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April 14, 2010

Does the fact that Obama is Black, affect how other Countries view President Obama?

I will be speaking about China & Russia in particular. I think Blacks account for .01% of the population in Russia, and the percentage is much less in China. While the USA has been progressive in the election of our first black President, the USA is still a very racially prejudiced Country. How do you think Russia & China view Blacks, especially a Black President? From what I have read, China is a Very Prejudiced Country, and has a Very Dim View on Blacks. I don’t think Russia is as bad as China, but it is pretty bad also. This has to affect the way that the Leaders of these 2 countries feel about Obama, and how it affects their decision making, even though Obama is POTUS.

In front of the Cameras, the 2 Leaders are very careful how they act with Obama, and don’t let their Prejudices show through, but behind closed doors, they must despise the guy. Just remember that Harry Reid made some racist remarks about Obama, and I have to believe that Russia & China say things that are a Million times worse. I don’t believe that these 2 Countries are progressive in their attitudes towards Blacks, and it has to affect their opinions about Obama, and their decisions regarding World Issues.

As I said, China as a Country, looks down, way down on blacks. Remember that the USA is a very Racial Country, so imagine how China & Russia are. And just look at the Demographics. The fact that there are so little blacks in these 2 Countries should be a hint of the their attitude towards blacks, and how the Leaders of these 2 Countries will let it affect their decision making regarding World Issues.

This is about only 2 countries, Russia & China, because they are the other 2 World powers besides The USA. There are other countries besides these 2, that may have similar views. The European countries are pretty Progressive, more so than The USA, and have a very positive view about Obama. It is too bad that the other World powers most likely don’t share a similar view………………

Kwanzaa, What’s Up with This Politically Correct Based Generated Holiday??????

December 27, 2009

What’s up with this holiday. It was created supposedly back in 1965 to celebrate the history of African-Americans¬†or something like that. This was just a holiday that was created by some politically¬†Correct minded individual or individuals. it is not a Holiday that has any history. Since the day after Christmas, when kwanzaa begins, you hear it mentioned in the media more than 10 times a day!!!!! I am watching TV and NY 1 mentions the holiday at least 10x a day.
I guess they don’t want any letters from sharpton and the gang!! speaking about racial ignorance.

Kwanzza…………………..not really a Holiday but some PC motivated event without any real history.. Probably a financial windfall for some. We are getting so politically correct, you get in trouble for saying Merry Christmas!!! It is now Politically Correct to say Happy Holidays!!!! I say Bullshit!!!!!!

Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!!! oh, and Happy Kwanzaa, whatever that means??