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July 1, 2010

Obama is speaking about how things were. Today is Today, and most Immigrants are coming to the USA to ‘Get Over.’

Obama brings up examples of hard-working immigrants coming to the USA today. Obama gotta wake up, and see what Reality is, not Fantasy. Look to Arizona to see what is happening Today, NOT yesterday.

This is a Politically Correct Speech, and Obama is Detached from Reality, as he has mostly been. We have 11 Million illegals here today, and since 9/11, The USA has to start enforces the Laws that are already on the Books, not giving Free Passes to the Illegals. Some Laws have already started to be enforced by the Federal Government, and certain States like Arizona are starting to enforce LAws that are already on the Books. Arizona has a Tremendous Crime Rate, which are mostly committed by these Illegals.

Most are still in LaLa Land like Obama, and can’t see the Forest through the Trees. Bringing up how The USA was founded by Immigrants is how it WAS, NOT how it IS………………..

Obama is using Arizona as how NOT to do things. But States such as Arizona and others See and are Living the Reality of Illegal Immigrants, and how it affects their lives, and are taking steps to fix the problems, so the law Abiding Citizens can live in Peace. I think other States will follow.

Obama will try to persuade the Dissenters with one of his BS, Golden Tongue Speeches, BUT People are not buying his line of BS like they used to. He will criticize those who are trying to Enforce Illegal Immigrant Laws already on the Books, BUT this will most likely backfire, especially after 9/11……..

Obama’s Speech is a Big Bag of Wind. He’s bringing up E Pluribus Unum, and now he’s speaking about the Jews, and bringing up Examples of these Great Immigrants.  AGAIN, THAT was THEN, and NOW is NOW.  His Speech really is Long Winded, and I think most are losing Interest, except for the Obamacrats, who like to see Obama Flap his Jaws, even though not much is coming out of it. He’s reciting verses from I don’t know what. This Speech is really one of the worst I have heard from Obama. Talking about Lamps and Beacons. What in the world is this guy speaking about!!!

Obama once again is Criticizing the Republicans for making Immigration Reform a divisive issue, and once again playing Partisan Politics. Obama has to be one of the Most Partisan Presidents in recent History. He blames the Republicans, but should look in the Mirror to see who is really to blame.


June 15, 2010

And the rest of the Speech was about an Alternative Energy Source…………………

This speech lasted an entire 15 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Obama’s speech was a Failure, and hardly addressed his In-Actions regarding the Disaster, except for the past couple of weeks.

At the very beginning of this Speech, Obama said that due to the Scope of this oil Spill being something we have never seen before, he had this Very Special Scientist on the Front Lines the Very First Day. This is BULLSHIT, because no one knew on the very first day of the DeepWater Horizon Explosion, that the Scope of the Catastrophe was so HUGE!!!! He’ll, the Oil just started Gushing, and BP was putting out phony figures regarding the amount of Oil gushing out of the Well, and the US Governemt wasn’t even involved yet.

Obama is a BS Artist, and this was a very Poor speech, and I doubt even the Obamacrats bought the BULLSHIT that Obama was selling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Obama was a Failure regarding getting involved so late, and no one is buying the BS he spoke about today.

It is obvious that Obama didn’t want to spend a whole lot of time regarding the Criticism he has received regarding his In-Actions in the Handling of the BP Oil SPill. At least it appears that BP will be held financially responsible for all that has happened, including Compensation to the Gulf Coast. I’ll believe it when I see it. But Obama did not address the Skimming issue, of which there has been hardly any, and the fact that the Big Tankers have not been called in to hasten the Skimming of the Oil on the Ocean’s Surface in a more productive way. Nothing was mentioned about all of the Wildlife being Lost due to the BP Oil Spill Catastrophe.  Obama didn”t want to talk about Negatives, but by avoiding them, he proved that he put his head in the sand once again….

Before this speech, a Public Poll showed that 38% of Americans thought Obama was handling the BP Oil Spill Catstrophe well. I think the numbers will DROP after hearing this Speech.

The Reverend Wright speech was a much better piece of BullShit than this Speech was. It’s as though Obama didn’t even try with this speech. He thought his redirection of the Topic of the Speech would throw the Public off, BUT I doubt it did. Obama’s speech tonight was as ineffective as a Torch burning a Hole in the Sun………………………….


June 15, 2010

Tune in to watch Obama Sling the Bullshit tonight as he addresses the nation regarding the BP Oil Spill Catastrophe!!!!


Obama is going to speak about how has been taking numbers and is going to Kick some Ass!!!! Like he told his concubine, Matt Lauer!!!

Give me a Fucking break already…………………..


June 15, 2010

Obama visited the Gulf Coast yesterday for the 4th time since the BP Catastrophe, of which 3 times have been within the past 2 weeks……………… What happened to the first 6-7 weeks of the BP Oil Disaster????

Obama will address the Nation tonight from the Oval Office, regarding the BP Catastrophe, so hold on to your hats while Obama tries to save a chance at a 2nd term with a Speech that will be All about DAMAGE CONTROL!!!! No doubt that this Speech will be Equal, and most likely Surpass the BULLSHIT Level that his speech about Reverend Wright did!!! While the Obamacrats will continue to give Obama a Free Pass no matter how much he fails, hopefully there will be many others who will Finally See the Light!!!!and see Obama for what he really is.

Obama’s Actions have spoken LOUDER than his words regarding the BP Disaster. Obama kept quiet about the Disaster, hoping BP would take care of this Issue, without much Intervention from the White Hose aka Obama. Well, BP didn’t, and Obama kept quiet. We all heard the Bull Shit Excuse Obama gave us regarding not having to Scold BP in Public, and has made his Feelings known to BP in Private. And, yes, many Obamacrats bought this BullShit, But many Citizens Did Not. And this is the Reason Obama and Friends will be on Damage Control Tonight. While listening to the Speech tonight, just remember that ALL Obama HAS NOT done until recently. The reason he is on Damage Control is because he sees how the BP Disaster has affected ALL The American People. Obama will play to the Sympathy of the American People, and he will try to make you Believe that he has been on top of the BP Catastrophe since the Beginning. He will try to make you believe that the U.S. Government is in Control, and telling BP what to do. BP has been unsuccessful at Stopping the Oil Gusher, and so has Obama. BP has been Unsuccessful at Skimming the Oil off the Ocean’s Surface, and so has Obama. BP has NOT done all it can to Skim the Oil of the Ocean’s Surface, and neither has Obama. Obama may Apologize for his Inactions, and rely on the American Public to Forgive him…….once again. Or Obama may say he has been on top of this Catastrophe since the Beginning, and most of his work was done Behind Closed Doors. And that he’s taking numbers, so he can ‘Kick Ass’ which is one of the Biggest Manipulative Lines of Bullshit to ever come out of a President’s mouth on National TV!!!! Whatever he says, just remember that this Speech tonight will be one of the most MANIPULATIVE SPEECHES that we have ever heard coming out of the mouth of Obama. And remember that Obama’s Actions, or rather In-Actions, Speak Volumes over and above what we will hear tonight. So Listen, BUT don’t be Fooled by his words, if they just don’t make sense, and Contradict what we have all seen play out in the Public Eye, and which continue to play out in front of The Whole World to See!!!!!

Obama has had 3 weeks to come up with, what may be, one of his Most important Speeches to date, and the BullShit will be flying Around Faster  than the Rings around Saturn!!!! and will have more Crap in it than the Rings of Saturn!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Prepare yourselves for Obama, the man with the golden tongue, to speak tonight, and bring your Hip Waiting Boots to the Party!!!! This will be the Speech of his Career, and No Doubt he is Hoping that Most Citizens will buy his Load of Crap, the way they bought his Load of Crap about Reverend Wright. Hopefully the Masses will see through the Smoke Screen, and get Fed up with Obama thinking that Most Americans are as Stupid and as Gullible as he thinks they are, and that he can use his Spoken Word Attributes to talk Americans into Anything. So far, he has been able to, which is how he got himself elected, but the time has come where The American People are just Fed Up, and have had enough of the Propaganda, and of the Man with the Golden Tongue, which by the way, has slowly turned to Fools Gold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


February 19, 2010

Tiger woods held his BOGUS Press Conference today!!!!

He wanted us to know that  >>

1) he was sorry for his indiscretions

2)  he was Buddhist but that he strayed from his Buddhist ways the past few years, which led him on the wrong path

3) his wife, Elin “The Slammer” Nordegren did not hit or attack him on that Thursday Night

4) he will never answer any questions from the Media regarding his Cheating, as that is between him and his Family

5) he wants to return to golf, but doesn’t know when he will return to playing golf again


1) You’re not sorry to the Public about your Cheating Ways. I think you don’t think it is any of their Damn Business!!!

2) Who gives a Shit about your Buddhist Ways???? You didn’t, so neither do we!!!

3) Your Wife did beat the Crap out of you that Thursday Night when you were running for your life to get out of your Fucking House and away from the Slammer, getting into your SUV, smashing into a Tree after “The Slammer” bashed you and your Windows with your Own Golf Clubs. That’s one of the reasons you weren’t seen in Public for a while. The Tiger had to lick his Wounds. And if you had let the Cops into yor House, they would have arrested your Wife for Domestic Violence, you lying sack of Shit!!!

4) Still your same Arrogant Self, only answering questions from the media that you want to answer. Well, we’ll see how that plays out.

5) you know exactly what will be the Catalyst for you playing golf again. And that is what the Public Feedback is about your Bullshit Rehearsed Speech today!!! And de[pending on that, will dictate your return To Golf!!!

BTW, your Hugging your Mother at the end of your Rehearsed Speech was Very Touching. The Final Rehearsed Part of your Bullshit Speech!!! Nice the way the Camera Cut to your Mother & you for the last 8 minutes of your Bogus Speech.

Every Fucking part of this Speech was Rehearsed, and you probably paid a PR Firm Tons of Money for their Guidance. But Not Nearly as much Money as You Paid Your Wife to make Believe that she will be Staying with you!!!

Hey Tiger, If you love Golf so Much, why don’t you Quit the PGA Tour and go play in a Public Park for the Rest of your Life????

Oh, I see, it must not be just for the Love of Golf that you Play, BUT it must have something to do with The Hundreds Of Millions of Dollars you earn!!!!!

Tiger “The Buddha” Woods, you are One Big Full Of Shit Kinda Guy!!!!

Obama Puts West Point Cadets To Sleep!!!!

December 2, 2009

I watched Obama’s speech tonight, and couldn’t help but notice that some Cadets had a hard time keeping their eyes open. How do I know this you ask, because the cameras kept cutting away from Obama and showed the Sleeping and/or Nodding Off Cadets!!

I for one was changing the channel to get away from the 2nd half of his Speech. The first half was fine regarding the 30,000 Troop Surge, but then came Obama’s Boring Second Half. His analogies were Fucking Boring. He tried to make use of his Oratorial Skills but they failed. This was probably one of his worst Speeches that I have ever heard. His endless diatribes were making me fall asleep. No wonder the West Point Cadets were Bored out of their Skulls!! Obama was trying to create a Truman or a Roosevelt Moment in History, and he FUCKING FAILED at that also!!!! The way the Guy tilts his head up as he is speaking is nauseating. Like he’s posing for a Portrait or something. You know what would have broken the Monotony, if Nancy Pelosi Streaked Naked across the Stage as Obama was speaking!!

I think Obama thought the Kool-Aid Drinkers would fall for his Glossing over the 30,000 Troop Surge but Obama Failed.

I agree with the Troop Surge, But to give a Time Line and his reasoning for it was one of the Most Absurd reasoning I have ever heard. Give me a Fucking Break!! Giving a Time Line to the Enemy?? The Enemy will lie back for 18 Months, and then when Obama is fooled into believing that His Surge worked, and gradually pulls out the Troops, The Taliban Assholes will Swarm back like Locusts. Obama tried to Play both sides of the Fence, and he Failed.

But again, what a Fucking Bore this Obama is getting to be. You are No Longer on the Campaign trail, and many people are finally putting down their Glasses of Kool-Aid, and waking up to Reality. The reality of a President who sometimes really has No Clue.