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Don’t Buy “Made In China!!” The Annual List Of Dangerous Christmas Toys For Children Has Just Been Released!!!!

December 2, 2009

The Annual List of Dangerous Children’s Christmas Toys has just been released. No doubt that there are hundreds on the list that contain Lead Paint, are too small for children to play with, etc., etc. The Report goes on and tells Parents what they should watch out for….

I can Tell the Parents what to watch out for………….”MADE IN CHINA.”       If you see the words “MADE IN CHINA” on a Toy, STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM IT BECAUSE IT IS PROBABLY DANGEROUS FOR YOUR CHILDREN!!!!!

It may take more energy to find toys that are not made in china. But your Children’s Safety are worth the Extra Effort, Aren’t they??

“MADE IN CHINA” should be a WARNING SIGN when you go out and buy toys this year or any year. CHINA has Poisoned are Children, Pets, and us with there HORRIFIC Products that they are Shipping Overseas to us. Just because the United States Government wants their business, doesn’t mean that WE THE PEOPLE have to buy their Products!!!!

Remember How many of our Beloved Pets Died a year or so ago, when Bum Fuck China Manufactured Pet Food with POISON in it!!

Remember when Bum Fuck China Manufactured Milk Products with Poison in it that they exported to us, and Many of Our Children Got Sick!!

CHINESE MANUFACTURERS have VERY LITTLE or NO OVERSIGHT when it comes to the Manufacturing of Products that they Produce for their own Citizens, so what makes you think that the Safety Protocols are more Stringement for the Products that they Manufacture for Export??? They AREN”T more Stringent and the USA has hardly anyone that Oversees the Production or the Safety Standards for these Products.

When Our Pets were being Killed By the Bum Fuck Chinese Government, The USA had Congressional Hearings, but that only happens when there is an Occurrence such as this one. After the Dust settles, It’s Business as Usual. The USA doesn’t want to Piss Off the Fucking Chinese!! do they??

CHINA is a Country where they EAT DOGS and CATS!! Do you think they give a FUCK about OUR BELOVED Dogs and Cats, who they look at as just something to eat???

And about OUR CHILDREN, CHINA will continue to Manufacture Toys that are Hazadous to Our Children, because the Dollar is the Bottomline, and China does not give a Rat’s Ass if some of OUR CHILDREN DIE along the way.

So be WARNED, and Look for These WORDS, “MADE IN CHINA,” and STAY AWAY from Buying those Products. If you do, Your Children will be around for you to Enjoy, and not be taken away from you early by the FUCKING CHINESE!!!!!!


Here is the Link to The Report >