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September 17, 2010

As per The National Weather Service, and the New York City Office of Emergency Management (OEM,) 2 Tornadoes, including a Very Strong Macroburst landed in New York City!!!!!!!!!!!

1st Tornado touched down in Brooklyn first, an EF0

2nd Tornado touched down 1.5 South of Flushing, an EF1, with Max speeds of 100 mph.

A Macroburst, which is an element of the storm creating the tornadoes, and The Most Dangerous in this days events, crashed through Forest Hills , with Wind Gusts of 125 MPH, with an initial gust of wind @125 MPH, 1.5 miles wide, widening to 5 miles, and 8 miles long!!!!. This Macroburst was EXTREMELY DANGEROUS, the Most Dangerous of the days events, due to the Highest Impact, Largest Path of Destruction and the extended duration of this Macroburst. The Downdraft of Air  actually Slammed down on Forest Hills & Middle Village, creating sustained Winds of  125mph, 1.5 miles wide, which  expanded to 5 miles wide and 8 miles long. A huge path of destruction. I just saw the video of the explanation again, and had to repeat it, as it is an Enormous force of energy when you think about it.

Initially, the Experts called this a Microburst, but later corrected this to a Macroburst. A Macroburst is at 2.5 miles wide, which this was, and had a duration of approx. 15 minutes. We had a very Destructive Macroburst!!

Forest Hills had the Most Severe Damage of all the Boroughs, due to it being hit the Hardest by this Macroburst!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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confirmed that two tornadoes and a macroburst

The Chinese Torture And Eat Cats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

December 13, 2009

Look at these VIDEOS

Fucking Barbarians!!!!! At least there is an Effort in Bum Fuck China to try to Put a Stop to this Barbaric Cruelty to Cats!!!

I have a Question for Everyone. Do the Chinese in the USA also eat Cats?? How about in Chinatown in New York City? Or How about in Flushing, Queens in New York??

I say the answer is a Resounding Yes!!!! I assume that Animal Control is Looking into this Matter! At least I hope so!!