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July 7, 2010

The USA may swap Spies with the USSR, as it appears that Russia has some of our Spies in custody also…………..

Who would have thought?? (saying sarcastically!)


July 6, 2010

I saw the discussion these 2 had at the White House. At least Obama let Netanyahu come through the Front Door this time. Netanyahu looked like he could not get out of there soon enough, and Obama was his smiling self. It was obvious to the World that there was a lot of friction between the Obama Administration and Israel in the past couple of months. Rightfully deserved because of what happen when Biden visited Israel, and Israel was building settlements, unknown to the Obama Administration, supposedly. I would think that the US would know all that was going on in Israel, maybe not.

The relationship between The USA and Israel go too deep, for too many years for the US to abandon Israel, and it is not in the US’s best interest to do so. And Israel needs The USA. BUT no one can say that things were not Cold between the 2 for a few months. It was obvious by the meeting that things are still COld, and you don’t have to look too far past the words spoken, to see the body language and the inflection on the part of Netanyahu. Obama is a given, because most of what comes out of his mouth is sometimes not too believable. At least Netanyahu makes it obvious he is not too happy with the Administration, while Obama puts on his poker face.

There was obviously  a lot of International questioning regarding the relationship between The USA and Israel, and this meeting was inevitable to quench any fears that the 2 were not getting along, and that they were still strong allies. But as usual, Obama came out with the old standard line that ‘the media likes to make things out of nothing, when what they are saying is not at all true.’ or words to that effect. Obama seems to like to say whatever others are thinking, that go against what he or his Administration are doing or saying,  are not true AT ALL, and WE always have it wrong.

Something is Profoundly wrong when a  President Always says this to the People he represents. But hopefully he will see that what he thinks is not always true, when in 2012 the people speak once again, and he is back in Chi Town…………………


June 4, 2010

Unbelievable!!! This Mother Fucker and his Islamic Extremist Cohorts tried to KILL HUNDREDS of People in Times Square, and not a Peep about him since the BP Oil Spill Catastrophe occurred…………

I blame this Oversight on the Media and Obama and his Administration. No Doubt that Obama and Friends are happy that the next Big News Story, The BP Oil Spill,  took the spot as Number 1 . Because now the Bumbling Obama Administration whose hands are tied in attempting to Protect the USA from the Islamic Terrorists are not in the Spotlight anymore!!!!!!!!!!

Well, Obama and his Administration have FAILED to Protect The USA from the islamic terrorists, and it is only a matter of time for these muslim radical to succeed with their destruction of the USA and its Citizens. They tried again with the Times Square attempted Massacre, and no doubt they will try again. And Obama is Useless in protecting The USA and it’s People.

Obama cannot hide behind the Next Biggest News Story which for now is the BP Oil Spill Catastrophe and Nightmare. It would appear that Obama can’t even handle One Catastrophe at a time………….Go back to your day Job which is being a Community Organizer. You can’t affect the Well Being of The USA in that position…………..

Obama is like a Sports Athlete who was First Pick during the NBA Draft, but all that Athlete does is sit on the Bench because he was found to be a second string player, because he could not perform under the pressure of playing in the NBA!!!!! Obama was touted as the Man who could perform under all pressures, and help to fix this Country, and Protect us from the islamic terrorists. Well, he has not, and is unable to. Obama is lucky to be Second String, as all he does is sit on the Bench, and watch from the Sidelines, unable to contribute to the Well Being, and the Safety of the United States of America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


May 4, 2010




  1. Violation of allegiance toward one’s country or sovereign, especially the betrayal of one’s country by waging war against it or by consciously and purposely acting to aid its enemies.

The fact that this ASSHOLE is a Citizen of the USA may enable The United States Government to Charge the Asshole with TREASON!!! In my opinion, his act constitutes TREASON by the definition above. The United States Government should look into this, if they aren’t already. And if found Guilty of the Crimes as charged, the Death Penalty will Apply………………

If this Asshole can be charged with TREASON, then do so. If he is found Guilty of TREASON, then EXECUTE the Bastard. But I fear because of Obama’s Soft Handling of Terrorists, this will never happen.
He will most likely be tried in NYC, and if found Guilty, be sentenced to Life in Prison without parole. BUT if he can be charged with a Higher Charge than the NYC courts can dish out, NYC should let the Feds try him, if that is not the plan already.
Police Commissioner Kelly of NYC will be in Washington for a Press Conference with the Feds later on at 1pm, where maybe this info will come out.


May 1, 2010

Today there are many Protests by Pro Illegal Immigrant Groups to make Illegal Immigrants Legal!!!! WHY?? They are in the USA ILLEGALLY, THEIR CHOICE, NOW IT’S TIME THAT THEIR FREE RIDE WAS OVER!!!!

Arizona has the right idea. They are being Swamped with Illegals that are taking up Resources, including Jobs from Legal Citizens. So the only way to take care of the Problem is to ENFORCE EXISTING LAWS!!! What’s wrong with that. The Pro Illegal Immigrant Groups say these ILLEGALS should be allowed to stay because they are here so long!!!!! I say it’s TOO LONG!!!

Regarding today’s Protests, I say that if any ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS show up to the Protests, they should be Arrested. If Bail Jumpers showed up to Protest Warrants, they would be Arrested, so why not Illegal Immigrants????

Most of these Illegal Immigrants come over to the USA to have a Baby, because that baby would now be a US Citizen, but the Parents would still not be. The Parents know that the USA would not Deport the Parents, and separate the Parents from their Baby. BUT that was then, and Now is Now!!!! Now the USA will deport the Parents, who would obviously bring their Babies with them. It is not the US’s fault that they would be separating Families. It is the FAULT of the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS who decided to commit the Illegal Act by coming here to have a Baby, thinking they (the Parents) would have a Free Ride, or Free Ticket to the USA. Well that will not be anymore…………

If you are here ILLEGALLY, you are Illegal, and are breaking the Law………What is so difficult to Understand???? The Protesters say that Illegal Immigrants have a right to be Here…………..????????? Whatever sense that makes……..

With Terrorism on the Rise, Illegal Immigrant’s Rights are the Last thing we should be wasting time with………….

Arizona, stand your ground, and don’t give in to the Protesters!!!!!!!! Hopefully, other States will follow………


April 14, 2010

Does the fact that Obama is Black, affect how other Countries view President Obama?

I will be speaking about China & Russia in particular. I think Blacks account for .01% of the population in Russia, and the percentage is much less in China. While the USA has been progressive in the election of our first black President, the USA is still a very racially prejudiced Country. How do you think Russia & China view Blacks, especially a Black President? From what I have read, China is a Very Prejudiced Country, and has a Very Dim View on Blacks. I don’t think Russia is as bad as China, but it is pretty bad also. This has to affect the way that the Leaders of these 2 countries feel about Obama, and how it affects their decision making, even though Obama is POTUS.

In front of the Cameras, the 2 Leaders are very careful how they act with Obama, and don’t let their Prejudices show through, but behind closed doors, they must despise the guy. Just remember that Harry Reid made some racist remarks about Obama, and I have to believe that Russia & China say things that are a Million times worse. I don’t believe that these 2 Countries are progressive in their attitudes towards Blacks, and it has to affect their opinions about Obama, and their decisions regarding World Issues.

As I said, China as a Country, looks down, way down on blacks. Remember that the USA is a very Racial Country, so imagine how China & Russia are. And just look at the Demographics. The fact that there are so little blacks in these 2 Countries should be a hint of the their attitude towards blacks, and how the Leaders of these 2 Countries will let it affect their decision making regarding World Issues.

This is about only 2 countries, Russia & China, because they are the other 2 World powers besides The USA. There are other countries besides these 2, that may have similar views. The European countries are pretty Progressive, more so than The USA, and have a very positive view about Obama. It is too bad that the other World powers most likely don’t share a similar view………………


January 5, 2010

Obama was sending the Guantanamo Terrorists back to Yemen!!!!!You gotta be Shitt’n me!!! Obama has No Fucking Clue!! Is Obama out of his Fucking Mind??? Sending Yemen Terrorists Back to Yemen, is like sending Dracula back to Transylvania to be Punished!!

Even the USA Statistics show that 70 out of 300 terrorists RELEASED from Guantanamo Bay have gotten back aboard the Terrorist Train. It has been obvious to Everyone Else except Obama, that Yemen Hates the USA. They would love to see us Destroyed!! They have many Terrorists that Commit Terrorist Act all across the World, Yet Obama sends Yemen Terrorists back to Yemen for them to keep in Jail. Who does Obama work for, the USA or Yemen and the other Terrorist Countries?? 

Now since The Christmas Day Terrorist Attack and the Nigerian Muslim Scumbag getting help from Yemen,  Obama said today that he is not sending anymore Terrorists back to Yemen, at least for now. This Guy Obama is a Real Brainiac. Hell, Most of the Nation knew Not to Send The Terrorists Back to Yemen, one of the Many Countries Home to Terrorism!!!

I said before Obama got elected, that he will be Soft on Terrorism, and that time will tell whether this was correct to say. I was Hoping that I would be wrong, But Sadly, I am Not.

I Hope The Citizens Of The USA Wake Up this New Year And Decade!!!

December 31, 2009

It has been unbelievable to me that with all the Questionable Luggage Obama had and has, he still got voted in. I go with the Facts or the Appearance of things that are questionable, when there is no Concrete Evidence, or if the Evidence is Suppressed.
For example, Reverend Wright. Obama says he was never at a Sermon when Wright was Spewing his Hatred, and Obama said he never knew Wright felt the way he did. There is no Concrete evidence Disputing what Obama said, BUT Common sense tells me I don’t need a signed avadavid  to tell me Obama is full of shit. But I must be int he Minority of people with Common Sense. How about the question of how Obama got Accepted into Harvard, and PAID his Way for 4 Years. There is a Tie That Percy Sutton brought up regarding a Radical Muslim that represents a Saudi Prince, and that a Request was made of Sutton to write a Good Guy Letter to Harvard. And there is talk about the Saudi Prince paying Obama’s Tuition. In addition, the Muslim Radical has decided not to speak about the Subject because he said he Doesn.t want the information regarding the Topic to be Blown out of Proportion “like the Reverend Wright Issue did.” That Statement is EXTREMELY TELLING! Yet this Issue is Also Tossed Aside. They say that Percy was old and Mixed up his Facts. I say BULLSHIT. PERCY SUTTON WAS AN EXTREMELY SMART MAN, EVEN WELL INTO HIS 80′s. It is SOP do say the Man is too old to know what he is talking about, yet the Man is and was as Smart as A Whip!!!

 I can go on about other issues BUT the Point is that there are MANY questionable Issues regarding Obama yet People just Ignore them. This is Unbelievable to me.
I have a Bad feeling about Obama and I hope that we can make it through the next 3 Years without Obama Doing us Harm, and Hopefully he won’t be elected a 2nd Term. But the Damage may be done in the First Term.

Israel vs. USA Airline Security

December 29, 2009

Comparing the Security Israel has and the Security The USA has is like comparing a Rolls Royce to a Fiero!
With Israel, The Air Marshal is Part of a Much Layered Security Package.  5 Hijackers WOULD NEVER GET ON A PLANE IN ISRAEL. IN THE USA, 5 HIJACKERS CAN EASILY GET ABOARD AN AIRCRAFT, and therefor a Marshal would not mean much.
The Training Israel Security has is heads over Heels that of the USA >                                                                                                                          Israel Probably pays their Security Personnel much more money than we pay ours which may account for the Statement above
Israel has a Much More Layered Security which The USA is Lacking in >                                                                                               The Communication between Law Enforcement Agencies is much better in Israel than in the USA >

Obviously, the USA is a Much Larger Country than Israel, and therefor Logistics plays a Huge Part in Airline Security, and Security against terrorist Attacks, in General. But I think we can Learn Much from Israel regarding Security.

The TSA Has No Fucking Clue!!!!!

December 28, 2009

Security was at one of the Most Heightened States of Alert in a Long Time, after the Christmas Terrorist Act, yet a Guy got on Board a Jet TODAY with Fireworks aka Explosives!!!!!

The TSA Has no clue on how to protect the Citizens of the USA!!! The TSA will never be able to fully Protect Us. It is an Impossibility given the number of people, the number of Airlines and the number of Airports, and the sheer size of the USA. If we were the Size of Israel and had Their Security, we no doubt would be Extremely Safe. But we are in the USA, and we have Many Idiots working for the TSA. Some of the TSA Personnel are Very experienced and Extremely Vigilant. But we are talking about Thousands of TSA Employees, and many of them are ill trained, or just plain Lax and/or Stupid. The TSA inspects Baby Bottles, Pregnant Women, The Elderly and everything else under the Sun, but they cannot detect obvious Explosives, or Terrorists.  Security will NEVER be 100%. And remember, the Terrorists now have Butt Bombs, which are explosives they Shove up their Asses, and activate the Explosive Device with a Cellphone Call. How is the TSA going to Stop that???? They have to spend much more time Profiling People who are in the Airports, and looking for signs that are Suspicious. I remember Flying Shortly after 9/11, and noticed a Passenger at the Gate acting Very Strange, He was Fidgeting around, pacing up & down, talking to himself, etc. I brought this to the Attention of the Gate Personal, but they just Shrugged it off. How do you expect anything to be prevented when Airport Personnel Shrug things off such as this??

People are fooled into thinking we are Secure, but maybe now they will realize that they are not, and it is only a matter of Luck if Nothing Happens regarding another Terrorist Act. People have no choice but to say the TSA makes them Secure and they feel very safe, because the Alternative would be Not to Fly. But People gotta wake up and stop living in a Fantasy World. we live in a Very Dangerous World, and these Terrorists show No Signs of Letting Up, I am sorry to say.