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The Thugs of NYC ‘Own’ More Land than Donald Trump!!

June 19, 2011

With all the crime that has been going on as of late, it appears that the Thugs of NYC Control a lot of Property, more than Donald Trump! and the NYPD is Powerless to do anything about it. Yeah, the Cops go into a Neighborhood for a couple of days to show their presence, But after they’re gone, the Thugs are back in. In East New York the other day, 9 People were shot at a House Party. One victim has died since. In Brooklyn and the Bronx there were no less than 5 individual Shootings where the Victims were a 5 year old, a 6 year old, a 15 year old and a 16 year old that were caught in the crossfire. An 82 year old woman was Raped by another thug punk on Madison Ave. a few days ago. An 81 Year Old Man was Mugged a couple of weeks ago and Died from his Injuries the other Day.
These Felonious Crimes are no longer contained to just some Neighborhoods in Brooklyn and the Bronx, But these thugs are spreading out and committing these Crimes on Madison Ave. and all over NYC. This has been going on for a while, But it appears that Bloomberg and Kelly are playoing Ostrich and Putting their heads in the sand as it is bad for Tourism, and goes against Bloomberg’s Mantra.

These Thug punks and Gang members don’t care about human Life because they are Human Excrement. Mayor Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Kelly have been Quiet on these Heinous Crimes that have been committed. Most likely because They are powerless to do anything about it. You have King Bloomberg whose Mantra is “NYC is the Safest Big City in the Country.” I and the People that live in these Extremely Dangerous Neighborhoods beg to differ. Bloomberg says Guns Kill People, No Mr. Mayor, People kill People. There was an article that mentioned Gun Crime was down in NYC But that the Murders were being committed by other means, such as Knives, Bludgeoning, Strangling, etc. So while gun Crimes were down, Murders were not because People will always find a Means by which to Kill their Victims.

When you see the Innocent people interviewed that Have to live in these Crime Invested Areas such as in Brooklyn and the Bronx, they are Scared to Death! They are Resigned to the fact that there is no way out for them, and that the Police are powerless to protect them. They usually don’t leave their homes after Dark, and keep their children in after school for fear they may be Killed by a Stray bullet for example. This has been going on for Years.

So to Future Tourists who want to Visit the Safest Big City in the Country, DON’T!!!!!!!! and to the People that have to live amongst the Scum of the Scum, Be Alert, Be Aware, Be Safe and Protect Yourselves because No One else will, Including the NYPD……………………


January 20, 2010

NYC……Jury Selection begins today for 3 Asshole Cops from the NYPD. One Asshole cop is looking at 25 years in prison if convicted. This ASSHOLE cop is accused of sticking a Police Baton up a Man’s Ass a year ago!!!!!!! He is said to have done this while making the arrest  on a public street!!!!The man was said to be smoking a Joint!!!! The Victim was admitted to the Hospital and treated for a PREFORATED COLON. He spent a couple? of weeks in the Hospital for his Injuries. But he suffered and is still suffering from the Mental Anguish that an Incident such as this leaves on your SOLE!!!! The other 2 Asshole cops are looking at 4 years in Jail for Hindering Justice. In other words, these other 2 ASSHOLES stood around while the ONE ASSHOLE cop stuck the Baton up the Man’s Ass. These 2 Punks did nothing to stop it, and then they impeded the investigation of this Horrendous Incident by keeping their mouths shut.

This incident is reminiscent of The Asshole Cop, Justin Volpe, who Shoved a Baton up a Man’s Ass in a Police Precinct Bathroom a few Years ago. Other Cops stood guard outside of the Bathroom to make sure no one went in while this was being done!!!!!! The Asshole NYPD CopJustin Volpe, was convicted of this Hideous Crime of Sexual Violence and received a 25 Year Sentence. Hopefully volpe is getting a Bat stuck up his Ass every fucking day that he spends in Prison!!!! The other ASSHOLE cops received 10? year sentences.

The ASSHOLE cops that are going on trial today are no doubt guilty of this Horrendous Animatistic Act. I believe that this is only the Tip of the Iceberg.  For every ASSHOLE cop that gets caught doing this, I guarantee that at least another one gets away with it. Whether because there are no witnesses, or the victim is afraid to report the incident, etc. There could be many reasons why other incidents are not reported. Statistics show that with every Sex Crime such as Rape that is reported, several Sex Crimes are not reported.

The NYPD is outta control, and needs to be put under Federal Scrutiny. There needs to be Oversight of the NYPD by the Federal Government, in order to atttempt to STOP The Police Brutality being committed by the Police Officers of the nypd that take an Oath to Uphold The Law, NOT BREAK IT!!!!

This and other Police Brulaity Cases is indicative of the Attitude that Many of the nypd cops have towards Civilians. These Cops think they are ABOVE the LAW AND can COMMIT These SAVAGE ACTS of BRUTALITY WHICH INCLUDES MURDER, whenever they please!!!!!

In this incident, a man is under suspicion of smoking a joint, so the Cops arrest him and STICK A POLICE BATON UP HIS ASS!!!!!! and Preforate His Colon!!!!! This is an Act of The Most Barbaric Kind, committed by persons of Authority who are Sworn to Uphold the Law!!!! Sadly, these types of abuse cases are committed by Law Enforcement Officials all too often.

If these cops are found guilty, hopefully they will spend many years in Prison, and hopefuilly with a Bat stuck up their asses for the entire sentence. I am sure the Inmates willmure that that happens!!!!


When are people going to Wake Up and Realize that this is a System Problem that will not go away, if the NYPD is left to police their own actions!!! The New York City Police Department has shown that they have Failed to Prevent Police Abuse to Occur such as this and other Incidents.

Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly has been in charge of the NYPD for 8 years, and will be for 4 more. It is obvious that he has no control over the officers that he is in charge of, or that he is not enforcing the rules of law, that even Animals abide by. In addition, Mayor Bloomberg is in charge of the Police Commissioner, so he too is responsible for these Horrendous, Hideous Police Brutality Cases, due to his INACTIONS. Many Crimes of NYPD Brutality have been committed while these 2 guys have been at the Helm. The crimes being committed by the NYPD are some of the worst Imaginable!!!!! and all under the watchful or rather unwatchful eyes of these 2 men. As they say, it starts at the top!!!

Whenever an incident like this one ocurrs, the nypd just says it’s a couple of bad apples, and this problem is an isolated circumstance!!!!! How many “Isolated Circumstances” need to occur before it is called a “Systemic Problem?” I say One Incident is too many, but in the past few years, there has been many incidents of Police Brutality, including MURDER, RAPE, SEXUAL ABUSE, ETC. committed by the NYPD. These cases are all documented!!!!

He’ll, a couple of NYPD cops were just put on trial and convicted of RAPE! These 2 ASSHOLES were convicted of Raping a Woman who called the cops to her home to file a complaint on her boyfriend. These 2 FIENDS came back later on to “get some more information” but instead, Raped this Poor Woman!!!!  In G-D’s Name, what the He’ll is going on is going on???!!!! Hopefully, the Federal Governemt will step in before it’s too late. It already may be too late. If the Federal Governmet does not step in and Oversee the NYPD, it will be only a matter of time until we are all reading about another Case of Police Brutality!!! Hopefully, it won’t be any of us or anyone we know, but the victim will be someones Father, Mother, Grandfather, Grandmother, Son, Daughter, Gandson, Grandaughter, etc.


Kelly Says NYC Crime Is Down……….Again!!!!! I Say “BULLSHIT!!!!!”

December 29, 2009

I SAY BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NYC Police Commissioner Kelly says the Following >

NYC has the lowest Murder Rate Per 100,000 people of any Big City in the USA. Or is it the World? I gotta look that one up. It may be the UNIVERSE!!!!!!!!!!!

Regarding Terrorism, NYC has been at a Heightened State since 9/11. Nothing has changed since the Christmas Terrorist Attack regarding additional precautions.

Crime is down across the Board since the Downsizing of the NYPD.

Yeah……ok……………and I live in a Fantasy World Also!!!!!!!!!!

Kelly is so full of shit, it is Mind Blowing…………..According to him, everything is Dandy in good old NYC. And if Kelly has not taken Added Precautions for the Safety of NYC after the Christmas Terrorist Attack, then he should Hand in His Badge. Of Course he has taken the Necessary Precautions. He just wants to make it Sound NYC is always Protected, and Nothing More needs to be one. That the NYPD has already done it all. That is what he is saying by stating No Extra Precautions have been Initiated. Now everyone knows that to be Bullshit. It’s just more Propaganda to Propagate the “Safest City in the World” Scenario. He follows the Same Bullshit Line as his Boss, Mayor Michael Blooomberg. The NYPD Bullshits the crime numbers so the Precinct Statistics are Under Reported, so in turn the State Numbers are Under Reported, and Finally, in Turn , the Federal Crime Statistics regarding NYC are INACCURATE. And That is How You Get Crime Statistics that are The Lowest of Any Big City In the USA……………………………………… This is very similar to the Bullshit Educational Statistics regarding the Increased Math and Reading Scores of NYC Students that was Reported by the City. It was found out Months Later that those Educational Statistics Derived by the City were Fudged, and the Increases in Scores was not really True. It was Mayor Bloomberg who came up with his own Formula of what Constitutes Increased Educational Scores to make it look like NYC Students were doing so well regarding Bloomberg’s Programs. The Results are made to fit the Story Being told. This has been going on for a Very Long Time in NYC. To make the World think that NYC is so Safe. This Brings in Much needed Revenue to the City. All this is just Proganda Prompted by Bloomberg and Kelly.

Everyone that live in NYC knows that this is a DANGEROUS CITY. Ask the Citizens that live in Bed Stuy, Crown Heights, Brownsville, East New York, etc., etc. The Citizens are getting Shot, Stabbed, Raped, Kidnapped, Assaulted every day on the streets of New York City. If NYC is the Safest City in the USA, Those other Cities Must be Terrible.

NYC is UNSAFE!!!! Just ask the Parents that have had their children killed by Stray Bullets. Just ask the Children that have lost their Parents due to a Violent Crime, Just ask the People that live in the Neighborhoods I have Mentioned, and others. All these Low Crime Stats are Bullshit. Crime, according to what I have been hearing and seeing on the News, and have experienced is HIGH. It is as HIGH or HIGHER than it has been the last few Years.  The other day, there were 6 Armed Robberies committed over the Course of 4 Hours, 3 Thugs were robbing People at knife and GunPoint. I know because I spoke to the Detectives regarding these Crimes, and I had to Review the Video Tape of one of the Store Cameras that caught the Perpetrators running from one of the Scenes of the Crime. These Criminals eventually got Caught a few Days later. This is just one example of multiple Crimes that most likely never gets into Those Fudged Statistics, which makes the Crime Rate Artificially Low.

So to those who don’t live in NYC, NYC is not as Safe as Kelly And Bloomberg want you to think. And to those of us who live in NYC, we already knew this!!!!!!!!!!!!!


October 13, 2009

King Bloomberg’s mantra is, “Crime is down in NYC. It is the lowest it has ever been.” I don’t see it. Maybe Bloomberg is talking about a different city. Maybe Mayor Booker of Newark, NJ needs Bloomberg to put as Bigger Spin on the Crime Rate there as he is doing here. CRIME IS PRETTY HIGH IN NYC!!!! Bloomberg, quit Bullshitting the Citizens of NYC!!

Maybe Crime is down on the block where you live, but Crime is Rampant in most of NYC’s Neighborhoods. Everytime I turn on the News, Every Day there is at least one killing. Whether it be A Shooting, A Stabbing, A Bludgeoning, A Beating, etc., etc. Bloomberg, WHY DON’T YOU ASK the Citizens that live in Neighborhoods such as Bedstuy, Brownsville, Crown Heights, Bensonhurst, etc. if Crime is down in their Neighborhoods? WHY DON’T YOU ASK the Parents of the Children that have been MURDERED due to a STRAY BULLET, or a MUGGING or a STABBING or other CRIMES of VIOLENCE?

Hey, Bloomberg, do these Neighborhoods not COUNT? The Families that live in Many of these Crime Ridden Neighborhoods are afraid to Step Out Into The Streets, whether it is at night or during the day. They are afraid to let their Children walk the streets but they have to because they need to go to School, etc. These people live in FEAR mostly Every Day. They are Fearful of becoming a Victim of Crime. Some that are interviewed, just shrug it off and say, “It’s just a way of Life, this is it, and we just have to be as careful as we can.” But inside, they are FEARFUL and also ANGRY that this is how it is for their Children and for themselves.

It has been 8 Years with The King we have now, and many years with other Mayors that have come before King Bloomberg, But these NYC Citizens still live in Fear. It is not nearly as bad as it was when DAVID DINKINS was the Mayor of NYC but Crime is still very Rampant.

I have not even spoken about the other Violent Crimes such as RAPE, ASSAULT, HATE CRIMES, MUGGINGS, ROBBERY, ASSAULT WITH A DEADLY WEAPON, etc. Yes, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, CRIME is ALIVE AND WELL IN NYC. You are just perched too High Up On Your Throne to see it. But I truly Believe that you know Crime is running Rampant in NYC and you are Just too Full of Shit to let the people know that, and to be HONEST with them. After all, you are the same BULLSHIT ARTIST that LIED to the CITIZENS of NYC and told them last Spring that the SWINE FLU was Nothing to worry about. That there were only 1500 cases of NYC Citizens that contracted the SWINE FLU, and that you would not talk publicly about it anymore because it was no Big Deal. Fast Forward to 3 weeks ago, and you said about 800,000 NYC citizens may have contracted the SWINE FLU. Fast Forward to last week, and you now say that 20-30% of NYC Citizens probably contracted the FLU. That comes out to around 1.8 Million – 2.4 Million NYC Residents. Nobody believes a word that comes out of your mouth because you are so full of shit. I would venture to guess that your girlfriend doesn’t Believe a word that comes out of your mouth either. And she only stays with you because you are worth 16 Billion Dollars. Which ain’t a bad reason, btw.

So, to we the Citizens who are affected by Crime every day, and to the Citizens who have been Ignored that live in High Crime War Torn Neighborhoods, DON”T VOTE FOR BLOOMBERG and DON”T GIVE HIM 4 MORE YEARS TO KEEP FUCKING THINGS UP. You’re Children Deserve Better and Bloomberg is just Ignoring them as he doesn’t give a Rat’s Ass for Anyone but Himself.