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July 30, 2010

Just heard that jennifer lopez aka The Mammal Killer,’ may be hosting American Idol.

Lopez gotta be one of the most obnoxious entertainers out there, and in addition, has a Fur Clothing Line, where thousands of Innocent Mammals are unnecessarily Killed, for the privilege of  lopez to perpetuate her Expensive Fur line, so she can continue to profit off the Carcasses of these Innocent, Tortured Mammals……

I hardly watched American Idol before, and I will definitely not be watching it at all, if they have Lopez The Mammal Killer hosting the show.

If others out there have a Conscience, I suggest you also Boycott American Idol to show your Disdain & Disgust  with their Decision to have lopez host the show. Lopez never gave a crap about the ‘Little People,”  so others should show her the same respect, and change the channel……………..

The Chinese Torture And Eat Cats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

December 13, 2009

Look at these VIDEOS

Fucking Barbarians!!!!! At least there is an Effort in Bum Fuck China to try to Put a Stop to this Barbaric Cruelty to Cats!!!

I have a Question for Everyone. Do the Chinese in the USA also eat Cats?? How about in Chinatown in New York City? Or How about in Flushing, Queens in New York??

I say the answer is a Resounding Yes!!!! I assume that Animal Control is Looking into this Matter! At least I hope so!!