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July 10, 2010

This Asshole Van Der Snot has not been in the news lately. Why is this??

He supposedly is still in Peru. Have we all gone on to the Next Story, and this Animal will just be Tucked away in a Peruvian Prison, until he is Eventually Accidentally Killed in Prison, after he is Ravishly Raped by the Inmates. If so, so ne it. But at least let the Public know what’s going on.

Did he admit to other Murders of Young Innocent Women. Is he an International Serial Killer??? Has he lost 50 lbs. in Jail?? Is he on a Hunger Strike?? Don’t let him get too thin, as his Inmates would like him to have some Meat on him so they have something to Hold on to while they Pound his Ass all Day & All Night Long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!