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May 22, 2010

Imagine if the Japs wanted to put a Japanese Shrine in Pearl Harbor after they Bombed Pearl Harbor and Killed Thousands during WWll !!!!! It would have never happened in a Million Years, so why is it ok to build an Islamic Mosque at Ground Zero???? Some would say we have ‘Grown’ since the Days of WWll. I would say we have gotten to the point of PC letting our Guard down, and making us more vulnerable to Attacks by these Islamic Extremists!!! Everyone has gotten Political Correctness Fever, which will most likely last for Decades. Political Correctness gets in the way of Protecting The USA to the best of our ability, which should be Unacceptable to those who want to ensure that The USA is made Less vulnerable to any Future Attacks.

Building a Mosque at Ground Zero is akin to erecting a Japanese Shrine in Pearl Harbor!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is utterly disgusting, and brings the phrase ‘Politcal Correctness’ to a new LOW!!!
Bloomberg should be Ashamed of Himself, but then again, Bloomberg has No Shame.
If this Mosque is allowed to be built, I can Honestly say that we would deserve any thing Negative that Will come from it. Don’t think for a moment that at least one Muslim that will Worship there will be Wishing Death to America. ‘But that’s Freedom of Speech, isn’t it?’, as the Enablers that are allowing this mosque to be built, would say.
The City Planning Commission is in the Hip Pocket of Bloomberg. Would you expect them to make a different decision regarding allowing this Monstrosity to be built!
As a previous Poster has said, this Mosque would be a Symbol of Conquer to the Islamic Extremists. Ironic, isn’t it, that these Islamic Extremists will have built a Building to take the place of the buildings they Destroyed on September 11, 2001.
Political Correctness to a New Low, and a Disgrace to New York City, the United States of America, to the Men, Women and Children, and to their Families and Friends who lost Loved Ones on September 11, 2001.
Shame on those who will Allow this Mosque to be built, and what it Symbolizes. The Terrorists will know for sure that we are Weak on the War on Terror, if We allow this Symbol of Destruction to be built.


May 20, 2010

What the fuck is going on with this Bullshit political Correctness??? The City Board approved the Construction for some Muslims to build a Mosque at Sacred Ground Zero!!!! Are you fucking kidding Me!!!!??? This is a Disgrace. Thousands of Innocent men, Women and Children were Slaughtered on September 11, 2001, and now some Muslims all of a sudden want to build a Mosque  at Ground Zero? What kind of Cruel Joke is this?? We all know that not all Muslims are Extremists, BUT building a Mosque at Ground Zero is a Security Risk. While the majority of Muslims mean us no harm, and disagree with the Radical  Extremist Muslims, many of the Muslims want to wipe The USA off the face of the Earth!!!! And there will be some Islamic Extremists who find their way into these Mosques to Prey, which would be a Security Risk, in addition to an Utter Disgrace and a Dishonor to the Many Innocents that perished on 9/11.

Why all of a sudden do these Muslims want to Build a Mosque on Ground Zero?? They just want to test the Political Correctness of New York City, and the United States of America. For if anyone disagrees with the building of a Mosque at Ground Zero, they will be looked upon as Racists.  So someone better think of a Politically Correct idea to deny these Muslims from building a Mosque at Ground Zero. OR better yet, Fuck the Political Correctness, and just deny the Permits!!

Our PC will be Downfall of us. We better all wake up, and realize that it is the Islamic Extremists that want to Destroy us, and Most all of the Terrorists are of Muslim faith, and we better start profiling like Israel does. That is the only way to decrease the Risk of being Attacked again.

If the Mosque gets built at Ground Zero, that will show how weak we are, and how Political Correctness comes before the Safety of the United States and its Citizens!!!

NYC Madison Avenue Jewelry Store Murder. Suspect Description Incomplete As Usual, Due To PC!!!!

January 28, 2010

A 71 year old man was shot to death today, in a Jewelry Store in NYC. May this poor soul rest in Peace. Madison Avenue has been a Target for the Thieves who are Murderers for years. There is a segment of Madison Ave. that is mostly High End Retail Jewelry Shops. The NYPD should boost up their Patrol of this area just like they do with the Diamond District on 47th Street. What is the NYPD waiting around for, another Murder to add to the many that have already been committed on the most fashionable Avenue in NYC?

Shoppers risk getting killed also, if they happen to be in one of these stores when these Asshole Murderers come in to Rob them. NYC Residents Beware, as Madison Avenue is Becoming a Bigger Target than it has been in the past, due to the Declining Economic Situation in NYC and to the Increase in Assholes that want to KILL Hard Working People in NYC. Be Careful Out There As NYC is Quickly Becoming a Shoot’em Up Town!!!

The Description of the Suspect went out over the TV News as follows >

1) a man in his 30’s

2) wearing a Blue Overcoat

I would like to ask whether the Suspect was Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, etc.??

Whenever there is a Crime in NYC such as Murder and Rape (which is pretty often,) the Race of the Suspect is usually missing. Not because it is unknown, but most likely due to Political Correctness. The majority of the time, when this info is left out, the Suspect is Black.

This practice started a few years back and is a bunch of Bullshit. If the suspect is Black, let us know so we know who to look out for, if we are unfortunate to live in the neighborhood, or just looking out in General.

Frank Urban Zoeller, Jr., I Hope You Get A Little Satisfaction From Tiger Wood’s Downfall

December 9, 2009

Fuzzy Zoeller got kicked off the PGA Tour because of a statement he made at the 1997 Masters Tournament, regarding what the winner, Tiger “Boinker’ Woods, may choose for the Awards Dinner.


Fuzzy was a Humorous guy on the Tour and always cracked jokes. Because of the BULLSHIT Political Correctness that is Rampant in this Country, and will be around for a Long Time to come, The Almighty PGA Officials gave Fuzzy the Boot!!!!

Well, to the PGA Officials, maybe you should give Tiger Woods the Boot if you want to Judge a Man Ethically. Fuzzy is 100 times the Man Woods ever was, or will ever be. Because of  One Fucking Sentence that Fuzzy said, which btw, was said jokingly, you Idiots ruined his Career. Because Woods was better for golf financially, you gave Fuzzy the Boot because he was “expendable.”

Well to the PGA, I say this. If you want to keep Ethical Standards High on the Tour, Kick Tiger Woods off of it. If you want to hold your Players to a High Level of Ethical Standards, as you held Fuzzy to, then Kick Tiger Woods off the Tour. What’s good for the Goose, is Good for the Gander. If you don’t want to lower your Standards as some Sports Venues have, such as Baseball with its Steroids Fiasco, and Illegitimate Records Fiasco, then Kick Tiger Woods off the Tour. Or maybe even better, Bring Fuzzy Back, but I doubt that even Fuzzy would want to be associated with you Bumpkins!!!!!!!

Hey, Fuzzy, I hope this Tiger Woods Circus Show is at least bringing a Smile to your Face!!!!  Com’on, just a Little One???