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June 2, 2010

This fucking Asshole, Vandersloop, (you remember, the Asshole that was questioned in the Death of Natalee Holloway in Aruba a few years ago,) is wanted for questioning in the Murder of yet another Young Girl in Peru. See here >>

Holloway suspect sought in Peru killing

Arrest warrant issued for van der Sloot after woman’s death

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Holloway suspect sought in Peru killing
June 2: Peruvian police are seeking Joran van der Sloot in connection with the murder of a 22-year-old woman. Van der Sloot was once questioned in the disappearance of American teenager Natalee Holloway.
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A young Dutchman previously arrested in the 2005 disappearance of Alabama teen Natalee Holloway is the prime suspect in a weekend murder of a Peruvian woman, police said Wednesday.

Joran van der Sloot is being sought in the Sunday killing of 21-year-old Stephany Flores in a Lima hotel, Criminal police chief Gen. Cesar Guardia told a news conference. He said the suspect fled the country the next day by land to Chile.

The Dutch government said Interpol has issued an international arrest warrant for Van der Sloot.

This Bastard most likely KILLED Natalie, and now once again, most likely KILLED another young Girl!! Coincidence that he was the last to see these 2 girls alive, before they were murdered?? I think not.


I hope that either Peru or Aruba has a Very Painful Death Penalty, like Stoning, or something of a similar nature.

Without his Daddy, VanderSnot will not get the Protection he once enjoyed. Strange that his father passed, after the investigation into his son ceased, because of his position in Aruba. If his father had anything to do with concealing the guilt of his son, if he was guilty, this may be a case of Karma.

Joseph Tacopina is one of the Best Attorneys money can buy. BUT if VanderSnot is Guilty of these Murders, Tacopina may not want to Screw with Karma, and forget about all the money he can make defending VanderSnot.

Look what happened to Johnny Coccoran, and the other lawyer that got Simpson off. Look what happened to VanderSnot’s Father. Tacopina may want to stay far away from this case, as you don’t want to Fuck with Karma.

See here for an excerpt regarding the death of VanderSnot’s father >>

Friday, February 12, 2010

This is a rush transcript from “On the Record,” February 11, 2010. This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated.

GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: There’s news tonight on Aruba involving the Natalee Holloway case. As you know, the Alabama teenager vanished on May 30th, 2005 while in Aruba on a high school trip.

The chief suspect in the case is Joran van der Sloot. Yesterday Joran’s father Paulus van der Sloot suddenly and unexpectedly died. Paulus was a huge part of this case. Joining us by phone in Aruba is Julia Renfro, editor and chief of “Aruba Today.” Good evening, Julia, and tell me what happened with Paulus?