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January 6, 2010


Take a look at this VIDEO of a Real Fucking Asshole by the Name of CHRIS GRANT, kicking the shit out of a Pomeranian-Chihuahua Mix. A REAL LIVE TOUGH GUY. A REAL FUCKING ASSHOLE!!!

I would like to be the Guy sharing a cell in Jail with this Tough Asshole so I could KICK THE SHIT OUT OF HIM!! This guy is a Pathetic waste of a Human Body. This Shmuck kicks the Crap out of the Tiny Dog, then the Shmuck calls the dog back over to pet it. The Dog comes back over to the guy, paws at his leg, thinking she is going to get some lov’in, and the guy pets the dog and THEN KICKS THE SHIT OUT OF THE DOG AGAIN, where she slams against the side of the elevator wall. Fur goes flying and everything. Luckily there were Housing Cops watching the Video, trying to identify another NYC Punk who stabbed a 9 Year old little boy in the chest 10 times, killing him. The Dog Kicking Asshole was Identified and Arrested. Hopefully this POS will spend a long time in Jail, and hopefully gets Fucked up His Ass Every Fucking Day!!

The Cops Identified the Ahole that Killed the Little 9 Year old and Arrested him also. See my other thread regarding that Horrible Crime.

 This was the Asshole’s Girlfriend’s Dog who probably had No Idea this was going on (at least I hope she had no idea, because if she knew about this abuse, she should also be Arrested.) Imagine how many times this Asshole Beat the Shit Out of the Dog prior to the Shmuck getting Caught. I bet at least 50 times.


January 1, 2010

King Bloomberg is addressing his Concubines. He purchased the Mayorship of NYC and he is now Spewing his Bullshit. The thought of watching this Guy on TV for another 4 Years is Dreadful. But we will have to Endure another 4 years of this Shmuck. I am Surprised he has the Balls to go out in Public after his $$110 Million dollars only enable him to BUY his Position by only 5 Percentage Points.

Very Interesting that Governor Patterson and The Senators were not at Bloomberg’s Inauguration. They too are unhappy about the Purchase of the Mayorship!!! VERY TELLING INDEED, AND BLOOMBERG IS TRULY AN ISLAND!!!! The Next 4 Years will be a wake Up for the King, as he has Stepped on Many People’s Feet During the Last 8 Years, and PAYBACK WILL BE A BITCH FOR KING BLOOMBERG!!!

He just said “Back when I was Running my Company.” What a Fucking Joke as he is STILL RUNNING HIS COMPANY, and anyone who thinks otherwise is a Bigger Idiot Than King Bloomberg.

The King should get Demoted to “The Court Jester Of NYC!!!” Anyway, Hopefully in 4 Years we’ll be rid of this Shmuck, and the Rest of His Inner Circle which numbers in the Thousands…….. The thought of The NYPD, and other Organizations in the King’s Regime Operating UNDER the Staus Quo is Very Depressing!!!!  But I am Sure The Asshole will figure a Way of how to BUY another 4 Years!!!

 King Bloomberg said he sees the Progress down by The World Trade Center?????? Really, its been almost 10 Years, and NOT much is Going On Down There, Due to the Political Bullshit Delaying Everything……………. I don’t know what the King is Looking at, But it can’t be The World Trade Center Site!!!

Btw, The King Should have spoken against Jennifer Lopez wearing a Dead Mammal Coat On New Years In NYC!!!


December 21, 2009

What the Fuck is going on in Washington DC and other places around the Country????

A Fucking Washington DC Cop pulls his Gun Out, when his Car gets hit with a SnowBall!!! 


See HERE for the Video

There were many People standing on the corners of a Block and they decided to have a Nice Old Fashioned Snow Ball Fight. And This Asshole Cop decides to draw his Weapon!! Big Tough Asshole Cop, this Asshole should be taken off the Force, and stripped of his Pension. This MotherFucker Pulls his Gun Out, where anything could have happened to cause his Weapon to Discharge and Maybe Kill an Innocent SnowBaller!!! Hey, Cop, What the Fuck is Wrong With You??? You better get yourself to a Shrink, because you are in Definite Need of Mental Help, and  because you are Definitely Mentally Unstable, and UNFIT FOR DUTY!!!!!

You got Kids Throwing Snowballs SHMUCK!!!!!! And you Pull Out a Fucking Gun!!!!! You Asshole!!!!

And I don’t want to hear the same old story about how this cop was having a Bad Day, or that he saw someone holding something that looked like a Gun, or that he just arrested America’s Most Wanted, and his Adrenaline was running High!!!!

This Asshole’s Gun could have easily discharged. The Cop could have Tripped, or a snowball could have hit the weapon, or this Cop could have Raged and Shot Someone!!!!! He was Obviously in a State of Mind where he could have easily discharged his weapon on Purpose and killed someone. This Guy is a Loose Cannon!!!

Imagine this Guy on the Job and something more severe happens, like maybe a 10-year-old stealing a pack of Gum. This Cop would draw a Shotgun on the Kid!!!!!

This Cop is A Bad Cop, And should be Thrown Off the Force!!!!

Much to the Credit of the Police Chief, He put this Asshole Cop on Modified Desk Duty. Hopefully this Cop will never get to Hold a Weapon Again!!!!!

Luckily someone recorded this Incident on their Cellphone, showing this PUSSY Drawing his Weapon. Or else it would have been the Cops word against the Citizens, and we all know whose word is usually believed. Except in this case, there were 100 or so Witnesses. Imagine the Nightmares some of these Kids are going to Have. And people want to know why the Citizens don’t trust cops. This is the Reason Why. And believe me, this is Not An Isolated Incident. Cops all Across the Country are Abusing their Authority. This Incident is Just the Tip of the Iceberg.

This Cop is a Real Tough Guy!! Drawing His Weapon on People throwing Snowballs!!! Fucking Asshole!!!!

WARNING: Don’t Buy From Abes of Maine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

December 14, 2009

Whatever you do, don’t ever order from and don’t ever call these Assholes or you will be sorry!!!

I placed an order with Abes of Maine, and I called to cancel the order within 24 hours after I placed it, and  before the Order was shipped. I ordered the item on a Friday and called to cancel it early Saturday. The reason I wanted to cancel the item was because I received an email from a sales guy that wanted to sell me a battery and some other stuff. I agreed to the Battery. I called to ask a couple of questions but kept getting bounced around to various numbers, where no one answered the phone. I then called again to CANCEL the Order. This is where my problems began, and the Order was not even SHIPPED YET!!!!

I wanted to Cancel the Order, because I knew that if I couldn’t get ahold of anyone to inquire about my order before it was shipped, that this was not a Company I wanted to deal with. Imagine the Poor Customer Service I would receive AFTER I received the order? I wanted to avoid this.

To Cancel the Order, I spent 4 Hours on the Phone, and sent about 10 emails, so I can have a Time Record of Requesting the Cancellation. I did not want this company to Ship the Item and say they never received a request to cancel the order!  The Reps would forward my call to an extension that would have a message to please hold, and then the automated system would hang up on me. This happened 5 times. The Shmuck that transferred me said that I had to Hold on for someone to Answer. I told the Asshole that the Extension was hanging up on me. The only reason I was able to get through to these Aholes, was because the Rep left his direct Extension on one of his Hard sell emails. This Guy transferred me to other No Answer Extensions. I had told this guy to Cancel my order and he said ok, and would send me an email confirming this, as per my request. He never sent the email. I spoke to him numerous times, and he promised he would send the confirm, but again, he never did. After Hours, he forwarded me to a Save the Sale guy. I spoke to him and said I wanted to Cancel the order. He asked why? I explained the Lack of customer Service and that I didn’t have to deal with this Crap, and all this was before the Order was even shipped. Imagine the Piss Poor customer service I would receive After receiving the Order?? He said he would include a picture card, ship the camers Next Day and he apologized for the Hassle I received. I agreed to keep the Order. BIG MISTAKE!!!! (Next Day? The Company is in New Jersy so I would have received the item in a day anyway)

I then found out that I received Misinformation regarding the Battery. The Sales guy said that the battery was OEM but it was not. The Battery was an aftermarket battery, and I found out thru searching the Web that Panasonic did not make a battery for sale separately at that time. I about had it at this point. The Bullshit was too much, Misinformation, Being Forwarded to Extensions that Drop the Call, Being Forwarded to a Manager? after Hours of Lack of Customer Service  (The Asshole rep could have Forwarded me right away to the Manager,) No emails as promised, etc. I emailed the Manager? and the Sales rep again and cancelled the order. The Manager? called my number numerous times to speak with me. I just sent more emails cancelling the Order,as I had Been on the Phone and Computer for Hours with these Assholes!!

I sent numerous emails canceling my Order and called my Credit Card company to let them know the issue I was Having regarding the Company not canceling my order at that time. I finally received an Email confirming my cancellation. HOORAY!!!!

It only took me hours to Cancel my Order!!!!

Abes of Maine is a Company that is so Full of Shit, that they should Can it and sell the Can Of Shit on their Site!!!! Btw, the Company is not located in Maine, it is located in New Jersey. I should have Known better!!! The Bullshit starts with their Name. Wanting people to think the Company is Located in Maine!! As everyone would trust a Company located in Maine.  Wouldn’t you??

I ordered the item from and was very happy. But remember, a Company is only as good as their Customer Service. Taking an Order is no Big Deal, it is how the Company Handles the Order if any issues arise.

And btw, don’t order from either. Another Online Company whose Customer Service has some issues. See my other thread regarding that Company. Ex Customer!!!!!

December 13, 2009

I have been a Customer of for many Years. But I am Not a Customer Anymore.

I recently saw a Camera on many Websites for $265.00. I called and spoke to the person I always speak to. They had the Camera for $299.00. I asked my Contact if they can Price Match or at least come close to all the other Sellers? The reason being that I have been with BuyDig for a few years and wanted to give them the sale, even if a few dollars more than the others. Btw, the other Sellers were well-known and could also be Trusted, as is BuyDig. Well, The price stood at $299.99 and the Person would not budge, citing that he could only give me the item for the price that was listed, as it was impossible to deviate from the advertised price! What a Bunch Of Bullshit!! He said he could sell me a picture card at a discount (The picture card was not even a Class 6.) I said I would think about it. I called back the next day and asked again regarding the price. He still wouldn’t budge as that was the price, even though I told him that Most of his Competitors had the Camera for $25 Less. He said that he wanted me to be Happy and if that meant buying the camera somewhere else, than to do so.

Well, I did buy the camera somewhere else. I Purchased it at The transaction went real smoothly. I ordered the camera on a Sunday, it was shipped on a Monday and I got the Camera on Tuesday. I saved $25.00

BuyDig lost a Customer as I will never buy from them again, and I highly suggest that you don’t either!!!!

BTW, I just checked the website and BuyDig is now offering the same Camera at $275.00 So I guess they listened to me, although it was too late for me. Think about it, all the Schmuck had to do was lower the price for me. Even if it was not exactly what I could get it for somewhere else. As long as he could lower the Camera a Few bucks. But NO, the Shmuck would not move his Price, so 2 things occurred:

1) They lost the Sale

2) They lost a Good Customer who would have given them Future Sales

A Company is only as Good as their Customer Service. Anyone Can Take an Order. An Order Taker is Not what Makes a Company. It is the Effort or Lack there of to keep the Customer a Customer!! Whether it is making the Sale, or how they deal with an Issue. After all, it doesn’t take a lot of Brains to just write down an order which is pretty straight forward. It is how the company’s Representative deals with issues that are outside the box. And how they look at the Total Picture, before making a Decision. This Asshole’s Decision was one that I am sure his Bosses would not have appreciated, regarding the Lost Sale, in addition to Lost Business in the Future. And all because this Shmuck decided not to lower the price a few bucks, which he was more than capable of doing, especially when this Asshole’s Brother owns the Business!!!

Great Way to do Business!!! Hasta La Vista Nice Knowing You!!

Bloomberg is a Shmuck!! Arm the Citizens Asshole!!!!

November 14, 2009

While Bloomberg is on his Anti Gun Crusade, many New Yorkers are DYING in the Process!! Bloomberg makes it impossible for LAW ABIDING Citizens to get a Concealed Carry Permit while the Bad Guys and Girls just go get their Weapons whenever they feel like it because They DON’T follow the Laws!!!!

It will take Decades for the Effects of Bloomberg’s Anti Gun Crusade to have any Effect, if they ever do. So why make it impossible for Law Abiding Citizens to Apply for a Permit?? Oh, I forget, you can Apply for a Concealed Carry Permit and Pay close to $500.00 which is Non Refundable. You just won’t ever be issued the Permit unless you Know Someone in The Licensing Bureau or you are a Friend or Family member of someone Higher Up the Chain of Command……… Bloomberg, Kelly, etc., etc.

Why make the Citizens suffer the Consequences of your Anti Gun Crusades Bloomberg. The Consequences being Violent Crimes including Rapes, Armed Robberies, DEATH, etc. I will tell you why……it’s because you walk around with an Armed Details wherever you go. Your details carry Automatic Weapons in addition to other Weapons. This Protection extends to your Family and Girlfriend also. Who gives a Shit about us? NOT YOU. We are just Statistics due to the Prevalence of Guns in our Society, that you are trying to eliminate. Hey Bloomberg, You’re just like Obama. He waits to send troops into Afghanistan and Troops Die, and you don’t let NYC Citizens Arm themselves, and they Die.

You’re just another Putz with an Agenda. And making it impossible for NYC Citizens would not have any detrimental Effect on your Anti Gun Crusade. Continue the Crusade, But don’t deny NYC Citizens their right to Defend Themselves, Their Families and Loved Ones. You do with your Armed Details!!!

Another Post To Get Rid Of King Mike!!!!!!!!!!!!

October 28, 2009

Here’s that video again that explains it all >

Let’s get rid of this TYRANT Once and for All!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let’s Vote this Shmuck Out of Office Already. We’ve had 8 Years of his Crap. We don’t need 4 More Years of the Same Old Bullshit!!

If we don’t, Mike the Moron will be The King of New York FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  3 Terms now, and 4 terms later. He had 2 Terms already. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH……Now Get The Fuck Out!!