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Obama “Won’t Pre-Judge the Secret Service Investigation” BUT Obama Pre-Judged the Zimmerman/Martin Investigation………….

April 16, 2012

While the Secret Service Investigation into at least 12 Agents Hiring Prostitutes in Colombia  is Yielding a lot more Real Evidence early on, as compared to the Still Unfolding evidence of the George Zimmerman/Trevon Martin case at the time Obama decided to speak to The Citizens of the United States and The World early into its Investigation, Obama is Refraining from discussing the Secret Service Case Until ALL the FACTS are in, and won’t “Pre-Judge.”
Hmmmmm………….But in regards to the Zimmerman/Martin Case, Obama thought it prudent, that a day after the Public found out about the Zimmerman case, to announce to The United States of America, and to The World, that if he “Had a son, he’d look like Trevon Martin,” and give the rest of his opinion on the case, which was one sided to say the least, which was a catalyst to the Witch Hunt for Zimmerman, and effectively gave the Green Light, or rather others may interpreted Obama’s words as the go ahead, and the likes of Al Sharpton throwing ‘Fits’ around the Country, Jesse Jackson with his side shows, Spike Lee tweeting the Address of what he thought to be Zimmerman’s Family, all the while tweeting the address of an elderly couple who had to flee their home in Fear, The ‘New’ Black Panther Party announcing a $10,000.00 Bounty on the Head of George Zimmerman, Radio Show call ins calling for taking Arms against the ‘Crackers,’ “Whities,’ starting a Race War, etc., etc.
While Obama is entitled to his opinion on Anything, coming out with his Inflammatory Remarks about the Zimmerman/Martin Case so early on was at the very least a Poor Choice of Timing, and at the Very most, Purposeful in Nature, with intent to ‘Stir the Pot.’ which added Fuel to the Flames. Actually, as I think about it, Obama should have kept silent so early on in the still unfolding Zimmerman/Martin Case. Being President, it is his duty to Calm, rather than to Insight. Obama knew that the Case was Extremely Racially Charged, and that there were Heated exchanges all across the United States, yet instead of Quenching the Flames, and trying to bring people together, he decided to Insight more Hate Mongering, and further separate the very Peoples that he took an Oath to bring Together.
Obama, with his Poor Timing, and Poor Choice of words, most likely turned back the clock on Race Realations in this Country at least 5 years. What is even more disturbing is that Obama Knew what he was doing by speaking Publicly about the Case so early on, and that is what is Scary. Obama may be a lot of things, But he isn’t Dumb, and knew Exactly what he was doing by Speaking the Words he did. I have No Doubt that his Wife Michelle had Input regarding the Zimmemrna/Martin Case, as everyone did, But her words undoubtedly preceded, and may have been the catalyst for The President speaking his devisive words regarding the Zimmerman Case.
As it turned out, the Evidence as it was presented, and later to be found out, Manipulated, at the time Obama spoke to The World, was Inaccurate. This is just one of the reasons Obama should have waited before speaking about the Case.

– ABC  ‘doctored’ the Video of Zimmerman walkking into the Police Precint the night of the incident.
– NBC and MSNBC edited the 9-1-1 Audio Tape the night Zimmerman called in for an Emergency.
– CNN later retracted it’s reporting, and the Reporter himself also retracted that George Martin on the 9-1-1 tape, called Trevon Martin a “Fucking Coon,” when, after listening to the enhanced tape after an Investigative firm lent their sevices, the words Zimmerman spoke were “Fucking Cold.” A HUGE difference, But the CNN Reporter already Announced to The World that the words spoken were the Inflammatory ones, and People still believe it Today.
– ALL of the Media is showing a Re-touched, Softened 3 year old Photo of Trevon Martin when he was 13-14 years old, anytime the Zimmerman/Martin case is Aired. This Photo does not accurately portray Trevon Martin at the time of the incident, and is meant to be Manipulative, and have a Subliminal effect on the Viewers. The Media is still using this Photo today.

All the above means that Obama, being The POTUS, should be Above All this Deceptiveness, Mis-Reporting, Manipulation of Evidence, Lying, Race Mongering, etc.  Instead, Obama Didn’t Wait for All The Facts, and Obama PRE-JUDGED the George Zimmerman/Trevon Martin Case, insighting the Race Baitors, War Mongers, etc. when he should have been the Calming Effect for Our Country, and the rest of The World…………………………..
A Real Shame, and Very Telling Indeed………………………

Obama’s Secret Service Team Involved in Prostitution Scandal in Columbia

April 14, 2012
12 Secret Service Agents were sent home to the USA from Columbia, because they were involved in a Prostitution Scandal in Columbia.
I’m very surprised that the Secret Service was involved in a Protitution Scandal such as this. Secret Service Agents, although Human, are usually beyond reproach. That’s because they are of a certain Caliber Law Enforcement Level, the Best of the Best regading Integrity.
Can’t remember the last time the Secret Service was involved in a Scandal, at least of this magnitude. Would be interesting to see the Identities and Background information of those Agents involved.
Although that information may not ever be made Public, unless there was Criminal Activity involved.
If the prostitute (s) in question was (were) under age (I believe under the age of 18) which is a possibility, that would be a Criminal Offense under US Law, and the offender would be arrested and charged accordingly with Child Prostitution, Endangering the Welfare of a Child, etc. no matter what the local laws regarding age of consent are in the Country of the offense.

Up to a dozen Secret Service agents in Colombia for President Barack Obama’s trip there have been relieved of their duties amid allegations of misconduct. The Secret Service did not detail the accusations but said they did not affect security for the president, who landed in the country Friday for a…

Obama and Chicken Little Have Something in Common!!

July 26, 2011

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THE SKY IS FALLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Obama is trying to use Scare Tactics and BullShit to try to Force the Republicans into making a decision regarding the Debt “Crisis.” Obama is Attempting to Scare the Voters of the United States Of America, and put the Blame Entirely on the Republicans, because they Won’t bend to his Strong Arming.  Hopefully the Obamacans will see through Obama’s Bullshit, Unlike last time where he Mesmerized All the Voters who were looking for the Second Coming, and thought Obama Walked on Water!!



October 8, 2010

Unemployment is at 9.6%. This is highest rate since the 1930’s!!!!!

No doubt that Obama and his Spinners will put the blame on Bush, and talk about some ‘car in a ditch’ again. I think Obama should get a pair of Hip Waiting boots and a shovel himself, so he can start digging himself out of the Pile of Bullshit he’s been accumulating…………

Obama will blame Bush when things go wrong, and take credit when, and if, things go right. This was spoken about when Obama took office, and is well documented in his boring speeches.

November can’t come quick enough, and neither can 2012……………….


September 26, 2010

What is Obama hiding regarding his Harvard education. Percy Sutton, a very reputable man, was made to sound like a stupid, old man before he died. And that is a real shame, considering this man was not only one of the smartest men to live, but also a Hero in WWll.

I listened to this video, and Percy Sutton sounds as Smart and level headed as ever. Yet in response to what Percy Sutton said regarding Obama’s connection to an Arab Sheik of dubious distinction, Obama said that as you get older, recollection of things in the past are not as clear, or something to that effect. Yeah, and Obama never knew of reverend wright’s dumbass racial, American hating sermons. Obama is one Dumbass BS Artist.

And why is the media shunning this topic, which at the very least, should be explored???

See here >>

American Thinker Blog: Percy Sutton dies; His Obama revelation


September 23, 2010

Hey, it’s been a while since Wright has been seen. And Wright has even kept his mouth shut all this time. How does he do that?

Where did Obama and his Administration squirrel him away to, and how much money was he paid to enjoy himself on some Island somewhere?

Had to take a lot for Wright to be Silenced. He must be Far, Far away on some Remote Island, or Resort. The Administration took good care of this guy. Afterall, Obama’s main Reverend was Dissed, and Obama can’t be too happy about that, and I am sure Obama took real good care of him for his troubles. But how does Wright keep all this Hatred to himself, regarding his Racist Diatribes?? You know, the Sermons that Obama never knew about, and never heard in his 21 years of going to this guy’s Church. Oh, and no one ever told Obama in 21 years of Wright’s Hateful Sermons. Obama, just another Bullshit Artist in the BS World of Politics!!


September 21, 2010

While iranian ASSHOLE, mahmoud ahmadinejadan was being interviewed by Charlie Rose, this idiot spoke bad about Everyone EXCEPT President Obama. In fact, Obama’s name was left out of the 1/2 hour conversation. He bashes Bush to no end, but stays clear of Obama. Curious as to why this is??


September 13, 2010

This POS is a Full of SHIT!!

Out with the Old and In with New!!!!! Maloney didn’t have the balls to debate Reshma Saujani, but what do you expect from someone who is most likely corrupt, just like the rest of the other NYC Politicians that have been in Office for so long.

Vote for Reshma Saujani, and get rid of Maloney. Anyone would be better for the Democratic nomination than some Dumbass who has been in Congress for so Long. Time for Baloney to step down, or be voted out. She has held office long enough, and most likely has made a few bucks on the side from holding a position for years. Then once Saujani gets the nomination, hopefully some republican will win the election.

Time for a Fresh Look and a CHANGE, that Obama has been Babbling about……….


September 12, 2010

Imam Feisal Rauf is an Antagonist at best. This Asshole tells the World that by Not building the Ground Zero Mosque, WE will be Inciting the Muslim World to Hate us and for the Muslim Extremists to Attack us. This guy sounds more like a Mouth for the Muslim Extremists!!!!! This guy is a Fucking Fool if he Thinks WE will fall for his Propaganda. Rauf should be Investigated as to his Ties to The Muslim Extremists. He travels around the World on Behalf of the US Government, Yet he speaks Explosive Words. Doesn’t sound like a Bridge Builder to me. This Idiot deserves a Closer Look, BUT if that happens, it will just prove his propaganda point, so I guess this Asshole is Insulating himself under the ruse of Religious Freedom. And this Asshole blames Politics for the Controversy. Another Propaganda Ruse shared by his buddy, Obama.

Btw, where is this Shmucks friend, Sharif El-Gamal, the other Asshole, who was in the Center of all this Ground Zero mosque controversy?? Where was he Whisked away to?? And how about the other Partner in Crime who had some Questionable ties to Extremists?? I hope those who have started the Investigations, continue them, and are not persuaded  by the Rantings of Rauf, who tries to Incite Violence with the Rest of the Muslim World. Why is Obama not speaking up about Raul, and telling him to reduce his Rhetoric?? Seems the only one Speaking up is Giuliani. I am not a fan of his, but I applaud him for speaking up about the Questionable Tactics of this imam, who seems to be Inciting Violence, or Threatening us on behalf of the Muslim Extremists!!!!!!!


September 11, 2010

I guess the Reverend Jones from Florida proved his point. That there are many muslims out there that would like to KILL us all……..

But we knew this already. The Leaders of the Free World shuttered at the very thought of what the muslim extremists were threatening to do to us poor Infidels if the Koran was burned. Was this Fear attributed to only a ‘Handful” of Extremists as Obama alluded to? Of course not, it was a fear generated because of the Millions of muslim extremists throughout the World.

The Reverend received over a Hundred Threats to his Life (Most likely Hundreds.) Our Troops were threatened. Our Leaders were Fearful. The Dumbass imam that is the leader of this Ground Zero mosque said that if the mosque were to be moved to a different location, he Feared that there would be Worldwide Retaliation by the muslim extremists. That the muslim extremists would consider the moving of the mosque a Direct insult, and Inflame these Terrorists. Is this because there are only a Few? Of course not. Who gives a Rat’s Ass about these Asshole muslim Extremists, and why does everyone try to Appease them? They want to wipe us off the face of this Earth, and if it were only a few muslim Extremists, no on would be Fearful. This Asshole imam is saying that we should not get the Terrorists Angry, because they might retaliate against us. Oh, ok, so I guess build the mosque, so the extremists can be our friends and respect us, and not chant ‘Death to America’ anymore. The mosque will make it all better. And these Islamic Extremists will then call off the Jihad. THIS IMAM IS ONE OF THE DUMBEST ASSHOLES ON THE FACE OF THIS PLANET IF HE THINKS WE, THE PEOPLE, ARE GOING TO BUY INTO HIS PROPAGANDA.

The Terrorists win again,  and are Laughing at the way they were able to generate fear, without hardly lifting one of their little Fucking Terrorist Fingers, just because some idiot in Florida wanted to Burn a Few korans. And that is a Shame. Especially on 9/11,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,