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October 22, 2010

Juan Williams said what most everyone thinks. It’s just that Juan speaks his mind, and with restraint I may add, while others are so worried about Political Correctness, that they are doing a Disservice to the Public by trying to Water down the Issue of Muslim Terrorists. These PC assholes most likely tell their loved ones exactly what to look out for, as Juan Williams alluded to, but in Public, these PC Aholes are 2 Faced. I am sure these spineless bumpkins don’t tell their Loved ones to look out for Hasidic Jews running around with bombs strapped to their bodies, or the Dangerous French running around with Pastry Bombs!!!

NPR is as Spineless as they come, and has other Agendas, such as the relationship they have with Soros, in addition to wanting to get Williams out of there because of his association with Fox 5. The Spineless Asshole who made the call to Williams, and didn’t have enough nerve for a Face to Face, should be Fired. She is one of the Biggest Assholes ever to exist. Hopefully Juan has Legal recourse, not to just get money due him if NPR broke his contract illegally, but to bring NPR on the Carpet, in front of the Whole World to see,  so they can see what Assholes NPR is. And also to continue this story so it doesn’t just become a 1 Day News Blip.

In addition, ALL Public Funding to NPR should STOP Immediately.


Juan Williams, Good for you. You did a Service to the American People, and you showed that Freedom of Speech is a 2 WAY STREET!!!!

The USA already knew what Juan meant when he said what he said, because the Polls show that 70% of Americans think the exact same thoughts. And it is not about hysteria, BUT about REALITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Btw, Obama forbidding anyone in his Administration, and restraining others from speaking the following terms >

Islamic Extremists, Jihad, War on Terror, etc. is not working. He wanted the American Public to not use these words, because it showed Islam in a bad light. And he thought the Public would be trained to also not use these words, or relate Terrorism with Muslims. Well, News Flash, The Master Plan Did NOT Work!!!!! Another Bumpkin. Hopefully, he will be a Paper Tiger after the Midterm Elections, and be back in ChiTown in 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!! Both Dates can’t come Quick Enough!!! He’s about as Weak on Terrorism as Bill Clinton was……..After all, all the Muslim Terrorist plans that led up to 9/11, occurred on Clinton’s Watch, Not Bush’s……………..


September 9, 2010

People burn The American Flag, which I think is Fucked Up, BUT that is the 2nd Amendment in play.

SO why is a big deal to burn the Koran?? People are more Outspoken about this, than they are about Flag Burners. I think burning the US Flag is despicable, and I haven’t heard as much Fear about that, as I have heard about the koran burning.

Obama, the FBI, other Government LE,etc., etc. go to or call the Reverend in Florida to ‘express’ their concerns. The General; of the US Army expresses his concerns. Why is this??? It appears that there are many more Radical muslims running around, than People would have you believe. They say how it is only a few muslims that are Radical and Extremists. If that was the case, People would not have Fear in their Hearts, if the muslims were Upset. But it appears that there are likely Millions of Radical muslims all across the USA and the World, and People are acting on Fear, and Fear alone, that these radicals may strike up Against Us. SO, I guess the answer is to turn tail. The muslims will really respect that. They are laughing at everyone, about the Power their Radical Extremists wheel, and the Fear that they are able to generate.

What a Shame……………..