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April 13, 2010

This Asshole NYPD Cop, Captain Barry Gelbman had 3 horses put down because they couldn’t make the long trip in a Horse Truck, due to Sores on their Legs. Sores!!!!!……………so this asshole Cop has the Horses Killed. The representative from the ASPCA stood there in Horror while this piece of Shit Cop gave the Order to have these Horses Killed. All because of a Sore. In time, the sores would have healed. The horses had a Good 10 years of life left. But what does this asshole cop due to thank these Horses for their Service to the NYPD serving Assholes like Captain Barry Gelbman? He has them Killed………

He could have given them time to heal and then transport them. He could have adopted them out. But no, this piece of shit has them Killed…This cop should be brought up on charges…………..

If this Asshole has a Family, and maybe they have Pets, I hope they are ripping this Punk a new Asshole!!!!

This is an NYPD Cop who has no problem issuing orders that cause the Death of Living Creatures. He can give an Order  that involves the  killing of Innocent people just as easily as he gave this Order. The NYPD should consult their Shrinks to see the Whole Picture of what this Event Really Means!!! If this Cop gives an Order that Kills Innocent Citizens, The NYPD and the City will have a huge lawsuit on their Hands, besides blood which they could have avoided.

This cop, Captain Barry Gelbman most likely suffers from Penis Envy, due to the Horses being more of a Man than Captain Gelbman. Gelbman most likely never made a Bad Guy Collar in his life, and the majority of his arrests were probably of people pissing in the streets, or drinking a Beer out of a brown bag. So he figures it is time to show the NYPD what a Man he is, by giving the Order to Kill Innocent Horses for No Fucking Reason!!!!

This idiot, who is Head of the NYPD’s Mounted Unit, thinks he is God, who can dish out Death Warrants to the Horses that serve his unit, when there is Absolutley no need for it. This is a Cop that we want on the Streets to serve the Citizens of NYC? We all know what type of people get off on killing innocent animals, don’t we? These are people who end up Torturing Animals, Killing Animals, Torturing People and Killing People. It is a Proven fact. The fact that this Asshole does it behind a Badge and a Gun, does not change the fact that this Guy has Sadistic Tendencies, and should be checked out by the Shrinks in the NYPD, and most likely bounced from the Force, if it is Found that Captain Barry Gelbman is Not Fit for Duty!!! This Cop’s record should also be checked, to see if there are any complaints, or any other issues that should be investigated.

This Cop, Captain Barry Gelbman is a Bad Cop, and this incident is most likely just the tip of the Iceberg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mayor Michael Bloomberg had a News Conference the other day regarding his contributions to Animal Care & Control Bureau of NYC and his helping out Animals in need. NYC is a Leader when it comes to the Care of its Beloved Pets, and the Law Enforcement regarding Animal Cruelty. Bloomberg should look at what Captain Barry Gelbmnan did and do something about it. But that is Doubtful, since Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Kelly are Buddy, Buddy.

Captain Barry Gelbman should be investigated, and this incident should not be let go.

PETA should get involved, as well as The ASPCA, regarding investigations into this matter, and to put pressure on NYC to start their own Investigation…………

RIP to these 3 Fine Horses Who Served Well, and Died too Soon……………………….

I see that this Asshole Cop has been called on the carpet by NYPD Brass. I hope an Early Retirement is Forthcoming for this PunkAss Cop who Kills Other living Creatures for No Reason!!!! And who SHOULDN’T BE ALLOWED TO CARRY A GUN!!!! AS HE IS MENTALLY UNFIT!!!! In addition, I hope he Faces Charges of Animal Cruelty before he is Dismissed from the Force.


February 13, 2010

The NYPD may be Corrupt and engage in Illegal Acts, including Horrendous Acts of Police Brutality,  and it’s Leadership, including Police Commissioner Kelly and Mayor Bloomberg may have lost Control of the NYPD, But check the above Story out.

The only Difference between the NYPD and the PD of Schenectady is the size of the Force. Schenectady may have only a Handful of police officers, all of whom have engaged in Illegal Activity, Buy the NYPD has police officers who engage in the same and worse activity. It’s just that the NYPD consists of 35,000 police  officers, and the Bad police officers get lost in the shuffle.

The officers of the NYPD engage in a wide array of illegal activity, from Murder as was the case of the 2 detectives that carried Hits out for the Mob, and were finally Prosecuted decades later, and are now serving Life Terms in Prison, to the cops on the beat who get Discounts on their food Purchases from Bodegas, restaurants, etc. which btw is illegal. And let us not forget the Hundreds of cases in which the NYPD engages in Perjury while Testifying Under Oath in Court. As one “Corrupt” NYPD Officer once told me, “When we go to Court, we TESTILIE.” For those of you who don’t know what that word means, it means that the officer or detective goes in front of the Court and Testifies Under Oath as to the facts of the case, but lies (Commits Perjury) about the testimony they are giving, so that the “facts” fit the Case. And that is the meaning of the word “TESTILIE.” And this is not the exception, But the Rule. Obviously, Commissioner Kelly or Mayor Bloomberg don’t feel that this is worth Investigating, as it would Jeopardize Present and Past Court Cases, which would then end up as Retrials or outright Dismissals.

So by not investigating the Act of TESTILYING, The NYPD continues the Status Quo and will continue to engage in this Illegal Practice, among others.



January 20, 2010

NYC……Jury Selection begins today for 3 Asshole Cops from the NYPD. One Asshole cop is looking at 25 years in prison if convicted. This ASSHOLE cop is accused of sticking a Police Baton up a Man’s Ass a year ago!!!!!!! He is said to have done this while making the arrest  on a public street!!!!The man was said to be smoking a Joint!!!! The Victim was admitted to the Hospital and treated for a PREFORATED COLON. He spent a couple? of weeks in the Hospital for his Injuries. But he suffered and is still suffering from the Mental Anguish that an Incident such as this leaves on your SOLE!!!! The other 2 Asshole cops are looking at 4 years in Jail for Hindering Justice. In other words, these other 2 ASSHOLES stood around while the ONE ASSHOLE cop stuck the Baton up the Man’s Ass. These 2 Punks did nothing to stop it, and then they impeded the investigation of this Horrendous Incident by keeping their mouths shut.

This incident is reminiscent of The Asshole Cop, Justin Volpe, who Shoved a Baton up a Man’s Ass in a Police Precinct Bathroom a few Years ago. Other Cops stood guard outside of the Bathroom to make sure no one went in while this was being done!!!!!! The Asshole NYPD CopJustin Volpe, was convicted of this Hideous Crime of Sexual Violence and received a 25 Year Sentence. Hopefully volpe is getting a Bat stuck up his Ass every fucking day that he spends in Prison!!!! The other ASSHOLE cops received 10? year sentences.

The ASSHOLE cops that are going on trial today are no doubt guilty of this Horrendous Animatistic Act. I believe that this is only the Tip of the Iceberg.  For every ASSHOLE cop that gets caught doing this, I guarantee that at least another one gets away with it. Whether because there are no witnesses, or the victim is afraid to report the incident, etc. There could be many reasons why other incidents are not reported. Statistics show that with every Sex Crime such as Rape that is reported, several Sex Crimes are not reported.

The NYPD is outta control, and needs to be put under Federal Scrutiny. There needs to be Oversight of the NYPD by the Federal Government, in order to atttempt to STOP The Police Brutality being committed by the Police Officers of the nypd that take an Oath to Uphold The Law, NOT BREAK IT!!!!

This and other Police Brulaity Cases is indicative of the Attitude that Many of the nypd cops have towards Civilians. These Cops think they are ABOVE the LAW AND can COMMIT These SAVAGE ACTS of BRUTALITY WHICH INCLUDES MURDER, whenever they please!!!!!

In this incident, a man is under suspicion of smoking a joint, so the Cops arrest him and STICK A POLICE BATON UP HIS ASS!!!!!! and Preforate His Colon!!!!! This is an Act of The Most Barbaric Kind, committed by persons of Authority who are Sworn to Uphold the Law!!!! Sadly, these types of abuse cases are committed by Law Enforcement Officials all too often.

If these cops are found guilty, hopefully they will spend many years in Prison, and hopefuilly with a Bat stuck up their asses for the entire sentence. I am sure the Inmates willmure that that happens!!!!


When are people going to Wake Up and Realize that this is a System Problem that will not go away, if the NYPD is left to police their own actions!!! The New York City Police Department has shown that they have Failed to Prevent Police Abuse to Occur such as this and other Incidents.

Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly has been in charge of the NYPD for 8 years, and will be for 4 more. It is obvious that he has no control over the officers that he is in charge of, or that he is not enforcing the rules of law, that even Animals abide by. In addition, Mayor Bloomberg is in charge of the Police Commissioner, so he too is responsible for these Horrendous, Hideous Police Brutality Cases, due to his INACTIONS. Many Crimes of NYPD Brutality have been committed while these 2 guys have been at the Helm. The crimes being committed by the NYPD are some of the worst Imaginable!!!!! and all under the watchful or rather unwatchful eyes of these 2 men. As they say, it starts at the top!!!

Whenever an incident like this one ocurrs, the nypd just says it’s a couple of bad apples, and this problem is an isolated circumstance!!!!! How many “Isolated Circumstances” need to occur before it is called a “Systemic Problem?” I say One Incident is too many, but in the past few years, there has been many incidents of Police Brutality, including MURDER, RAPE, SEXUAL ABUSE, ETC. committed by the NYPD. These cases are all documented!!!!

He’ll, a couple of NYPD cops were just put on trial and convicted of RAPE! These 2 ASSHOLES were convicted of Raping a Woman who called the cops to her home to file a complaint on her boyfriend. These 2 FIENDS came back later on to “get some more information” but instead, Raped this Poor Woman!!!!  In G-D’s Name, what the He’ll is going on is going on???!!!! Hopefully, the Federal Governemt will step in before it’s too late. It already may be too late. If the Federal Governmet does not step in and Oversee the NYPD, it will be only a matter of time until we are all reading about another Case of Police Brutality!!! Hopefully, it won’t be any of us or anyone we know, but the victim will be someones Father, Mother, Grandfather, Grandmother, Son, Daughter, Gandson, Grandaughter, etc.



January 10, 2010

King Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Kelly Tout that NYC is The Largest Safest City in the World. Besides that being Bullshit, as my other Article explains, I think the following Slogan should be adopted, as it is a more truthful Description of The Big Apple.


The City where the Mayors Office is For Sale

Where the Mayors Office Can and IS Bought.

Where Once  Mayors were elected to Office, and now Kings Change the Laws, so they may now Purchase the Office!

The Largest City in the World, and most likely, one of the Most Corrupt in the World. When there is No Changing of the Guards, so to speak, Corruption Festers Uninterrupted. When 1000’s of Officials remain at their posts, such as Police Commissioner Kelly and 45,000 Officers, due to the Fact that Bloomberg has been in Power for  over 8 Years, and will be for 12 years, and he keeps his Subordinates which number in the 1000’s, Bloomberg keeps his Kingdom as it was 8 Years ago. And we all know what happens when there is NO Change. Corruption has Free Rein.

And This is why we had something called Term Limits. By it’s very nature, corruption is not allowed to go on Unfeathered. There is a Change at the Top, and with this change, 1000’s of others are replaced. So if there was any Corruption, it is ended, or impeded. A Changing of the Guards. That is what a Democracy is.

A Democracy is not about an Individual BUYING THE OFFICE OF THE MAYOR, WHICH IS WHAT BLOOMBERG DID!!!!!

WE, the Residents of NYC should hang our heads in Shame, for letting the Mayors Office be Bought, and for Denying Democracy to Persevere. Hopefully, in 4 more Years, there WILL be a Changing of the Kings and Guards, and we will be able to Continue with A Democracy, the way it was Intended.


New York City…………Where Murder Is Rampant!!!!!!!!!!!!!

December 7, 2009

One Mother is Shot in the Head and Killed yesterday, and her Son is Shot in the Leg.

One Mother Shot in the Bronx and Killed today, in front of her 2 young daughters………….

Murder is on the Rise in these Neighborhoods, and don’t be Fooled by the Propaganda coming out of King Bloomberg’s Court saying that Crime is Down. And don’t believe Bloomberg’s Court Jester, Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly , when he Mimics Bloomberg’s Sentiments. Crime and Murder in Particular, has been Rampant in these Neighborhoods for quite some time. Just ask the Parents of the Children that are being Shot and Killed…..But wait, those parents are being Shot & Killed also.

I wouldn’t be Surprised if the Murder Count surpasses The Count in Newark, N.J., which is the Murder Capital of the United States. I am Sure NYC will have that Distinction in the Near Future. I wouldn’t be Surprised if The Scumbag Murderers in these 2 Cities are having some Kind Of Sick Contest to see who has the Highest Murder Rate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So to all of NYC Citizens, Be aware out there and be Very Careful and WATCH your Back and those that you Love, because it has been very Dangerous out there, and is getting more so Day by Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s Official……Bloomberg buys the Mayor’s Office!!!!!!

November 28, 2009

King Bloomberg spent over 102 Million Dollars out of his own pocket and BUYS the Mayor’s Office.

Democracy is DEAD in NYC. We are OFFICIALLY a  DICTATORSHIP!!! or a MONARCHY. I guess they’re one in the same.

Along with Bloomberg, we also are lucky enough to get about 2000 of his henchman which include Police Commisioner Kelly and his Henchman. 12 years under the Bloomberg Dictatorship…..Boy, aren’t the Citizens of NYC Lucky.

To all the other big Cities………Take Heed, what is happening in NYC can happen to you!!!!!!