Um, Kelly, this common criminal broke into YOUR HOUSE!! Supposedly one of the most secure Buildings in New York State. YOU could NOT even PROTECT YOUR OWN ‘HOUSE’ and you expect the Citizens of NYC to think that you would be able to Protect Them from a Terrorist Attack???? You gotta be kidding us!!!!

This common criminal could have well been a Terrorist or Terrorists who could have done severe Mayhem in Police Plaza One, and you shrug it off. WE all know this was a HUGE Embarrassment for you, and Heads must have Rolled over this one. The Cops that let this guy into the Police Plaza One must have been reassigned to Traffic Duty in a Crap Neighborhood somewhere. Kelly may have shrugged this HUGE EVENT Publicly, BUT behing closed doors, this guy had to be Fuming, and I would have liked to hear what King Bloomberg had to say about this Huge Breach of Security. Oh, and let’s not Forget the Huge Laugh that the Terrorists had over this one!!!! And this is after 9/11 and after the Attack in Times Square.

The NYPD can’t even Protect their own Backyard, and for sure, they Cannot protect US either!!!


May 2, 2010

Police Commissioner Kelly of NYC just gave a very informative News Conference. He was very cordial, and let the Press ask whatever they wanted, even though some of the Press asked the same questions 2-3 different times. Kelly answered any and all questions, even if he had to answer the same questions over and over again. The Press obviously ran out of questions to ask, which means Kelly was very thorough. The NYPD is doing what they do best, which is The Investigation. There are many clues for which they can investigate, due to the many surveillance cameras in NYC, in addition to the Videos taken by the people who were in Times Square, including the Tourist that may have captured the Terrorist Punk in a video he took. NYPD Investigators are en route to PA to look at the Video. They already have a description of what may turn out to be the Asshole Terrorist, which is a White Male in his 40’s that is seen in the alley right where the car was, taking off one shirt and putting on another. No doubt the investigators will be comparing the Video to the Surveillance Tape they have to see if they are looking at the same person.

Hopefully the NYPD is checking for any kind of Explosive Devices all over the City, including the Subways. Tomorrow is Monday, the beginning of a very busy work week. Since there was a Car Bomb in Times Square, it would make sense to check the Times Square Train Station, in addition to other Subway Stations. We all know how these Asshole Terrorists like to Fuck with us after they deploy their Destructive Attacks. For instance 9/11 also means 911 for Emergency Services, etc.The Times Square Car Bomb may have been a diversion, or a hint of things to come. But more than likely it was a Bumbling Terrorist who luckily failed at what he set out to do.

Hopefully, the NYPD is taking advantage of this quiet Sunday, and checking all over the City for any Destructive Devices that the Asshole Terrorists may have planted, in addition to the Times Square Car Bomb….